Compression running socks


Runners out there, does anyone use these? If so thoughts and recommendations please. Think my calves are asking for them ;)


Not a runner and I don't use the socks, but I have and do use the compression sleeves, as does my husband. We purchased them from Tommy Copper and they make a night and day difference. Hubby has poor circulation in his legs anyhow and he wears them when we go on walks, long trips, and plane rides. It's allowed him to go from cramping and swelling to pretty much normal. I use them for added support bc of knee issues as my Physical Therapist recommended them. I never would have thought calf support would impact the knees but something about them helps to stabilize the ligaments going up to the patella.

Tommy Copper makes a whole variety of compression products for different areas of the body. Hubby is now looking into one for the shoulder to help rehab an injury that is taking much longer than it should to heal even with a PT's help.


Yes, I wear them sometimes. They do feel nice and my calves don't get too tight when I wear them. From my experience, you don't need super expensive can find a decent pair for $20. They are all pretty much do the same need for $40 socks,


I started wearing sleeves after runs this summer. It has been a great help for recovery! I got some socks, too, and wear those after long runs. I've never run with them on; I've used them just for recovery.

I got both for $20 for different reasons/coupons/sales and really like them. I'd say give them a shot! ;)


I sometimes wear my sons underarmour football socks that are too small for him.
They are compression socks and were only around $10.
I run outside year round and like to wear them in the winter I think they help.



I wear compression socks for long trips and long work days. It helps with swelling in the ankles/feet. It just seems to help. I just buy the cheap ones at CVS for 10 dollars. They work just fine. You may be too slim, so try them on. If they aren't snug, they won't work.

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