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Ladies, Good Morning

I forgot to share with you guys that we had SNOW!! here yesturday and they (the all knowing and accurate;-) weather predictor people) are predicting snow again tommorrow. We didn't have enough to get a layer of snow (it melted straight away) but we were out playing in it. I don't live any where near the ski fileds so its a bit of big deal for us! Although I do live in a colder part of the State.

Todays workout imax3 intervals 1-5, gym style legs and pilates. I'm quite happy with my food today.

toast for breakfast
small left over casserole for lunch
chicken pasta dish for dinner

You are all waiting to hear what lollies or biscuits I ate today aren't you?

I'm pleased to announce that so far : the answer would be...... drum roll......NONE!!!

(well so far)

See ya.



Good morning,

On tap for tonite is B&G overall leg premix. I ate two bad things yesterday monster cookie in the morning and ice cream after supper. Today I am on the road again so don't know what lunch is going to be maybe a salad from mcdonalds.

Andrea-good workout and congrats on the no lollies and biscuts. I did not know you have snow in Australia interesting.

Have a good day to everyone.


Hello Ladies,

Today was jog/walk for about 3 miles. Tonight I'm going to try to get to spin class again. And yesterday I managed to have a good food day. Today is off to a good start too, eating some grapes and chicken for lunch right now.

Andrea, enjoy your snow. This is going to be a dumb question, but do you call this time of year Winter or Summer in Australia? What state do you live in?

Roxie, hope you can stay away from the sweets today. Eating while on the road is so hard. How often do you have to do the oxygen rounds?

Hope everyone else is doing well.



Hello all!

This morning I got up and did SJP. Good little wo there. That is such a fun one. Yesterday I ran 2 miles and did Coremax #2. I even did a couple pikes on the ball!!!! Yippee! I thought I would never get those.

Andrea, snow, crikey! I guess your seasons are opposite of ours. WTG on no sweets. I wish I could say the same. DH's b-day is today and I baked him a cake. I had to lick the beaters! I'm sure I will have a piece after dinner, too. :9

Roxie, try and be safe and eat well while you are on the road today!

Jean, great eats so far! Have fun at your spin class!

Hello to everyone else who follows! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


A little late, but just dropping by to say hi!
My rest week is really helping but I am itching to get back at things.

Andrea: It was 90 here today. So snow sounds pretty good. I guess I am never happy with the weather we have.

Beeca: Great job with the pikes. I know I attempted a few every day until I actually could do more than two.

Jean, Roxie and Ameila: Hi!:)

Gotta go, DH came home after work with a 101.1 temp. I sent him to bed with advil. I have to go get the boys ready for bed.


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