Commit to get FIT & Lean for April 2014!


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Hi ladies, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth lol It's been a crazy week, but a great one. We found out that we are pre-approved for a house! I can't wait to get out of this apartment! Workouts haven't been so great this week, but I'm trying to refocus and get back in the groove. I did really well last week, so I know I can do it. Step Blast is the plan for today. :)

Cookie - Happy anniversary to you and hubby!!

Hi to everyone else!! I'll try to pop back in later with personals, have a great day!


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Happy Friday!! Today I am doing Lean Legs & Abs (yesterday was a rest day).

Impressed that you ladies can do step workouts. For some reason, when you throw a step in the mix, I have two left feet :eek:, so no step workouts for me. I can't afford another injury. Hopefully the warmer weather has caught up to most of you by now. It is unseasonably hot in NC, and I am not a hot weather person. Looking forward to it cooling a little next week.

Kristen--do you watch any other "housewives" type of reality shows? I am watching the new show "Private Lives of Nashville Wives" on TNT. It's really good, not like that stupid "Southern Charm" on Bravo. I couldn't even make it all the way through the first episode before I deleted it. I also watch "Married to Medicine" which is coming back on Sunday night. Not sure if I will keep it in my dvr manager or not. We'll see how it goes... My friends are amazed that I can work (part-time), be a mom, workout religiously, be involved in lots of social activities, get (almost) 8 hours of sleep, and still watch all the shows that I do. What can I say? It's a gift :p My fav (wholesome) reality show is "Giuliana & Bill". She is so funny! And sadly, I've passed my love for reality tv on to my 12-year old daughter (what can I say? I never did anything with my degree in psychology, so maybe this is my sad attempt to use my schooling?). She and I watch "Dance Moms", "Kim of Queens" (which is wholesome, thank God), and "Toddlers & Tiaras". While we are watching the shows, I pause the dvr several times and take the opportunity to point out, "See how she reacted/acted. Now that's what NOT to do in that kind of situation." Ok y'all, don't judge me :eek: I promise that otherwise, I am an awesome parent :D

Cookie---Pet Connection?! What kind of pet are you thinking about getting? I've been thinking about getting another dog for quite some time. Our dog, Fred, passed away last June. Our other dog, Stella, is a 9-year-old chihuahua mix. I'm considering adopting a puppy (I prefer older dogs, but a puppy might be a better fit for Stella since she could correct it. An older dog might try to dominate Stella, which would be a bad match). If we were to adopt another dog, I think that we would wait until summer, as we will be gone for a week later this month for spring break and, especially if we get a puppy, someone needs to be home. I can tell that Stella is getting more tired on our long walks, so it won't be long before I'll need a younger companion on my long walks (I like to walk the golf course in our neighborhood and search for all the golf balls my husband loses ;) I think the record for the number of golf balls I've found in one outing was well over 60, so yes, I've found quite a bit more than he's lost :p. Actually, all the golf balls I've found has funded some of his golf trips--he sells many of the balls to his friends. I'm nice though--I don't take a cut). Congrats on your 33rd anniversary!!

Amelia--Let us know how your interview went today. I swear, with the week that I had at work, I'd seriously consider taking another job if one was to be had. I'm just thankful that I have Tuesdays & Fridays (and the weekends) off! Technically, I now have 41 upper body workouts. I added an Amy Bento workout that I'm eager to try tomorrow. Trying to add some new blood to my rotation :)

lil lock---congrats on pre-approval for a house! House hunting is so exciting! I've been in our house for almost 12 years now and have been thinking about re-decorating, but my motto has usually been "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so it's hard for me to replace perfectly good things, even if we've used them for a long time. I would just paint a new color on the walls in some of our rooms, but it would clash with the rest of the furniture/decor in the room. Thinking about it is a long way from doing it, so don't know if I will ever act on it. We will probably end up moving to The Villages (a retirement community in Fla that I've (seriously) joked about moving to for years. You have to be 55 to buy property, so I've got 5 years left...).

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend planned :) I'm going to book club tonight, so looking forward to friends, drinks & food! Which reminds me--I've got to get my workout done! --Vicki
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Belinda, Cathe's dvds have so many premixes, I don't think we could keep up with them. Has most of your snow melted yet? This week a lot of ours did, TG!
Amelia, drama and work seem to go together in some places. Let us know what you think of the warehouse place. Do you think it will be similar to your other one? Are you stretching a lot from doing the TG and hiking? Sorry your PF is bothering you.
Kristen, you made it thru! Hope you're relaxing this weekend.
Kelly, congrats on the house! How exciting. If you're like me, you want to look at photos to get lots of dreams and thoughts.
Vicky, I have that Amy Bento slo-mo. She has some creative moves, but I remember one and my shoulder not getting along so well together about, but now can't remember what it was. I like a couple of her kickboxing ones.
Deb, thinking of you. Hope all is well.
Went to our fav brew pub last night, so that was fun. Depending upon weather, either doing 23 miles today or tomorrow. The opposite will be housework, errands, work-related paperwork. Think we may also look for a sectional and coffee table for the den.


Good morning,

My plan for today is: have GS Chest & Triceps! On the rotation Cathe's wants me to do a 30 run, I will skip that one. I need to back of my cardio a little:D Been reading a lot about it, it's hindering my muscle grow.

Cookie - in a way it's a shame we don't make use off all those premixes:confused: They are all fantastic! Snow is gone, but it's been windy/rainy for the last 5 day's:mad:

Kelly - congratulations on the house! Very exciting! We bought a house 2 years ago, we are still updating/renovation it:) It's a lot of fun! Next project will be replacing all the carpets. Carpets and dogs don't mix:confused:

Amelia - I had to back off on the step, my PF was acting up too. Remember, I am modifying everything:p Still got a great workout in.

Vicki - I have that Amy Bento workout too, never open it:eek: You always can try step workout without the step! This way you get the foot work down.

Kistin - how did you like T25? Hope you get some rest this weekend. You made it through this week!

I will be back after my workout. Have a great weekend.


Hallo everyone,

GS Chest & Triceps is done:D My triceps are on fire:p Holy Cow, forgot how tough that one was:eek:

Have a great weekend everyone. I will try to check in later, if not I will check in tomorrow.


Hey guys. No workout for me yesterday. My older DS was acting like such a brat, I thought I was going to lose it. He was throwing one fit after the other. When I put him in his room he was screaming and slamming doors. I honestly just wanted to run away. He rarely gets like this, but when he does it is awful.

No workout yesterday. Today I had my last class for peer coaching. I got out at 2 and then did my workouts. I did CCC, the express circuit premix, because when I do the whole thing I find myself "reserving" my energy for the second round and do not give it my all in the first. Then I felt guilty, so I tried T25 Cardio Alpha. It was good. It went really fast. Some of the moves were awkward to me. It felt easier, but maybe because I had just finished CCC and that is one of the hardest Cathe workouts for me, so anything in comparison will feel easier, lol.

Anyway, we are going to our friends' house for dinner, so I have to shower and get dressed. I will BB tomorrow for personals.



Belinda, our snow is still lingering in areas but a lot melted this week. Think I modify almost every workout! Houses are endlessly in need of attention. What about couches and dogs? I want to replace one in the den but one of the dogs definitely thinks it is his.
Do yours get on your furniture?
Amelia, was looking at your painting again and love the color choices. The green really frames the blue/purple in the flowers and makes them pop even more.
Kristen, now that's part of the kids' growing up that I don't miss. Sorry, it is so frustrating dealing with it. You should have slept good on Friday night after those workouts.
Kelly, thought of you yesterday. One of my ds is looking at apts and thinks he's found one. It is so beautiful, I've been thinking about how I would decorate it. Told my dh, I could take that apt and ds could live w/him!
Vicky, how was your weekend? Did you say you take weekends off from working out?
Deb, how's everyone doing? Thinking of you.
There was a large bike race in our area this weekend. Yesterday was the second day. Folks were on the sides of the roads at the top of many of the hills cheering on the riders, and it was fun to see. The ones ringing cow bells and the sheriff's flashing lights really drove my dog crazy tho. She's full of energy and anxiety, other dogs, crowds, and lights make her even more neurotic. A 10 mile walk felt like 20 w/zigzagging back and forth (being pulled with every 45 pounds of muscle in her body). My back is sore from her tugging. TG for Travis.


Hey girls,

Its been a tough weekend for my extended family, my husbands uncle committed suicide last Thursday and it was devastating to say the least. He had a wife of over 30yrs ( high school sweet hearts) 2 kids and 3 grandchildren. I just don't understand suicide, I think its a selfish way to leave this world. :mad: He was in a very deep depression for over 15 years after hurting his back and he wasn't able to enjoy the things he loved doing ( soccer coach). I understand depression, but killing yourself is just hurting everyone around you?

anyways, just my 2 cents ( for what its worth )

I went on a 2 mile power walk Saturday morning and yesterday was a 30 minute total gym workout. I'm debating on doing a cardio before work today or to just do a double workout tomorrow ( cardio and total gym) mmmmm:confused:

The job fair / open interview went ok I guess :confused: they were so overwhelmed with applicants that I didn't get a chance to be interviewed but I did do an orientation so will see. The company thats hiring doesn't open until July so they are going to call people for interviews. I will keep my fingers crossed that I get a call back. The benefits and pay are right up my alley;) A lot better then my Deli job now, I was ready to go off on a very rude customer yesterday. She was so picky and just wasn't pleased with anything I did. she was just being a straight up bitch!!! :eek:

Cookie-How is your youngest DS doing? I caught myself looking at my painting too and get inspired too paint more. I prob will later this week, thank you on the compliments :)

Kristin- How old is your oldest DS again? So sorry about the temper tantrums, its so hard on us as parents to not loose it. My DS (8) has crying fits sometimes when hes told no, its exhausting :confused:

Belinda-Great job on GS, your killing that series girl. ^5's

Hello to Debbie, Vbrady, Kelly and Melissa!!

I've got to get off this computer if im going to get in a cardio before work.

Have a great Monday girls :)


Good morning,

Today I am starting week 2 off the Gym Style rotation, I will do Drill Max " Scrambled Blast and abs". I am also starting round 2 with P90X3 this evening.

Cookie - all the snow is gone! Thank goodness:D I hear you on the house, I am always doing/remodeling something:eek: Yesterday, I finally open all the boxes with my photos:confused: I been pushing it off for the longest time, the movers went through my photos and took them out:mad: It's a hot mess! Been avoiding that task for the longest time:p :D Of course, my dogs are on the couch:p DH and I need a new one, but I can't find what I am looking for? I have a black leather couch. I want a white leather couch:eek: I like to get a contemporary white couch : D Haven't found anything I like:confused: I guess, we wait…..That bike race sounds like fun. My dogs would have gone nuts too:(
WTG, on that 10 miler yesterday.

Kirstin - I agree, it's a part of growing up! Frustrating for dealing with it for sure! (((HUGS)))) Hope your workouts helped with the stress.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in today. BBL!


LIC steps and blasts only - it was such a fun workout. I forgot how fun Cathe's step workouts are. I did it on the floor but still got in a good sweat :)


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Morning girls! Hope you all had a great weekend, we did! We went and took care of paperwork for the house (we're doing a new build), and it should be done in October! I can't wait!! Next step in about 6 weeks or so will be to pick out everything for the interior. I will finally have my own workout space too :-D This morning I did Party Rockin' Step #2 - I totally prefer that to # 1, I found the choreography much easier to get.

Kristin - I'm so sorry your son was acting like that, how old is he? I'm finding that this 2-year age is a lot of fun too (please note the sarcasm lol), and apparently it only gets worse from there! :confused:

Amelia - My thoughts to your family! I'm so sorry! I tend to agree with you, it kind of makes me mad too. We had a girl I went to high school with who committed suicide a few weeks back and left 9 year old little girl. It just breaks my heart for her.

Belinda - sounds like great workouts for you for sure! Have a great day!

Cookie - Hope your back feels better soon! I like our apt now, but the complex itself is going downhill. We got back from getting groceries yesterday and someone had dropped a (full) glass bottle of beer on the stairs and just left it. Hubby had to go clean it up so Aiden wouldn't step on the glass. I'm ready for our own place lol

Hi to Debbie, Vbrady, and Melissa, hope you had a great weekend!!



Good evening,

I did Drill Max " Scrambled Blast" this afternoon, I also did abs Just finished P90X3 Accelerator.

Amelia - you and I most have posted at the same time! My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family (((HUGS))) You never know, what's going on with with people/family Good job, on LIC steps and blasts only today. You don't need a step to get a great workout in:D

Kelly - hope you get to move into your new house soon. Sad about your complex, leaving class all over the floor and your husband had to clean it up:( I am sure, whoever did it was drunk:rolleyes:

Good night, everyone!


Trying to avoid doing a report. I swear I could clean a whole house top to bottom before I can get motivated with paperwork.
Belinda, my dh fell in love w/a leather sectional when we were looking to replace the ones in the family room. The sectional would be nice in the den, but I'm having a hard time justifying the expense. Lately, we been hit by numerous unexpected expenses, so we have to wait a while anyway.
Amelia, I'm so sorry. It is a very selfish act but he must have not seen another option. My eldest son is doing much better, thanks. He's a few meds which seem to working well, plus he's attending group. He's like a walking ad for taking meds and counseling. I'm almost hesitant to say things are good, afraid of jinxing it! He's actually moving into an apartment next week!!!
Kelly, glad you're not going to be there much longer. It is such an exciting time for you and your dh. Do you have family in the area where you are moving to?
Kristen, what a year! That's all I can say.
Vicky, how are you doing?
Deb, miss you and thinking of you and your family.
Now, I moved into the den. Like I'll get much paperwork with the b'ball game on. Went to UConn for a masters, so go Huskies!


Quick check in. 100s of biceps, laterals, shoulders press, squats. Should get lots of steps in with my schedule for the day.
A really bad night sleeping, don't think I even got three hours. And of course, I didn't get that paperwork done with the game on.
Have a great workout and day.


Good morning,

I have Gym Style Legs and P90X3 The Warrior.

Cookie - did you get your paperwork done? I hear you on the leather couch, they are expensive. Saw a few in Costco and on Hautelook:eek: Put like you said, they are expensive. I think I will wait until I find the one I love;) WTG, this mooring.

Kirstin - this is the rotation I am doing. I been forgetting to post it, sorry about that. Here it is:

This is the rotation I am doing:

Do STS in its entirety.

Take one week off.

Do Gym Styles for one month!

Do the low impact series for two weeks.

Do Four Day Split for one month.

Do Shock Cardio Series for two weeks

Do STS Meso two and Meso three.

I will be back later.


Hey everyone. Yesterday was an umplanned rest day for me. Sunday I did do BM2, Cardio and Weights premix, plus I walked to dog. T

This week at work is taking too long, lol. Tomorrow I have my evening class, so no workout will be planned and I probably won't be able to check in.

Tonight's workout was FT. I am trying to follow Cathe's rotation, but I am finding that I cannot workout every single day, go figure. So I am aiming for five days a week and improvising. Next week we have off, so I will try to follow that week's rotation more closely.

Belinda- thanks for posting the rotation. I see you are on the second leg of the rotation. Good for you. Nice workouts today, btw! What kind of results are you getting?

Cookie- I hate this school year. Summer cannot get here fast enough. I am constantly humming that song the snowman Olaf sings in the movie Frozen. It's called "In Summer" ;) Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight!

Kelly- that is so exciting about the new house. Getting to build it and pick out exactly what you want is fantastic. I love PRS 2. It is one of my new favorites.

Amelia- (((HUGS)))). Hope you and your family are getting through this difficult time.

Waving hello to Deb. Are you in FLorida yet?


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