Challengers....weekend of june-12/13


Morning gals!

Today will be a late evening walk with the dog for thirty minutes and im also thinking about doing a power walk on the tm. Im aching to get in some weights,but not until monday. Ive been psyching myself out now for quite some time about my eating. Im not eating bad,but not great either. Im just having a hard time staying consistant? . Sometimes i wonder if i should start taking that anti-depressant. I keep thinking of that saying " Get your mind right"....well thats my problem,its just not right-right now . how can i focus on anything if my mind isn't right?? ...still adjusting to DH's new work hours.....along with the stress of trying to find a jobx(

how is everybody today? I hope good!



Good Morning,

Well apparently I decided to follow Amelia and take a week off unlike her though I have no desire to workout. Its cloudy and rainy here today so plan on cleaning house and shopping. Went to the farmers market today and bought veggies and fruits.

Amelia-maybe and anti-depressant or something for stress would really be a big help.

DDs puppy is part welsh corgie and beagle, DH and I are going to watch it while she works tonite she doesn't trust her roommate. Everyone have a good weekend.


Amelia, I know exercising helps with moods, so since you took a week off, maybe when you start back up next week that will help some. Dealing with stress is always so hard.

Roxie, have fun with the puppy. Hope you start feeling like you want to work out again.

Hello to all who follow.

Today I got up and went to spin class, only to find out it was canceled due to the air conditioner in the spinning room not working. It was like a sauna in there so they had to cancel. Since I was at the gym I did lower body and abs. I think this week I actually got in all body parts. Lately it seems I am always missing one or more. Eating has been pretty good this week, but not much change in the scale. I hate that. It makes me think why bother eating well if its not going to make a difference. I always want immediate results, but like my DH tells me, you didn't gain it overnight so why do you expect to lose it overnight. I need to face the facts that gone are the days when I was younger and could just cut back on a few things and lose a couple pounds. Now its slow and steady for the long haul.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Hi girls!

Hormanally challenge old me had to retire to bed with migrane yesturday, no workout for me!

Prior to that we took the girls to see Kung Fu Panda. maybe it was the headache, or the amount of pills I had popped to get to the pictures but I didn't think it was that great! I laughed at my daughter, laughing and enjoying the film. My three and half year old got through the trailers and the 10 mins of the movie before she started the dreaded "wriggles"!

Amelia - I'm sorry you didn't get the internship. Try not to take it personally (I know thats really hard not to do) I, personally, think, if a pill is going to help and make you feel better and stronger, mentally, then take it. Its hard sometimes to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get inner strength after feelin"down" for some time. The exercise does help. Hang in there.

Roxie and Jean - Being female is bloody tuff!! Why is that we can't be happy "just the way we are?" Why do we push and push ourselves to lose weight. Eat something (or in my case lots of things) that we shouldn't and then "beat up on ourselves" for it? Its one of the great wonders of the world. :7

I'll be back later.



Hi there. Remember me? I've been WAY MIA (in more ways than one). I'm stressing big-time and just can't get it all in gear. I haven't WO in I don't know how long. Planning to give it a go this week, though, even though I'll be traveling on a weird schedule the following week. Food HAS to get better too - I'm having MAJOR issues maintaining my weight - FORGET about losing.

Jean, WTG getting a WO in despite the spin class being cancelled. I'm going to try spin after the travel week. Also think I might use my b-day $ to hire a trainer for a month or so.

Hi Roxie, Amelia, and Andrea (and everyone else!).

Gotta scoot. Trying to relax this evening. Gotta get up early tomorrow since we're going hiking - THAT should be a fun WO!

Nighty night!


Hi ladies,

My holiday is over back to work tomorrow! Imax 2 intervals 6-10 leg toning and biceps weight workout.

Great to see you again, Andrea! Sorry to hear you've been stressing! Enjoy your hiking today and hopefully it'll help the stress.

Roxie - enjoy the week off

Jean - Hows the eating going? Mine has been o.k so far today.

Amelia - How you feeling today?

See you guys after work tomorrow.



Andrea(AEHaight)-just wanted to send you some hugs,i want to start something fresh this week too,come on....lets start it together;-)i too just want to maintian for right now,forget about losing,lol!

Andrea-Great workout,i got the first Imax in the mail yesterday! Have you tried that one? Im feeling fine,thanks;-) you guys are so sweet! I was feeling very down after losing that internship but now im just going to concentrate on finding a job(sending out resumes) and my eaing/working out:).

Roxie-yes,enjoy your week off!!!! i too need to do some cleaning(blah) i feel like thats all i do is clean this stinkin house;-) How did your shopping go yesterday? get any good deals,im a deal shopper,LOL! Can't turn them down:+

Jean-My DH says that all the time"i didn't gain the weight over night,so i should expect to lose it over night"....makes me want to smack him,LOL i don't know why? i just do;-)

did i miss anybody? Hey to everybody that follows:)

I forgot to tell you girls that my DH asked for monday and tuesday off and he got it(with pay)so we decided to go Camping tonight and tommorrow night and it will be my first time going so i hope i like it,LOL. It doesn't sound so bad except being in 90 degree weather all day with no air conditioner to escape too :+ .

I got my workouts yesterday in the mail and they look authentic! I was worried they would be fakes. Remember my purchase before the fourth from ebay...super sets/push pull and rymthic step/interval max/ M.I.C

I previewed RS yesterday and im so excited....can't wait to try it! It looks really fun!! I also previewed a little bit of SS,look awesome too! im excited about all of them,even MIC...with its out dated look,LOL

So,im just about to go walk the dog for thirty minutes or jump on the TM,haven't decided yet and thats all the time i will have before we head out to go getcamping supplies! Were heading out right after lunch! My plan is to eat reasonable today,tommrrow and tuesday(my kids want smores so lord help me;-)) working out will have to be cardio since im not bringing my weights(lol) and i will hit the weights either tuesday when we return or start wednesday The camp site has hiking trails

Ok,everybody have a wonderful sunday


Good Morning,

Today I think I will Shimmy and then do a stretch. I am ready to start back to working out Monday and my goal is to get up in the mornings before work and do it.

Amelia-have fun camping. I got some good stuff at the farmers market.

Andrea-congrats on the eating.

Andrea(AHaight)-I give up trying to lose wt. I just want to be fit.

Jean-sorry to hear you didn't get to spin, but it would have been a major sweatfest without ac.

Everyone have a good day.


Hey girls,jut popping in to report my workout,did a 30 minute fat burn interval program on my was fun,ive got a couple of programs on my TM i haven't done yet.

Roxie-ok,im asking a dum question(LOL) what is shimmy? Is that belly dancing? High fives on setting your goal!!!

ok,BB on tuesday or wednesday:)


Hey there. Went on a 5mi hike to a hot spring today (didn't have time to get in :( ) then to my nephew's concert @ the music camp. It was a great day & food was OK too!

Amelia - all we can do is keep trying. I think I'm spending birthday $ on a trainer after my weird travel adventure :)

Gotta scoot, need to feed the monsters. Will try to stop in tomorrow! Crazy busy these days!

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