Cheap! Healthy! Yummy! Vegan! Lentils!


I'm glad there are so many fellow lentil-lovers. Kathryn, I'll have to try sprouting them sometime. I just googled sprouting and it seems like it's pretty easy.
Pretty much just pick up a couple of wide-mouth quart mason jars (or even 1/2 gallon) and some needlepoint mesh sheets. Cut the needlepoint sheets (which are grids) into circles, using the inner part of the mason jar lid as a guide. You can get 15 of these circles out of each mesh sheet.

Soak a handful of lentils with 2 x the amount of water overnight. Then drain and rinse well (I run the water through the top of the jar until it starts coming out of the top, then drain from there).

Put the jar upside down at a 45-degree angle (a dish drainer works well) to let drain thoroughly (Make sure the lentils aren't completely blocking the opening: they need air circulation).

Rinse and drain 2x/day (more often in hot weather).

Keep going until there is a little tail about the same length as the lentil.

(I'm almost certain there is probably a how-to on youtube by someone!)

The bigger greenish or red lentils work best, IMO. The smaller French lentils (smaller and darker) aren't that tasty sprouted.

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