Commit to get fit & lean for Nov 3, 2011


Hi and good morning,

I need to do some cardio today, haven't decited which one yet?

I will be back with personals.

Have a fantastic day and workout, eveyone!



Belinda: OK, I will make today a new day and tell my parents we are not going out to eat again today. Else, I'm going to end up with a pant problem like Cookies' except I won't be finding out that I swapped them with my daughter! Way to go on your workouts.

Kristin: So cute your DH was able to go to the Halloween party and surprise your little one. I had a great time watching all the kids. It was so cute. I don't have too much candy around the house but it's enough to be tempting. Ugh. I'm thinking of doing the rotation for sts/lis as well, but not sure when to start. My parents are leaving in a week and in three I am going to visit my brother. Might wait until December. I still want to try CycleMax :D Previewed and Cathe gave pointers about not falling off the bike...... made me think of you. Double and triple yikes on the two snow days. Where do they think we all live? The Bahamas?

Cookie: Nice for trying the slide and glide discs. I have to admit I'm still hesitant about trying them for the full workout. I want to but every time I go downstairs I change my mind and end up doing another workout. Oh well. I will have to post pics of the kids.

I think I am all caught up. Hi to everyone else. Have a great Thursday. Glad this week is flying by again!


Back with personals:

Cookie - ROFLMAO! It is getting a little crowded. Mmmm....maybe a tent isn't a bad idea??? Haven't done any core work in LIS yet? How do you like it? Good job on S&G and D1.

Helene - hope you enjoyed your rest day. Have fun with your parents.

Kirstin - I am not a morning person either. Good for you keeping up with your workouts. WTG, on AB yesterday.

Debbie - whatever you decide, have fun with your wo today. It isn't that bad cooking in an RV, it's just smaller than a regular kitchen.

I will be back later:


Hi Everyone,

It has been a long week. We finally got our power back last night. We were all so happy, you would have thought we had won the lottery or something. I managed to get in a couple of wos from the new series in the dark:eek: and I have to say I am loving it. I am getting used to the music although I prefer music with vocals because I like to sing-a-long:eek: Today's wo was D10, chest, shoulder & back and a short wo on the elliptical.

Belinda - You are lucky that DH doesn't mind all your wo gear. The subject of me getting a spin bike came up the other day and the only place he thought we could put it was in the garage:confused: Did you decide on your cardio?

Helene - LOL @ you putting your foot down with your parents. I would think after a while it kind of gets old. At least that's how we were starting to feel after eating out this week. But then again, it wasn't anything as nice as sushi;) I haven't tried s&g either. I'm thinking there is a little bit of a dread factor there for me.

Kristin - I am having the same concern about snow days with my DD's school. I'm not sure how many they get, but there are bound to be more to come:( Can't wait to hear how you find the LIS rotation. I haven't decided if I will do one yet. AB is my favorite wo so far, but I still have to try AT & S&G.

Cookie - Our halloween pretty much sucked! Although the town recommended there be no trick-or-treating because of the downed wires, we took the kids around the block. Unfortunately, there weren't many people home. I suspect they were staying with friends/family because of the outage. I didn't even snap a pic of my angel & witch:(

Deb - Happy anniversary:) Glad your power wasn't out for too long. Did you decide on the gym or Cathe today? Do you have a favorite LIS wo yet?

Have a great day ladies!


Hallo girls,

I ended up doing Slide & Glides. I think all the new workouts have way to many mountain climbers, burpees with pushups(hate those:confused:), jumping jacks, spiderman climbers,
walking arm/dragging leg planks with pushups:rolleyes: All of those are tough on my back, good for the knees:p How do you guys like the new workouts? I did liked the ab & stretch with the dics.

Trish - so glad you finally have power again. DH doesn't mind at all, he knows that I wouldn't go down in weight with STS, he said safety first Plus, he works out in the gym at work. The only place I got, is the RV!!

Helene - you do that, lol! I am suprised, that I still lose weight with all that eating out. What did you end up doing today?

Hallo to the rest of the group! BBL!


Belinda, so when you move into your house, the rv could still be your workout space! Can you fit a spin bike in there? How's Alesia?
Helene, glad you have such great time with your parents. That's fabulous. To tell the truth, I'm not sure I could take my dad around that long; my mom is very easy going, but he's super high maintenance. Sushi sounds great. Where does your brother live?
Kristin, I'm not a morning person either, but if I didn't wo then, it just wouldn't get done. I'm anxious about getting my wo in tomorrow since I have a super early meeting.
Trish, hope your girls were happy going around the block. It must have added to the Halloween atmosphere trick or treating without electricity. What effect did it have on your commuting to work?
Deb, so did you decide on your workout? Glad you were able to get your work stuff done. I'm not finding Cathe's discs to work too well on my puzzle mats, so I have to use my old slide things.
Today was lis express and sts 3 - legs. So aggravated: that pita I work with made a mess and I had to spend a considerable amount of time the past couple weeks helping to clean it up. Today we had two meetings to explain and answer questions teachers still had. During the first session, some of the teachers were pretty upset with her. As they are leaving and the next group is starting to come in, she tells me she has another meeting and leaves! I couldn't believe it, and the way she spoke about it makes me feel it wasn't true. Anyway, things went well with the second group, especially since they weren't aggravated with me. She's the real reason I workout, I need to relieve the stress she causes me. Sorry for venting.


Hey everyone. Just finished S and G. It was supposed to be a rest day, but I already took a rest day on Tuesday, so I put this one in. Now tomorrow I am supposed to do Cardio SS. I am hoping my legs won't give out :eek:

Belinda- I love this series, but all those mountain climbers are tough, lol. They are deceiving too. Whenever we start them I do not really feel it, until suddenly I feel as though I am going to give out, lol. The ab work with the discs are pretty cool!

Cookie- Maybe our PITA coworkers should work together in a padded room somewhere! :eek: Whaddaya think? LOL.

Trish- glad to hear you finally got your power back. I think it is going to be a long, long winter! Don't dread S & G. It is a great workout. The one I could do without is the Turbo Barre. Maybe because I do not have the bar. I have not tried it and won't try it until it comes up in the rotation :rolleyes:

Helene- lol @ "falling off the bike" pointers reminding you of me. Ahh memories, lol. I amthinking of trying the lis/sts rotation in January after all the holidays.

Deb- Have you tried CM yet? I am curious what you think about it.

All right, I have some more work to do before bedtime, so nighty night all!




I ended up spinning at the gym, but there was a sub & she forgot her music so she picked random songs off her ipod, after every song she did a cadence check:confused: there was a new spinner in class & no one was offering to help her (instructor was busy w/music problem) so I did. I did enjoy the last 15 minutes of class when I finally relaxed & stopped wishing I had stayed home & did a Cathe DVD:)

Belinda - I loved the script font you picked for your post:) I haven't done many w/o's yet but can you modify what bothers your knees & back?

Helene - Did your parents agree not to eat out today? Are you still working part-time?

Trish - OMG, I feel for you not having electric for all that time:( Kudos on getting w/o's in!!!! probably helped w/stress. I'm guessing you have every light on in the house tonight . . . because you can:D

Cookie - The sliders seem hard on my rug too . . . wondering if I just have to break them in. Vent away:) maybe it's a good thing she's in your life . . . so it forces you to get your w/o's in.

Kristin - I'm going to try CM on Saturday barring no snow storms;) Do you do your schoolwork before you leave school or at home?


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