Christmas Music On Cathe Live?

I was thinking about when you do your Christmas Live, that you could add Christmas Music to it. I don’t know if it is really expensive to use Christmas Music in Live, but I think it would be fun to have it.
Thank You For Everything You Do,

Jennifer Denny


It would be awesome to hear a Christmas live mix. I think due to copyright issues, she can only use royalty free music sources which is safe and legal to use when licensing music. I don't think she can use original artist Christmas music because it can be darn expensive. Some of the live workouts had a few tracks with a hint of Christmas sounds. For example, in the live workout "Jingle All The Way," the first track that was played in the workout is "Love That Piano" from Fit Beat Music. It had some of the high pitch bell sounds, as part of my interpretation, so it is definitely Christmas-like and charming. Another example is last year's live workout "Christmas Wonderland 2020" and the first song was "Tropical Rain" from Fit Beat Music. Like the other one, it had sounds of high pitch bells. I definitely enjoy those two tracks, as my personal note. Who knows, in the future, other group fitness music companies in the music industry may create and implement Christmas royalty free mixes that may have a hint of jingles, snowfall, and other charming sounds during that holiday in particular. :)
Thank You Jesse! I figured it would cost too much, but I wanted to try. A few years ago, I did a workout with someone else that used Christmas music. But, that was doing it in a Live class and not produced for YouTube or any other platform.

Thank you for saying there was something Christmasy on her Christmas Live. I will check it out.

Thank you again Jesse for pointing out that copyrighted music is really hard to get on Live.

As for Cathe Live, for the music available I think it is fantastic she can find music that is awesome. Even if it is slim pickings, Cathe has a very good ear! I really like the music!

thanks again,

Jennifer Denny

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