Commit to get fit for Valentine's Day!!


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

Not sure, what I will do today? I need to do something:confused:

I will be back later.

So what are your plans today? BBL!


Back with personals:

Kirstin - glad you listen to your body. Enjoy your workout today.

Debbie - so what did you make?? Sounds so delish! I hear you, I need to get rid of some clothe too, lol.

where is Cookie??? and the rest of the gang??

Make it a good one, girls. BBL!


Hallo girls,

Yoga is done! I did The Method 20/20 workout #2, nice stretch! That's it for me today. Thought doing cardio today, once I was in the basement all went out the door. My body needs some rest.

Have a great day, everyone!


Hi everyone and happy valentine's day!!!!!

Belinda: You been talking to yourself again? :p

I really need to come and check-in here more often. I miss you guys. Sorry for being MIA so much. I post on MFP so much now I forget to come over here. Not very nice of me.

So quick check-in and I'll try and come back to catch up with everyone tomorrow.

I am still doing the live fit trainer. It is still kicking my behind and of course I am enjoying it. I am lifting 5 days a week and I never did that before so that's probably why it's challenging. It will be interesting to see what the results will be at the end of the three month. I am currently in week 3. The leg workout from Monday has me sore like nobody's business and I have to do it again on Thursday. :eek:

Dinner tonight consisted in it's entirety of a chocolate fondue fountain with assorted fruit. Gotta love DH sometimes! :D

That's about it for me. I hope you are all doing well. :)


Hi all! So today was STS D17 legs. These trisets are killers. I did the squats both narrow and wide stance with 30# DBS. I my legs are shaky, lol.

So Valentine's Day came and went. DH and I are going out to dinner without kids on Friday. I cannot wait! We don't really do gifts on V-day. We are excited to be going to florida when schoo,is out, so we are saving for that.

Helene- chocolate for dinner is my kind of meal, lol. You should come here more often too. I. Like MFP, but I love the check in too.

Belinda- is your house feeling more and more like home as you get it the way you want it rob be?

Okay, I will be tomorrow.




Ugh, I ate too much chocolate today! I did CC6 on the ellipitical this morning. DH bought me lots of chocolate too!

Belinda - I made Death by Chocolate (devil food cake, cool whip & chocolate pudding & heath bar sprinkled on top). My DS loved it. You really do need the rest this week:)

Helene - It's nice to see you stop by. Yum, chocolate for dinner:)

Kristin - Your V-day date sounds like fun + you won't have to deal with the crowds that were probably out tonight.

Hi everyone


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