Commit to get fit & lean for Nov 4, 2011


Hallo everyone,

I still need to get D24 (BB) in this week than I am done with M2:D

I will be back with personals

Happy Friday, girls!


Morning ladies,

I'm on the late train today. Didn't have it in me to rush today:confused: I got into the girl's candy last night so did AB Bonus Burn Premix. I think that is 3rd time I've worked out at night this year! It wasn't so bad. This morning's wo was D11 + iClimb15. Need to get in some ab work tonight or tomorrow.

Switching trains. Will catch up on personals at work.

Toodles :)


Back with personals:

Cookie - you are so funny!! :pWhen we get the house, I will have the entire basment will be my workout room:eek:. No need to put a spin bike in the RV and no it wouldn't fit in the RV with all the stuff I have already in it, lol. Vent away, Sorry, your PITA coworker is such a pain in the a$$!

Debbie - sorry to hear you didn't had fun at spinning last night. I don't know, how you gonna modify spderman climbers or walking leg planks with pushups. Can't wait to hear how you like CM on Saturday.

Kirstin - I agree, all those mountain climbers are deceiving. How did you like S&G yesterday?

Trish - I can't say too much:p Last night for some reason, I got into eating way to much cheese:confused::eek: Let's make today a good one;)

I will be back later to report my workout.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Hallo girls,

I am done with M2, yeah:D Looking forward to a recovery week.

Need to get some laundry done and clean the RV, tough stuff:p BBL!


WTG Belinda on completing M2!! I have one wo left in M1 (legs) but I did something to my hip/glute last night. If it doesn't pass in the next day or two, I'll just start my recovery week and take it easy. I'm with you on making it a clean eating far so good;)

Cookie - Halloween was definitely spooky with all the dark houses. We were sure to make it in before dark! The girls were thrilled to get the candy, and I was thrilled it wasn't a huge amount. I didn't even attempt to take the train until Wednesday. I knew Mon & Tues would be the pits. Driving in I had no issues at all.

Kristin - How are you making out with Cardio SS? I'll give S&G a try one of these days. TB isn't bad, but next time I will do it with my squat rack. I held on to the dresser and it definitely wasn't the best choice. I guess a high back chair would work also.

Deb - Don't you hate when you go to a class and it doesn't go the way you expect? Glad you were able to get something out of it. LOL @ having all the lights were pretty close;)

Hello to Amelia, Helene & Cookie. Hope your friday was a good one!


Hi all! Just completed cardio as. I did the extended premix with the step. It was a great workout! Belinda I was thinking of you when we had to do mountain climbers :eek:

So glad this week is over. We get an extra hour of sleep, which is great! This morning it was 7 when I left for work and it looked like it was 3 in the morning! I hate it when it is still dark out on my way to work. Then again, I hate it when it gets dark out at 4 o'clock, lol :rolleyes:

Deb- at work we get a 40 min prep and a 40 minute lunch, so I end up taking work home all the time throughout the year. I just like being well-planned and having my papers graded in a timely fashion. The time they give us to do it all, it is just the wait is and I really don't mind. It just is harder to manage with my two wise guys at home, lol.

Trisha- see I only have a chair to use. Not sure if turbo barre will be to my liking at all. I guess I should at least preview it, lol. Cardio ss was great btw. Very fast workout. I liked the step portion too, which was similar to AT. I like these new moves she has thrown at us in this series. LICH is on for tomorrow. That is, if I can walk tomorrow, lol.

Belinda- that workout room is something to look forward to. I wish I could make my garage into my workout room. Alas, im still trying to convince DH.

Okay, hello to everyone that follows! Good night!




I did Turbo Barre tonight & I liked it, lately I really like doing curtsy lunges and was happy to see them in there. Looking forward to CM tomorrow.

One of our neighbors told us that her 6yr. old son said Mom "I don't think I'm going to make it" when the electric was out, I was cracking up and thinking it starts when their young for men, LOL :D

Belinda - I guess your right it would be hard to modify those moves. You can fit lots of exercise equipment in a basement:)

Trish - They were talking about having Halloween this weekend in some towns but I guess it didn't happen here.

Kristin - It must be hard to get things done with the little ones around. I think you could use a high chair for TB. It's a lot like we did at the RT.

Have a great weekend!


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