Cookbooks..what is your favorite


I'm looking for some great cookbooks where I can cook some great things for my kids and husband.....

What are your favorites:) Does the cookbook you like have pictures? For some reason I love to look at the



I love my Cooking Light magazine cookbook (from several years ago). It has the BEST bourbon brownies recipe in it -- though I make them sans bourbon for the kids.

I also love Calling All Cooks for baking. It doesn't have pictures, but it's a good old-standby -- especially at Christmas time.

And a good friend of mine has a cookbook that is fantastic. She has all kinds of recipes from cocktails to desserts. If you're interested in her cookbook, it's titled Savor the Recipes, and you can read more about it at I feel especially strongly about it because she's giving all of her proceeds to the Nashville flood victims until Father's Day, and I live near Nashville. :)


I have been getting 'Taste of Home' magazines for years and have about 6 of thier 'Annual Recipe' cookbooks that they have. Everything is sectioned off in the book so you know what pages have what ( IE: Salads, Bars, Breads, etc. ) Taste of Home is the Best cook book to own because:

1.) They are all easy and use standard equipment like: hand held mixerrs, crock pots ( none of this 'food processor', and 'specialty ovens' type crap required.)

2. ) They come with pictures which REALLY helps.

3.) The recipes all call for 'normal' ingrediants , not like some recipes that you dam near have to head to another country to find the ingrediants for.

4.) There are ideas in there for just cakes, bars and even making full meals for the family .

They have magazine that they come out with everymonth that you can fins at your local grocery , or magazine stores, but they have a website that may be able to lead you in the direction of purchasing the actual cookbooks.

Hope that helps.


Hi Tammy,

I don't know how the kids would like it, but Everyday Food: Great Food Fast is probably the one I used the most, four seasons of recipes with pictures & nutritional info in the back. Entrees, soups, and sides, etc. I wish I ate like this years ago.

I like to know what the dish is supposed to look like! The seasonal variety suits how we like to eat.

Linda :)
Taste of Home is a wonderful magazine. They actually have several different types of magazines (I subscribe to several). They have the regular Taste of Home, Quick and Simple (I think that's the title), Healthy Cooking (my favorite!) and Cooking for 2. There may be others -- I just can't remember. They're the best in my opinion. Plus if you subscribe to their magazine, you can have access to "subscriber only" recipes on their website. Go to and check it out! I highly recommend it!


I am really enjoying Jamie Olivers Jamie's Food Revolution cookbook, everything I have made has been easy and tastes great, he can be heavy with the oil at times, but I have found you can scale back a bit and it's still very good. These recipes are good for everyday, family cooking. Every recipe in this book has pictures of the dish and how it is prepared, which is priceless.

For Italian, I like Lidia Bastianch, "Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen", some of the recipes can be time consuming, but when you do them as written, they come out wonderfully. No pics that I can recall in this one.

I find a lot of good stuff on and, and the Cooking Light magazines have good recipes too.
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I really like "The Best Recipe" by cooks illustrated. I usually start there.

Another vote for this one! ANYTHING by Cooks is awesome! But they are NOT keen on posting lots of pictures! If you want a lot of pics try The Pioneer Woman Cooks. But be warned....her recipes are NOT clean! But oh are they yummy!:D:D LOADS of pics....and buttah, baby!


Mario Batali's Simple Italian Food, Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food, and the original Moosewood Cookbook.


My favorite's and my families favorites are two totally different things! I LOVE Cooking Light, Marilu Henner and Tosca...My family? Well, there's a reason I've got 21 Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!

MJ in MN

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