~***CHEETAH'S Tuesday Talk***~


Good Evening/Morning (in some time zones) Friends!

hoo boy…been busy for me but we managed to get in a long run today. Yap, we left the house at 6 am and it was a cool 51 degrees! We were supposed to get the long run in Saturday but we postponed due to heat and we knew the cooling trend would set in yesterday. Anyhoo, I only got in 16 miles instead of 18 though…due to a wardrobe malfunction :eek: Yeah, apparently my seam of my shorts on the left inner thigh came loose, made a hole, and well, created the worst hot spot I’ve ever had….although it hurts like the dickens, it sure is funny to watch me walk right now!! Hopefully the soreness goes away before I have to work tomorrow! LOL…. Really liked the NUUN today (high fives Cathy ;) ) because it is not too sweet and that combined with the sharkies worked well and my stomach didn’t have that “sloshing” feeling I’ve had before on the higher miles using the sweetened stuff. Just two weeks from today and I’ll be running the Maui half marathon! I’m going to take it easy though because I’m using it as a training run. LOL – whaddam I talking about? I’m always slow! LOL.

Wendy lou – Sorry your sleep was interrupted! But girl, you did awesome today! You’ll get DH next time for sure! lol. Never understand why the guys can just jump in and run like they’ve been doing it for years! Sheesh, my DH did that with the BTB one year…and he smokes cigarettes too!?!?!?!? I’m sure tomorrow your GPA will be back up with the Cheetah honor roll….lol

Shelly – You’re one travelin’ cheetah lately! SO happy your assignment will be done soon. I’m sure you’re gonna get that job you wanted! My fingers are crossed for ya! Yah, what a drag you have the 2 mortgages but hopefully your AZ home will sell soon. Have you had any bites? If you need anything for your workout room let me know, cuz I’m sure I have too much stuff in mine that doesn’t get used and you can have it!

Cathy – My chee-kah-go marathon trainin’ bud! The Nuun is awesome! You’re the coolest! Good idea about the power bar – I get the peanut butter one. I usually take at least a half of one with me on the really high miles and I first cut it with scissors into bite sized chunks so I can just pop one in and chew. I will have a half of one with me along with sharkies and the Nuun on the marathon. I will use water only at the aid stations to help rinse down the sharkies and Power bar. Had a huge laugh at the pic of Buddy pulling a munch on the taco dip! I mean he’s really got a technique going with his paw holding the table cloth just right and the tilt of his head just so - I agree they’re probably feeling the food hangover today! Uh, yeeeeaah, my Violet doesn’t like tomatoes either! LOL

Judy – CONGRATS to your son and his team! WOW! Good luck to them in Toronto! I hope you foot is doing better and you can manage some TM miles. Hope the party was fun as well. I did the stupid espresso mistake on Friday!

Carole – OMG so sorry about what happened with your mom! What a bummer and to have to deal with irritating sis. Glad to hear the stress test went well, though. Love the smileys Cath posted re: The sister….dun dun dun duuuuuhh….Glad you got in a good run yesterday!

Wendi – Don’t worry, I’m a MIA Cheetah lots of the time as well! Only because I’m soo dang busy all the time. Too funny about the plant graveyard! LOL…. Can’t wait to hear what the October event is?!?!!

Christine- Very cool pics you posted! You’re one bikin’ cheetah girl! Good job on the ride. Riding is some hard work – I remember my 71 miles in the Tour d organics and I was ready to drop! Look out for the crazy cars though! I bet Jimdog loved his hike today!

Jackie – Wow, 80 minutes of a home workout…I’ve done it before but I must say, my ADD gets the best of me after a while. I still have to get over to the Yahoo group and see the latest (beautiful I’m sure!) postings…Hope you found some cool stuff and your serving dishes for the upcoming open house… bet that will be so fun!

Gloria – Have a great first day tomorrow! I’m sure you’re not mean…some kids get that impression when a teacher sets the limits right off the bat. I remember mine thinking “Sigenfuese” (the 7/8th grate SS teach) was “mean” at first but turns out they all LOVED her the best and go back to the Jr high when they can to visit her. She was the coolest but also set the limits well (didn’t take any crap! lol). Anyhoo, have a great day!

Karen – Good job on getting the kids on track. Your home classroom sounds really nice! So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she gets better! HUGS and prayers coming your way.

Ok, howdy to everyone else…gotta get my rear to bed now…Me thinks tonight I’ll be sleeping like a log!

Night everyone!

Posh :D



Was able to manage a good night's sleep. Feeling ready and well this morning. Thankfully I am not so nervous right now. :) I am going to workout soon.

Posh: Great getting in the 16 miler this week. Sorry about the chafing. It sure does hurt when that happens! Thanks for the support about the first day. :)

I will be back this afternoon Cheetahs. Have a super day everyone.


Karen: I didn't check last night's thread until just now so I missed your post. Sorry about your mom. :( Hopefully they can figure out what is going on. Sounds like a great setting for homeschooling that you have. I figured you must be very busy doing that. You sound very dedicated. :) Today will be fine. I think all teachers get a little nervous before the first day. I am excited for my routine to return to normal as well.


Good morning ladies!

Fly by for now but will have time for personals this afternoon. Just taking a five minute break during CleanMax here:p. I *was* supposed to have KPC on the agenda but I've really got to get the cleaning done first. Hopefully the hot(ter) temps today will allow me to finish up at work earlier than usual and I can get it in this afternoon.

Just a couple of quickies.....

Gloria - Good luck today!


Posh - Uh, OWCH:confused:!!!

Still sending prayers and {{{{HUGS}}}} to all those who need 'em!

Gotta get back to my "workout":p. Have a great day ladies!


so long, summer!

Good morning, cheetahs!

Wendy :: Congrats on your PR!!! WTG! And you did that on a shaky night's sleep. Sooo, DH was able to bust a 9-min./mile on no training, huh? The question is: how is he feeling today? Is he walking or hobbling? :)

Jackie :: Had to laugh at the expression feeding the beast. So true. Where have you been finding most of your furnishings? Just love the style.

Karen :: So sorry your DM is having these random spasms. I sure hope they go away...I know little about homeschooling, so I find it very interesting. I'm wondering a few more things about how it works, if you don't mind sharing. How is your curriculum determined? Is a teaching degree required to homeschool? Does your town reimburse you part of your property or school tax? Do your kids have to take the mandated state tests?

Gloria :: sending out some Zen vibes to ya! I'll be there shortly. :) I understand what you mean about your focus being off. So much to think about, my workout yesterday--though good n' sweaty--seemed a bit like it was on autopilot. Have a GREAT day!!

Posh :: oh, good! I'm so glad you liked the Nuun. Sorry 'bout the wardrobe malfunction...yeowch! If Body Glide doesn't get it beforehand, then I go with Balmex after. Really works quickly. Thanks for the tips on the Power Bar. Great idea to cut it up beforehand. Oh, that sucker is lucky he went for the veggie dip and NOT the taco dip! *lol*

Carole :: how is your mom? Have been thinking of your family.

This morning, it's back to work: meetings and continued classroom setup. I was expecting a text all night from my friend who's expecting. She's not due until the 9th, but she was up all night Sunday night with irregular contractions. Thought for sure she'd be goin' in last night. Gotta be soon!

This afternoon will be a run + pilates and maybe a hospital visit??? :)

Have a wonderful one, everyone! BB this afternoon or evening.


yay for the gators! we won our game 56-10. ot was cool because we got to put in our third stringers and they got some play action. tebow was lookin' hot! wt-i think tebow rivals some of our european football players!!! take a look! the guy has abs in his arms!!!

so, i'm already running late for my workout and need to motor. i ended up taking friday and sunday/monday off. i was busy (not that that's a good excuse) but it just didn't work out. i will be doing weights today (maybe muscled max) and see if there's time for cardio (even though there probably won't be). maybe the pups can go for a walk later...

anyway, miss you guys and hope you all had a great weekend. i'll try to catch up at some point *said VERY bitterly, as that WON'T be at work!*



HI Cheetahs!

Personals first:

Gloria- Have a wonderful first day of school. DSis is a teacher and she always had to put on the tough act in the beginning also to set the tone for the year. I'll be thinking of your little tutoring friend and hope she does well with her new locker

Wendy- Nice PR yesterday in spite of the lack of sleep and side stitch!

Karen- Is there any more news with your Mom and her awful pain? I am l continuing prayers, as I write. Your kids are so fortunate to have you as a home schooling Mom! Your so called OCD is a gift for your family! The patience trait is not one I have, and home schooling would have been overwhelming to me. However I truly enjoyed helping out in the classroom weekly during the elementary years.

Lorie- Nice picture. LOL abs in his arms! Did you get in MM? I did MM yesterday and it was fun getting back to a long Cathe total body workout. I am really liking the KB workouts too. Have you abandoned the NROL4W program?

Wendi- Even though you have been super busy at least you had some time with DSO. Now you need to carve out time for numero uno!

Cathy- Is tomorrow your first day of classes? I opted not to try the TM run. Instead I had a thorough total body workout with Muscle Max. I did not mind at all getting back to a high rep workout after so many NROL4W short and heavy workouts. Any update on the impending baby birthing friend ?

Jackie- When is your open house?

Thomassina- ouchie on your chafe issue! Thanks for the congrats to DS.

Carol- update on Mom today?

Our friends 70th B-day party was short and sweet last night. it was a 7:30 and being a work night we were home by 9:30. We had a salad with broiled shrimp before we went because I did not want tot eat a ton of calorie laden Hor'Dvours . And it went well; I even refused cake and ice cream.

I opted not to try the run yesterday and enjoyed MM instead. After that it was major first floor cleaning. Today I will tackle DS' room now that he is back at college, I can get that room back to to my standard of clean.

I've have been foam rolling my foot each morning and it does feel better. Perhaps the sort run will happen today. no promises. If not the Elliptical is right there.

TaTa for now friends!


Good morning cheetahs

Cathy...workouts always seem to help with stress!...:)...Thank you for your thoughts, they really help. Another great ub circuit!! Mom got through the surgery well...more below...:)..Enjoy your 1st day back to work. Have a good run and pilates. And maybe news about your friend too!!

Posh...Ouchees!! Sorry about the wardrobe malfunction and hot spot. Those hot spots can cause you to walk funny! You know we will need pics of Maui!!! Thanks about my Mom. We are thankful it was not her hip. SHe does have a long road ahead.

Gloria...with my sister, laughing does prevent you from slapping!!LOL. I think yoga is a good thing before your first day jitters. You will be back into the swing of school in no time. Good luck today!

Lorie...thanks for the eye candy!!!

Judy...good job with MM. Glad the foam roller is helping your foot.

Wendy...CONGRATS on the run an PR!!! You did great without much sleep.

Wendi..way to go with the high GPA'S!! So you have company this weekend?...thanks for your prayers and hugs. LOL, I have one of those plant graveyards too!

Christine...PITA is a piece of work. I would get finger cramps trying to explain it all!! Hope you and DH had a nice hike with Jimmy yesterday.

Jackie...not sure Mom will come back to her "home". There is no way any of us want her around stairs and her house is 2 story. Thanks for your prayers...:)..Awesome long workout yesterday!!

Karen...I know you know it is not great watching one of your parents suffer. We are taking one day at a time. Thank you for your kind words...:)..Good job with the 8 mile speed interval run. Sorry your Mom is suffering from spasms. They can be so painful from what I hear. That drug (dalaudin) knocked my Mom on her butt, they had her on a morphine drip yesterday.

Update on Mom. She got through the surgery well. They put in one plate and 4 screws for her femur. Her leg is wrapped and has a leg brace on, but no cast. The DR said her bones were a bit mushy so I think they might start her on something like Boniva as she has been on no medication for osteoporosis. The next step is re-hab and my niece works in one so that one is probably the choice. Mom will probably not go to re-had until the end of the week. They might try and get her up today for a bit of a walk.

I am doing pyramid legwork and an iClimb, maybe the one using the jumprope as I have not used my ropesport in awhile. Hey, I got some dried apricots for potassium. 480 mgs of potassium and 100 cals a serving...:)

Have a great day...:)


Good Morning Cheetahs!

Jackie – LOVE the photos, thanks for sharing! Jimmy had a great hike yesterday. My legs were shaking at the top of the hill, but we made it fine. :p All Body Attack is a long one, but it’s very different, which I love.

Gloria – good luck today!! Hope the first day of school with the kids goes wonderfully! I would not recommend the nutrition software with dial up, unless she has a lot of patience. But, others may disagree.

Karen – Welcome back to school! Good job on the interval run! Oh I love the W&OD trail into PA. I used to ride that one a lot when I was living in your neck of the woods. Very pretty!

Cathy – great workout yesterday! I do agree with you about the motorcyclists – I think it’s an excuse to be LOUD! It’s such noise pollution, especially when you’re riding a beautifully quiet ride and get interrupted by one of the loud SOBs… DH is fine, now. He thinks travel does not agree with him. So, when am I going to be able to get my orders if he refuses to travel??!? :p

Wendy – WAY TO GO!!! To both you and DH!! I’m sorry to hear about the cramp, though! Great job at setting a PR with the cramp. I’m impressed. We’ll have to call you Speedy Cheetah!

Thomasina – Great job on the 16 mile run with the wardrobe malfunction! OUCH! That must have hurt! I do look out for the cars, thank you! Fortunately, the Bay Area is pretty bike friendly, but there are always those wacko’s out there.

Wendi – Hope you get out of work early so you can finish your cleaning!! It’ll be fun to see your family, though. :p

Cathy – Have a great first day back at school! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your friend!! When it’s gets to 8.5 months, sooner is always better than later!

Lorie – *drools* Thanks for the eye candy! Have fun at work!

Judy – Glad your friend’s b-day party was fun, and short and sweet. Good job on eating well! I need to borrow some of your will power!

Back to the grind, eh? Oh well… Have to earn my keep. Today I’m going to do Providence. Might add some ab work, but we’ll see. I’ve been pretty bad with my diet too, so I need to get back on track. For me, with the workouts I’ve been doing, the calories have been okay, but the choices have been poor, so I’m bloated to kingdom come. I think a few days of good clean eating will get that under control. :rolleyes: Have a great day all!


Carole – ya snuck in on me! I’m very happy to hear that you mom came through surgery well! Mushy bones? That does not sound good. I hope the Boniva works well. Wow, having her walk already, but then again, my dad was up and walking the day after his hip replacement. Oooh, dried apricots! Thanks for the advice!


Christine....I agree that mushy bones would not be a good thing. This situation will probably be quite a wake up call for my Mom.

The regular store bought apricots have no flavor to me, so the dried ones taste a lot better!!

Enjoy your Providence workout. We all go through the bad eating days, but I bet once you get back to work and the regular schedule you will be right back on track...:D


What a whirlwind weekend! But , back to the grind today!

Cathy – The picture of the doggie eating the dip was so cute! I didn’t mean to scare you!!!! You will do great! Thanks for the Nuun info! I will see how the Cyto works this weekend! Oooo! How exciting! Hope your friend has a good labor and healthy baby! Enjoy your workout and work day!

Wendy – Congratulations on your race! That is still a great time! Sorry about the stitch, though! I feel your pain on doing a great pace and then something like that happening! But you still did great!

Posh – Ouch! Sorry about the hot spot! But…good job on the 16 miles!

Gloria – I hope all goes well today! Good luck!

Lorie – Oh …my….gosh!!! Look at that guy!

Judy – Have you tried a tennis or golf ball on your foot? I know the foam roller is wonderful, too….but the other’s may also help some! I used a golf ball on mine when it was messed up and it felt like heaven  Glad the party went well!

Carole – I am glad your mom’s surgery went well and that she was able to have it done! Oh dear….sorry about her “mushy bones”. That scares me! My SM has really bad osteoporosis. Continued thoughts and prayers for her and you!

Christine – the pictures were gorgeous! It looks like an awesome ride!

Karen – I hope things are going better for your mom! You guys are in my prayers, also!

Yesterday I did the Pyramid Down premix, floorwork of PLB, Core Max #1 and a 5 mile run.

This morning was a 6 mile run and the Upper Body of MM.

Hey to everyone! BBL!



Linda: Great job on your runs and other workouts! Yeah, back to the grind :rolleyes:. Oh well, I guess we should count ourselves fortunate to have a grind in this economy... :confused: Thanks for the comments on the ride photos.

I ended up only working my core today. I did KPC abs, Amy's new ASC 3 kettlebell abs (pretty cool actually) and some abs using my pull up bar and my bands. I'm feeling it! :eek: But it feels good. My legs were protesting the idea of Providence. They are still sore from the ride and the hike. :p Have a great day all!


Hello Cheetahs!

Karen - Understand about school now. I hope your mom is feeling better and they can find out what's causing the problem. Sounds like a good structured program for your kids. My hat's off to you!

Posh - Always good to see you post when you have time. Good job getting the 16 miles in. Sorry for the wardrobe malfunction. :p Ouch on the hot spot! Maui will be fun. I can just picture it. Yeah, I was kinda thinking during my long workout how much longer now.

Gloria - Hope you slept well last night and you have a wonderful day today.

Wendi - Hope you can manage to get a workout in today. But, cleaning can give you a good one too.

Cathy - Let's see, I got my Great Room set at Ashley's. The dining room set came from Great American Home Store. The bedroom set I saw at a furniture showroom. I have a friend in the furniture business and got me a good deal on the exact same set. I looked at a lot of stores and was really having a problem finding things I liked. Then you know how that one something catches your eye, that's what happened with each of these. Hope you have a great day at work too. Maybe that baby will show up by the time you finish your run.:D

Lorie - Yay for the Gators! Have a good workout!

Judy - Open house is this weekend. Should be fun. Good job resisting the cake and ice cream. Glad the foot feels better.

Carole - So happy to read your mom came through the surgery fine. I take Actonel now and it has strengthened my bones. I'm sure the Boniva or something will help your mom. Enjoy your leg workout and iClimb. Yay on the potassium.

Christine - Thanks! Glad Jimmy and you had a good hike. Tuesday did have to come and ruin our long weekend, huh? Ugh on the bloating! Hope you can get it under control with modifications.

Linda - Great job on the workouts!

I did iTread #14 45 minutes and got in 4.7 miles. Did Yoga for Hips & Thighs. Felt good.

Today hasn't been so bad so far. Tomorrow will be a different story. I work in the other office and I know I want have a computer the first thing. Getting a new one there and it has to be set up.

Enjoy your day ladies!


Hi Again :)

Linda- I use a golf ball to massage my foot sometimes too. A can like a can of soda works really well too. In fact i am headed to roll it out in a few minutes.

Jackie- I how the different story at the different office is not unpleasant.

Well, I managed 3 miles on the TM with iTread #5. At the 3 mile mark I switched to walking and got in another two miles. Then I promptly stretched iced and took ibuprofen. After running an errand, I spontaneously went out a nd bought new running shoes. Ther is a nice locally owned store in town with a treadmill and camera for analysis.

DS21 room is about 95% clean. I just need to wipe down a few walls and get fresh sheets on the bed. Mission (almost) accomplished.


Hi Girls. :D

Sorry I've been remiss with personals but when I wasn't looking I got busy! :p LOL

Today I did a B&G mish mosh of mostly floor work with some standing exercises thrown in for good measure. I'll be nice and sore tmrw! :eek:

I intend to head to the gym tonight to take a yoga class. We usually see the inlaws on tuesdays but DH opted out of it tonight so it's a perfect opportunity for me to go. It was either that or I was going to take the Centergy class tmrw morning. I'd rather just run in the morning so this will work out well and perhaps the yoga class will help ease some of the impending DOMS from B&G! What do ya think? Wishful thinking on my part?? :D

Okay, DH tells me the fish I'm makin' for dinner is thawed out so I guess I gotta go cook it now. :rolleyes:

I'll be back after dinner or after class with personals!



Afternnon Cheetahs. Today was a 3 mile easy run with 30 min of UB using the body bar and abs. Gosh it's almost 4 and I just am able to sit down. Won't be able to for long as we have soccer pracitce.

Posh- Great 6 mile run. Are you vacationing for a bit in Maui or are you just going for the half and coming home. Either way Maui is a perfect half to do. Hope the weather is easy breezy.

Gloria- Hope today is going well with school. I'm sure you'll feel like you never had a summer in no time.

Lorie- Glad the Gators won. Loved the photo

Judy- Thanks for the kind words for me and my homeschooling as well as the prayers for my mom. Gald you were able to make it though your treadmill run. I am considering a foam roller. Sounds like it will cure all that ails me in the running department. Great job on passing up the cake and ice cream.

Carole- Glad your mom made it out of surgery ok. Hopefully the Boniva will do wonders for her bones. My mom takes a calcium supplement from HSN from Andrew Lessman. She needed a supplement for the Tamoxifin for the breast cancer. She swears by it and says it does not constipate her at all while all other did. Her bone density since the cancer has always been good.

Christine- Food and doing bad with food is never ending. You'll be fine. We all need to fall off to appreciate how good it feels when you do eat right. Heck Last week I ate the heck out of some cookies and the next day I was good. With cycling those long hard ride you do need more calories. i do the same things on long runs and don't eat right and then grab some chips.

Jackie- What yoga for hips and thighs do you use. I'm always looking for a good yoga tape but always end up doing Bryan Kest.

Linda- Great job on your workout today. Another question. How long is the premix on MM. I forgot all these good UB premixes existed.

LONG Sorry__
Cathy- I hope you had a great day at school today. As for homeschooling ask away. Now all the info I am going to say applies to my state only which is Maryland. Other states have more rigid laws such as Pa which have the toughest that I know of. For one in Maryland you do not have to have a teaching degree, other states you may. I for one do not have a teaching degree since I never finished college because I got married and had a baby. I was going for early childhood edu at the time but I don't know if that would or would not have helped me since the only issues that I know that I'm going to encounter will be the high school grades. Luckily Maryland has a wonderful homeschool community with college classes for things such as Trig. or Calculus. Neither of which I know. At our local community college they have those classes that you can pay for and they will teach your child to get the credit needed to graduate. So that brings me to why I don't know if early child hood edu would help me later on. Now for cirriculum. You do have to follow state guidelines for all subjects and all subjects need to be taught in some form. However, all children can use different text and not texts they use in the school system. For me music and art are hard for me to teach so what I have done is enrolled my daughters in piano and that provides me the credit I need to comply with the state. Also with art. They take art lessons from an art studio down the street from me from a teacher that teaches at the high school that my children would attend in the future if they were to go. For gym, soccer in the fall for all kids through the parks and rec complies with the gym and then our local Y has homeschool fitness in the winter which is a combination of swimming, basketball and other things. So a full year is needed and I choose things my girls love to do. I also give them a mix of homeschool friends like our co-op group or I do parks and rec soccer so they are soialized with public school children and other children in the community. So math and english, spelling, foreign language, sciene and history ect. are pretty much mine. I use a wide varity of books and lessons. You can buy complete lessons plans and text books or you can use many of the resources online. I use some, but for me i like order so i go with lesson and textbooks for the grade I am teaching. We use abeka, alpha omega, real science, evan moore math u see to name a few. I have used them all and finally know which cirriculum I think benefits which child. You don't have to used a boxed lesson plan but I do on all subject except history because we tend to explore more on that subject. For instance this year we are starting with the election process. I have two workbooks for the older girls and then we will branch off with other materials and of course use the library. For the youngest I use a different text and do with age appropiate things for her. Like community helpers, your town, countries. Basic social studies. However she will learn about the eleciton form library videos and worksheets I have pulled from on line. When it comes to history you can get real through instead of moving on when all the basic information has been touched on. Now we do not get reimbursed for books or money spent. That bites but the reason behind it is that the state provides a public forum for your children to learn so it is your choice not to use it so you do not get reimbursed. So I spend normally $600-800 a year on books and texts not to mention extra cirricular activities. This year i went overboard and spent $850. I overloaded the girls with language and comprehension. As for standardized tests in Maryland ,they are not required but are offered to each homeschooler. I don't do it every year because ( just a personal belief) that you can't judge all children in a clump like that. I know others may disagree but I think each child is individual and should be considered as such. That being said I did test the girls last year. I know I know. I just wanted to be sure they were on par with what the state deems as par. My 10 yo tested in 9th grade and she was in 6th and my 8 yo tested in 4th which was a grade above and my 5 you tested in 1st when she was in K. That was reading and comprehension. Math they were a grade or two above as well. So I was happy and felt a bit of pressue that I do get from my inlaws about homeschooling and flet vindacated. Some states you do have to have testing done and if i lived there would comply. Now you can be overseen by the state or from a state umbrella. The state has mandatory visits at your local schooling district twice a year to see your childs work, tests, worksheets projects. You have to keep daily records and a protifilio. Grades, dates, tests all need to be recorded.The umberella which I am under you have to do the same but it is once a year. Your reviewer ( indepent state party) checks to make sure you are doing what you say you are doing. I know some people unschool where they teach by daily life which I have a friend who does. She has the ablitliy to do so since they are well off. They travel throughout the year. You can learn alot by going to differnt countries. There are some things I do not agree with that she does but to each his own. She is overseen by the state and has to follow the rules too. To me there are many sides to homeschooling tons of which I don't agree with, which are mostly the ones they protray on TV. The kids who do two hours of work and then play all day. I'm sure they are out there. But to me it would be easier to send those children to school and I have no clue as to why they would not. I mean if they don't intend to teach their children why not send them to a fourm where trained professionals can. I think I'm a teacher at heart which is why homeschooling works for me. I knew I was giving up a lot to teach with no pay but I get so much. I get my kids all day long and can watch them grow and see their faces when they do well or need help. I can guide them if they don't get something or change the way I appraoch things since I have the ability to since it is just me and a class of three students. They get undivided attention. Plus if they don't get somthing I can go over and over it until they do. Also if I find something they really like I can run with that too. Really in some ways I am selfish. I want them for as long as I can have them before they leave me. Now I know a big thing is social settings. That is why they are involved in soccer and art and things I just don't know enough about. We have a great homeschool group we belong to that have Field days and park days and other ways for the kids to mingle. It really is a balance. It really is a personal choice for each family. My one sister tried to do it but didn't have the patience and her child was back in school by November. She is now in college. You have to work at it. It makes me mad to see the homeschoolers who don't but I can't tell them what to do no more than I can tell a public school mother to study with her child and help them with their homework. Anyway I hope that answers some stuff for you. Really it isn't talked about to much and some things are really skewed in the media. I know they exist but I would want those children in school jsut as much as the next person. I'm going to shut up now. I bet you got more info than you wanted. I think I should be a teacher and minor in writing. I could write a novel one day I'm sure.


Hi Cheetahs!

Can't post personal right now, but will later tonight or some time tomorrow. I just wanted to say you are all so great with your encouraging words. :) It really did mean a lot to me. :) It was a great day! Just finished checking their morning work and have to type a quick parent letter. I did 30 min. of my Rodney Yee Power Yoga and was off quick like this morning.

Take care everyone. :)


Time to get in some personals finally! :)

Posh: So how long will you be in Maui for. I'm jealous. Can I stow away in your suitcase if I get myself out to California? ;) Thanks re the race. I figured DH would beat me. I was surprised I came in so close behind him. Happy...but surprised. Glad you liked the Nuun.

Gloria: Hope you had a good first day of school. Did you have kids today or was it a prep day for you?

Wendi: Thanks re the race! Hope ya made a dent in cleanmax today! Ever get the chance to squeeze in KPC??

Cathy: Thanks re the race! Yeah, DH did well for his first time out. He's got a sore knee apparently. I hope it's nothing serious. How was your first day back? I know you didn't have kids yet today, right? So what's your next long run mileage going to be? I'm up for my own private half marathon this weekend. ;) I finally ordered a hydration belt. I tried to order sharkies but couldn't manage to get them and a belt I liked on the same site so I am going to try clif blocks instead. Hope they aren't totally nasty...:eek: Hope you had a good work out this afternoon and I'm dyin' to know if she went into labor or not! :D

Lori: Glad the Gators won for ya! Ooh la la! Love the pic you posted! :)

Judy: Good for you being able to refuse ice cream and cake! I can't refuse sweets all too often lately so I'm trying a new tactic. I am not denying myself. I am allowing myself a little bit every day if I want it. I am hoping that will cut the big cravings and the over-doing it.

Carole: Great news about your mom. I hope the good news continues. :)
I think I did so well at the race because DH's running it pushed me. I was competing against someone other then myself for once so I tried harder. DH thinks I may have gotten the stitch from pushing too hard. He could very well be right.

Christine: We will get back on track with the eating together. I did good y'day and am on the right track today as well. I still have room for a snack after class tonight. I just have to be careful about what I choose. Have fun with Anthony today? ;) Thanks for the Speedy Cheetah name though I am sure many Cheetahs here could blow me away in a 5k....:)

Linda: Thanks re the race. Hope you enjoyed your run and u/b MM today. All recovered from your 15 mile race now?

Jackie: Can't place what kind of run Itread 14/45 is. Perhaps I'll have to check it out tmrw if I have it! Hope the computer in your other office gets set up pronto so you can come visit us!:)

Karen: Hope soccer practice was fun...atleast for your daughter(s) who are in it. LOL Don't ya just hate when you go through an entire day running like a mad woman and when ya finally get to relax for a minute and you think back, you have NO IDEA what you did all day??

Looks like I'm all caught up. Just in time to get changed for class. I'll probably peek back in later tonight but if not....

Have a great evening Cheetah-babes and hugs to all!:)
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Judy - Happy to hear you were able to run 3 miles. Hope there's no pain.

Wendy - Enjoy the yoga class. It just might help with the DOMS that will slowly creep up on your body. iTread 14 alternates between 6 minutes of running and 1 minute of a challenging recovery. Ex of recovery, run at 5.0 on 3% incline or walk at 4.0 on a 12% incline. The last 10 minutes is fast and flat. That was my first time doing that one.

Karen - The yoga is by Gaiam and it's called Body Target. Suzanne Deason is the instructor and she also has a pilates workout on the same DVD. Loved what you wrote to Cathy about homeschooling. Very interesting.

Gloria - Glad your day went well.

Have a good night!

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