Commit to get fit and lean for Jan 18, 2012


Good morning,
I will try to get D15 in today, if not I will do cardio? It snowed here in WV...arr...
Debbie - what did you eat? I used to get a lot of hearburn, eating salsa. How are you feeling today?
Kirstin - awesome job, on D8 yesterday. Hope you in a better mood today.
Melissa - funny girl!!I did take pic before I took most of it down. Will post them soon. I am so glad to set up my new excercise room. Yeah, on starting school yesterday. Have fun this semester. My son started also yesterday.
Where is Cookie??
I will be back later.


Good morning everyone!

I can't even remember the last time I posted. For new years I made a resolution that I would be back on my favorite check-in....18 days later, I finally made it:p Hope you all had wonderful holidays and are happy & healthy. I've missed those of you I don't see on MFP (Deb, Cookie, Iris & Lori). Nothing new happening on my end. Still battling the same 5-10lbs I gain and lose, although now I'm taking a different approach by trying to build more muscle and upping my cal intake (as my good friend Belinda recommended months ago:D). I'm near the end of my STS rotation. Just M3W3 & W4 to go. After that I think I will do a GS/PUB/PLB/4DS mix through February.

Anyway, hoping to catch up with you all. I probably still won't be the best checker-inner, but anything is better than how I've been over the past few months!


Hey girls,

D14 legs and stretch w/ Amy Bento from the 10 min Solution is done. Will do D15 tomorrow, Saturday I will do STS TB. I do need to get some cardio in Friday.

Welcome back, Trish! We missed you, girl. I like your new rotation, looks awesome. I can't believe you almost done with STS, WTG! Good for you upping your cal;) have you seen a difference yet?

I hope Cookie is ok? haven't seen her posting in a long time:eek:

Off to the shower! I will be back tomorrow or tonight? If not, have a great evening.


Hey everyone. I just finished MMA fusion. I cannot remember the last time I did this one. My core is already feeling tight, lol. I am having another stressful week at work. It is midterm week and there have been so many administrative errors and just poor planning that it has been anything but smooth. Ugh :mad: I bought myself a bottle of Skinnygirl margarita and once the kiddies are in bed I plan on having a glass or two to chill myself out, lol.

Trish- good to see you on here. As much as MFP is growing on me, I,just love this check in so much more.

Belinda- knocking on my wooden table as I write this. . . We haven't had snow yet:eek: I am kind of hoping it stays that way. After our crazy winter last year, I have had my fill of snow, lol.

Cookie- I've been wondering the same thing as Belinda. Hope all is well!

By tomorrow.



Good evening ladies! Today was STS D23 and Ab Circuits No Equipment Abs. I have DOMS in my back today, not sure what that is about :confused:

Deb, I love CSS! Hope the heartburn went away and you're feeling better :(

Belinda, what rotation are you doing? I forget :eek:

Trish, it's better late than never!! Glad to see you here again :) I can't believe you're almost done with STS already!

Kristin, sorry to hear your week is going crappy. Enjoy those margaritas girl!!! Actually, that sounds really good...maybe I will pick up a bottle for myself for tomorrow ;)

Cookie, come out come out wherever you are!!

Off to do some reading and then go to bed. I haven't been sleeping well at all for the past few weeks...DA and I are having major issues, so not sure what will happen with that one :( UGH men suck!


Wow, was that Trish?!!! Missed you girl! Glad to hear all is well. How are your girls?
Belinda, you must be burning thousands of calories with painting and moving. And then you still work out. What a Cathelete!
Melissa, sorry you're not sleeping. I think I could be a pro in that category. Maybe one of Kristin's Skinny Girls would help. Or two, or three. Let us know the interesting things you learn about in the nutrition class.
Deb, how's your heartburn? I was thinking of you earlier today wondering if you have completely recovered from your trip to the hospital. How's your fil?
Lori, how are you feeling?
Helene, hope you're enjoying Disney.
Kristin, I can relate on the stress part. My dh actually asked me not to check text and emails from work on the weekend since it has been so crazy lately. This past Sat-Sun I didn't, but then the pileup took most of Monday. Last week the dr was telling me about the effects of stress on a body - so please take care.
Family stuff took out us of town for the weekend, and yesterday I was swamped catching up on work I didn't finish 'cause I was out of town. Kept up fairly well on workouts tho. Did 0-60 this morning instead of slide/glide. S/G frustrates me since I am not manuevering those discs all that great, so I'm gonna sub other dvds in for it when it is in the rotation. Need to get my eats back under control. Went to the dr's last week, so had to listen to everything I'm supposed to do. Apparently, they think I'm getting a little older. Imagine that!
Tomorrow have a late mtg so will try to remember to check in during the day - probably from another parking lot.



I did slide & glide today, seems to be my go to w/o when I can't decide. Seems I get the heartburn only after dinner, will have to try & figure out if it's something I'm eating or just the fact we are always rushing out the door to the hospital. FIL had his gallbladder surgery today & looked great & in good spirits. Now in a couple of weeks the big operation for his heart (now they are saying he has 3 blockages:().

Belinda - You must have so much space now in your new exercise room. No more bumping into things;)

Trish - Happy to see you checking in, stop by whenever you can. I still want to write out my resolutions but life seems to get in the way.

Kristin - Sorry your feeling so much stress, but like the idea of the skinny margaritas . . . wondering if they taste good?

Melissa - My older DS told me the other day I had bags under my eye & I told him it can't have anything to do with the fact I worry about him & his brother:eek: Sometimes relationships go through rough patches. You'll have to tell us if you learn anything interesting about nutrition.

Cookie - It's funny when I was in the ER & they mentioned something about my gallbladder getting older . . . really don't want to hear that or at least not be reminded of that fact:D I am starting to believe whatever age you are that stress does take a toll on our bodies & I think exercising & eating right can offset it. Please take care of yourself!!

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