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I just noticed that for some reason, I am having problems changing chapters when playing the main workout (no premixes) with my firestick. I never had this problem before. For example, today I did Fitsplit Kickboxing, then wanted to go straight to the stretch without doing lower body but it would not let me. It kept taking me back to the first chapter in lower body. But if I pick the premix of just kickboxing, then I can go to the stretch. It also did this in ICE Icy Core 1. I've tested a couple other workouts and there is a problem with just the main workouts. The premixes do not seem to be affected. Any way to fix this?

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Hello, I just tried this on my end and it was working fine. I would suggest clearing the app cache and data. To do this go to settings, Apps, Manage Installed Apps, then click on the Cathe on Demand app and select Clear Cache and Clear Data. Then unplug the Firestick and try again in a minute.
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That fixed the problems with the ICE core and the Fitsplit Kickbox but the new LITE series chapters won't work. If I try to go to one, I get a different one, they don't match the image and description of the box I select. I tried this on my firetv, 2nd gen firestick, and the new 4K firestick and it's the same on all of them. I tried a few of the workouts like the bands and bodyweight and metabolic workouts and stopped trying after that.

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