Morning girls,

Fun to be starting our thread again. Just finished up a paper for a "group" project for one of my classes. What a huge pain working with other people via the internet - not to mention being on a totally different time zone. Geesh.

Katie, I'm so glad you got a good deal for your place! And I'm super jealous of your Panera salad. That is definitely a place I miss for sure!

Becky, I hope you and DH can find a good place to go for vaca! It is so good for the soul to be able to relax. Although I'm not sure how relaxing our next trip will be!

Klaudia, I'm so glad you guys are enjoying your cottage time. Sounds like recital time will be crazy as usual!

Colleen, wtg on results from insanity. I'm thinking of incorporating it a bit over the next few weeks. Need some variety.

Anne, I'm so jealous of other people getting to see "real" pics of TCB. I'm excited that you'll get to see him again soon. You sound SO happy and it makes me happy!

Kate, WD sounds awesome and WOWZA on your ring. For any specific purpose? Is this the one to replace your wedding one? I'm so glad you had a good weekend. I am leaning toward TF. I have an email in to my "coach" to see what I can work out with shipping and such. I really like Chalene so I want to try it.

Julie, HI! Welcome! I love this group of ladies. They are awesome! You will see very soon. So, I am a sahm to 2 little girls - Annabel (5.5) and Noelle (call her Ellie, just turned 4). We are originally from Chicagoland but are currently living in northern France with my husband's job (Caterpillar). We've been here a little over a year and a half and have a little less than a year left. We are not super impressed with living in France but LOVE the travel opportunities it gives us! Holy lots of kids you have! I am the oldest of 6 so I'm aware of how it works! :)

Clintonya, sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you can kick it soon! Hang in there!

Wendy, sounds like a fun and busy weekend for you! WTG on the 10#!! I didn't know you'd lost that much. Little by little, it will come off! You're doing awesome!

Nina, how's the new house? I hope you are getting settled!

Did we lose Robin again? How about Lisa??

OK girls, I need some advice. Gotta lose about 5 lbs in 5 weeks. I know it's possible if I stick to good eating but I'm not sure what the best approach should be for my workouts. Any suggestions? I was thinking to do FF's get ready for summer but I'm not sure I want to do a full body workout or a leg wo and it doesn't include and HIIT. I really feel like my body responds best to cardio when I'm trying to drop those few extra pounds... any thoughts?

Well, I need to clean up a few things before my kids get home for lunch and make a to-do list for the afternoon. I'm feeling super busy lately!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Good Morning Girls ! :)

Hi Angie ! Great personals this morning !!! I still am terrible at that. Remembering who said what and what I wanted to respond to- ack! :eek:

I'm doing the FF rotation now. I really like it and just started week 4 . I think it's a very good one, and I'm sure I'll do it again but I'm not sure it's best for weigh loss ? I think everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you, but for me it seems I need to step up the cardio (workouts & intensity) and do either split workouts or one body part at a time.

Today is cardio for me. I think it's double cardio from LIS/HIS but it's dark and stormy and I'm afraid we might lose power, so I think I will spin instead.
No morning walk in this weather either.

Have a great Tuesday! At least it's not MONDAY anymore!;)


good morning everyione!

angie, wtg with the personals. as for the wt loss, i would recommend steady state cardio3-4 times a week, with 1 day of hiit, 1 day of kb, and see if you can add on 1 body part per day of weights. just an idea.

morning becky! when is vacation? what are you guys thinking of?

work was crazy yday, then came home to finn's 4th bday - just a family party. it was so nice, and i cannot believe i have a 4 yr old. today will be catch up - clean, errands, playtime. i ran this am and need to do some weights and yoga. the weight has really come down, and i have 2-3 vanity lbs to lose! bbl and i will catch up on personals


mored personals

julie - i can imagine the energy you need for your kids. happy bday to the littlest!

wendy, hey there! we are moved and settled in. i had several days of work and am just now coming up for air. your classes sou nd cool.

colleen, wtg with the results! you are a machine.

katie, your trip sounds lovely. who is going with you guys?

kate, i cannot pullup pics of the ring, but i am sure it is gorgeous. what was the occasion?

klaudia, sounds like a great way to cope with fd by walking with your neighbor. please move here so we can walk!!

anne, glad you had a good weekend, and trip with tcb is c9oming right up!

okay, really must go clean and get ready for swim and all that good stuff. bbl


mornign girls! in such a rush....errands & ortho this morning!

angie, so nice to see you smiling face! i like ninas wo suggestion. or maybe circuits?

becky, we lost power last night. back tho, thank goodness!

nina, you sound so good! good for you!
happy bday to your big boy! i have a harder time w/ g's bdays than my own! lol!

wendy, so proud of you & your wt loss! you inspire me!

julie, nice to see you! everybody still healthy?

klaudia, YIKES on your FD! dont you wish you could "defriend" certain family members?;)

yes, the ring is to replace my wedding ring - just wanted something a little fancier, but simple still.


Had a blast Spinning this morning :)...then added on an iSTRETCH. :) :)

Nina, we go to HH in Sept and Fla. in Dec. but we are SO ready for a vacation and Sept seems so far away. DH was TRYING to find something for a long weekend. Maybe the OB or Virginia beach......OB we've always wanted to go there and Virginia beach because it's the closest to us.... Haven't found anything yet though.
Wendy, 3 cheers for you and your weight loss !!!!!
Kate, we lost power overnight for a bit, and twice yesterday. I just didn't want to chance being in the middle of a workout and it going again !!!

Going to make my smoothie ! With this stormy weather I am NOT motivated to work in the house. I am seriously thinking of taking the book I just started (fun, beach book called Little Bitty Lies) and reading out on the sip and not doing much else !!! ;)


Becky, It's never fun to lose power but totally awful when in the middle of a good sweaty WO!:p:D
Your day sounds so nice! Hope you get your early vaca!


Morning ladies - posting from my iPhone - shhhhh!! :)

I wrote a really long post w/personals this morning and then it just disappeared and computer locked up. Grrrr!! Sorry, will do better tomorrow.

Kate, I love the ring! I need something for when my rings won't fit on my fat fingers anymore!
Nina, 4 years old?? Give him a bday hug from me!
Becky, do a long weekend in the obx! It's waayyyyy better than va beach and not much further.
Angie, if I were in your shoes I would do GS upper two days, lower body two days, and interval cardio two days.
Julie, welcome!! I am 28 yrs old, married, have a 5 yr old son and 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2.



Ended up getting in a 40 minute run/walk last night:) Today's workout is Power Hour. Dance tonight but nothing else!

Angie, 5# is nothing! You'll get that off quick. Maybe try an upper/lower split with 2 days of hiit, 1 kb, 1 step. Just a thought.

Nina, great job on the weight loss! The walks are very cathartic. I wish we lived closer:(

Kate, did you see it? All from a simple comment I made! Ugh.

Becky, I say go for it! The house will be waiting;) Enjoy the book! I may make a trip to the library today for some fun reads:)


Good Morning Everyone!

Today was Insanity UB and Cardio Power and Resistance (I skipped the tricep dips because my arms were fried from UB). I need to do a good stretch tonight - either StretchMax or Extended Stretch. Eats were clean yesterday except for a cookie.

Angie, I find doing moderate weights (i.e. Gym Styles) with cardio everyday except leg day really blasts off the fat for me. I don't find Hiit to be very effective for me unless I add on because it doesn't burn enough calories.
Nina, ^5 on the weight loss. Glad you are getting a little break to catch up.
Kate, I hate chaotic mornings. Hope you have some down time this afternoon.
Becky, I am so jealous that you can relax with a book in your SIP.
Katie, can you believe I have never been to OBX? We might go this fall if DH thinks I will be able to tolerate our friends spoiled dog.
Klaudia, sorry about the FD on facebook. Enjoy your somewhat free day!


Good morning Ladies!

Just wanted to say a quick "hi" and let you know I'm still here.:)

My life is a little crazier than normal with end of year activities for school (we finish this Thurs.). I'm off to three parties and hope to catch up this aftn.!

Thanks for all the introductions! I've enjoyed reading your posts.

Have a great morning!



Katie, *hate* losing a post! How's work going today? Fast, I hope!

Klaudia, I did read that! They prob never comment on anything you write either - but had to get their digs in there. Saw your one friend came to your rescue - good!!!

Colleen, WTG on the killer Wos!! You seeing good results?

Julie, Your kids are still in school?! We got out 2 weeks ago!:D What are your kids ages? Mine are 8, 6, and 1.5. 1.5 has to be the most challenging age...I say that now, but hold on for those teen years I bet!!! YIKES!

Eats are mostly good. Looking forward to Ju's nap!:D I did PP lat night, will do some cardio today.


Colleen, for real on the workouts! Awesome!

Julie, do your kids go to school year round or just get out late?

Kate, how'd you guess?;) Ah, well. I'm trying to be the bigger person, but it's getting more and more difficult. What cardio are you going to do? I'm hoping to walk with my friend again-hope she can since I made her run last night!;)


Klaudia, I think some Tracey step - I need some new routines to learn & I like her stuff pretty well. Hope you get your walk in tonight!
You did good dealing with your in-laws....but ikwym abt being the bigger person... sigh

outside w/ the girls...laying in the sun, playing in the pool....good day!


we had such a great time at the pool, and i got my cleaning done this morning. yoga and pub are history.

klaudia, enjoy your time with your friend tonight. sorry about the fd. it just sucks.

kate, enjoy your step. what is pp?

play date for finn this afternoon. unfortunately, i think it will be indoors, but the kids are happy, so i should not complain. bbl


Thanks for the support girlies! Just got done with Power Hour-good stress relief! My dad stopped by with Taco Bell!:eek: I'm jumping in the shower to avoid it!


Nina, I would have loved to do the inground pool but ouchie on the price.:eek: And unlike some relatives we have we prefer not to drown ourselves in debt & buy things we can't or shouldn't afford!;)
PP is push-pull. Good for when you're short on time!
Glad you're having a good day! Have fun on your playdate!

Klaudia, Anytime!
You dad is freakin' awesome! WTG on avoidance!:D How do you get your WO done w/ all your girls around?!?! You're amazing!
Glad you had a good WO!


hi ladies! back from pump class today, good times. unfortunately JJ and DH both came down with colds yday. of course they are miserable, esp daddy (you know how men are when theyre sick!!) and i didnt get back to the gym for PM class (which means i was miserable too, lol). DH is off the next few days so that helps at least.

b - same ole smoothie, not getting sick of it yet =)
l - grilled cheese, def couldve made a better choice for sure but i was making them for the fam. i think i can handle the calories from the cheese in one sandwich as far as my cals for the day, and just no more carbs the rest of the day. nice big salad or something for dinner, thats all.

nina, yoga and pub, two of my faves!!!

kate, wow, you guys set up that pool fast!

Julie, my ods is still in school on the east coast, he's taking finals right now. it sure is a busy time of year and i imagine even more so with your gaggle of young'uns! are you a SAHM?

angie, i think what works is different for each of us depending on our bodies, ya know? my best results ever were when i did maybe 60% strength and 40% cardio (and this wasbefore my yoga days). did mostly step for cardio then. strength was pyramids for a while followed by GS.

klaudia, sorry for the FD =( havent been on FB today so i guess i missed it.

becky, yay for spinning!!!! i am actually a bit tender in my lady parts from doing spin class more often... but i promised to go tomorrow with someone so not much of a break.

colleen, is extended stretch from STS? i dont have STS. but i LOVE stretchmax, esp the one using the band! you are rocking your WOs as usual =)

katie, i wore my wedding and engagement rings on a chain around my neck towards the end of pregnancy cuz i was huge. when do you leave for vaca?


Hi Ladies,

I spent over 4 hours up at the elementary school for my kids' parties (picnic lunch and 3 ice cream parties) and had my 2- and 4-year-old in tow! They survived amazingly well, but it was enough to give me a slight headache!

Klaudia - My kids are out this Thurs. We are in Northern VA and for some strange reason we start and end late (at least compared to what I grew up doing). This year we got two extra snow days to push us 'til the 24th. Too HOT!!

Becky, I felt so comforted after reading your post this morning about keeping up with personals. I don't know how you ladies do it, but here goes...

Clintonya and Colleen - so glad to know fellow "local" Cathe. I have yet to meet someone in my area who is familiar with her workouts.

Wendy - so sorry to of your rough pregnancy. My last pregnancy was not rough physically but emotionally it took a toll on me. I'm sure your son is dying to get out of school with this heat we're having.

Angie - nice meeting you, too. I am also originally from IL (central - near CAT). I love meeting people from big families as they can relate to the stress I'm under.:eek:
For me, circuit wo's are killer at helping shed the last few #'s. I absolutely love High Step Challenge and Cardio Core Circuit, just my taste.

Becky - We were thinking of getting away to the beach this wkd for a short trip also (thinking VA Beach bc of the shorter distance). Probably won't work out, but hope it does for you!
What is FF? Is that a FitnessFreak Rotation?

Nina - Happy B-day to your 4yo! How fun that our kids' bdays are one day apart. Don't you love this age? (I have a 4 yo too.)

Kate - So glad to be here. It's such a nice group of ladies! And LOVE the ring! Yes, we are healthy finally! My kids' ages are 11, 9, 7, 4, and 2.

Katie - nice to meet you, too and Congrats on Baby #2! Hope you are able to enjoy a healthy and relaxing pregnancy.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out and got all of your names right.:D

I did Cardio & Weights for the first time this morning and loved it. Couldn't quite finish it bc of my energy level being down still but can't wait to try it again. I've had a good eating day considering all the ice cream I was faced with up at the school.:p

Have a wonderful afternoon!



Julie - WOW !!!! You get a gold star ! Your personals were better than I've ever done ! ;)
Glad everyone's healthy again.....
THREE ice cream parties ??? Okay I would have had to eat some for sure !!!

I didn't get my day of reading, just too many interruptions, but that's okay.......my house is a little cleaner and I made some pesto sauce using basil from our garden. Mmmmm !

Kate, what size is your pool ? Is in inflatable or stays up year round ? I just want one so the boys can come over and play and of course I can see me and my DD cooling off in it even when the boys aren't over too . ;)

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