Charleston, SC Vacation...never been there


My husband and I are planning a vacation in September to someplace we've never been before. We like hiking and exploring. We're not sit on the beach people nor are we big fans of bars/night life. Anything to do there for the two of us? And is September hurricane season so maybe don't bother? Not sure where to go! We tend to gravitate to national parks but trying to look for something new but still with more a nature theme.


When we visited there we went on a city walking tour with a guide who taught photography. So not only did we learn a lot of history of the city and the buildings but she taught us how to get great pictures. Very interesting city to walk around and great food too.


The issue with Charleston is parking. So, stay someplace in town with parking ( leave your car there) and walk around the city. It is a great walking /food city. Especially if you like gardens, architecture, etc.
Also nearby is Kiawah Island which has over 30 miles of bike trails. It is a great place to, again park your car, and don't use it again until you leave. Just make sure to rent bikes while you are there. ( alligator bike rentals is great !)
A nice week would be 4 nights in Charleston and 4 nights at Kiawah. It is about a 45 minute drive between them.
Yes, in September there is always a risk of a hurricane.


Charleston is such a great historical city. We had so much fun. We took a horse and carriage tour and boat tour of harbour. We found the streets to be very narrow so we were glad to have found parking just outside historical district and walked in.Mount Pleasant is a great place to stay and there are water taxis to go back and forth to Charleston. We crammed so much into one day! We need to go back. Look up forums on Tripadvisor, lots of useful tips for Charleston.

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