Completed my first Half Marathon!! :)


Sunday Morning I ran my first half marathon. It was AWESOME!!!

It started at 8 a.m. and it was a little chilly in Eugene, but I knew it would seem warm once we all started moving.

I placed myself behind the 2:20 pacer because I was hopeful I would be able to finish around 2:20 -- no such luck. I finished 2:27 but I'm happy with that because last week when I ran 13.1 miles I finished around 2:33 so I improved by 5 minutes in one week (with little or no running all week).

Miles 1 - 5 were relatively easy since I run at least 5 miles each morning. I spent those miles marveling at how beautiful Eugene is. I had no idea it was so pretty :)

Miles 6 - 11 I was in my running zone and was able to pass many women that I had used as pacers up to that point. That felt pretty good. The only icky thing about this leg was I picked up a pack of apple pie Gu from one of the volunteers and about puked when I swallowed a gob of it. . . note to self: I don't like apple pie Gu.

When I was almost to mile 12 I started to think I might not make it -- even though I knew that I could -- it just seemed like it was taking forever to get to 13.1 and I wasn't sure my legs were going to cooperate. Luckily the last 1.5 miles of the course was lined with lots of spectators all yelling, telling us how fabulous we were, how close we were, and how we COULD make it -- that was great, I really, really needed that.

I've run a lot of races in the past 4 months but this was the first race that was ever chip timed so when I ran across the finish line the guy said my name over the loud speaker and announced my time and hundreds of people who did not know me all cheered. How cool is that?! I thought it was the best.

I got over the finish line and had my picture taken and then enjoyed the bananas, chocolate and mamosas that were being forced upon me :p

It was fun, fun, fun and I can't wait for the next five weeks to pass for me to try my hand again at the 13.1 and run the Portland Half. Of course in between now and then I'm running a 10K next Sunday and a 5K the Sunday after that. . . then I'll only have to wait 3 weeks til the Portland Half :)

I'm so addicted. Already planning my runs for 2011. :D I haven't told my kids yet, but I sent my entry and fee in for the Big Island International Marathon next March, so spring break for them is happening in Hawaii cause Mom has ulterior motives :eek:

The Marathon happens 2 days after we get there and then I'll have 5 days to recover. I figure what better place to try my hand at 26.2 then Hawaii -- the scenary is sure to be wonderful and then recouping for 5 days on a beach is a no brainer. . . . don't ya think? ;)


yay!!!! Glad you had fun. Good job!!! I'm pondering a full, too. But, sheesh, I was tired! at the end today.




Isn't it crazy what your mind can do to you? It's so important that you trained well so you KNEW what your body was capable of! I love your plan for your full marathon in Hawaii...sounds WAY more exotic than my first (and only so far) full marathon in BEAUTIFUL DES MOINES IOWA...maybe I should come too :D Good luck as you plan out your course of action and preparation is key!
Best wishes and keep up the good work!


An amazing half, Travis! Congratulations! You have a full schedule coming up in the next several weeks! Wow! I, too, like the idea of Hawaii for your first full! Not a bad way to "recover!" I know you'll only continue to beat your PRs!

Happy running - Happy racing!


Congratulations!!! I can't believe you have so many races on your plate over the next couple of weeks. Good luck in all of them and have fun running in Hawaii!


Congrats Travis!!! Loved the story....Good Luck on your upcoming marathon training and the Marathon next year!!


Congratulations on your awesome accomplishment! I understand completely about filling your plate with future runs. There's nothing like a running goal to keep the focus sharp.

I hope your kids won't be too dissapointed with Hawaii as a spring break destination.....


Awesome!!!! I'm running 5 miles 4 days a week, and about 7.5 miles one day. I want to try a half marathon next year. I haven't even done a 5k yet, which should be a breeze, but I think I'll be doing that soon.


Travis what can I say YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!! You are so inspirational!!! Haven't seen you around here for a while, . . .now I know why, . . you've been busy. Good for you. I am so proud!

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