Hi ladies.

O.k. Heres my honest eats for the day. Chow Mien for lunch, one chocolate biscuit with marshmallow, caserole and some rice for dinner, three pieces of chocolate and a couple of lollies.

Really bad! But thats an honest days eating! The caserole and chow mien were very low in fat, high carbs due to the rice!

Workout was good, kickmax warm up and blasts only. Chest and triceps Gym styles and 20 mins pilates.

I'm determined to stick with the eating challenge! I will do this! WE WILL DO THIS! SO LETS DO IT!



Good Morning,

Today I did KM low impact kickbox premix, gotta love those leg drills. Yesterday I did great until the ice cream after supper, and I didn't workout yesterday was late when I got home from work and I didn't drink enough having stomach issues. Will do better today.

Andrea-give up those lollies and biscuts no more chocolate. Today is a new day.

Brkfst.-boiled egg, toast and cantaloupe
AM snack-yogurt and banana
Lunch-grilled pork chop, augratin potatoes and corn on the cob.
PM snack-necterine, almonds and carrots
Supper-enchiladas made with lowfat ground beef (this will be my worst meal of the day).

Have a good day to everyone. Decided to repeat FF summer 07 would do 08, but I don't own the 4ds series.


Good Morning girls

Andrea-Great workout today! Awesome job!

Roxie-Great job with KM!

I did great yesterday too until my night munhies kicked in and then i gave in and had a sandwichx( and a bowl of sweet,sugary ceral x(x(. Ive got to get my act together! My goodness...... this should be easy compared to all the other challenges that ive done???

ok,enough whinning;-) im kinda down because the scale is up this morning x( maybe its just water retention from my monthly vistor that has just left?(i hope,i haven't been eating that bad)


Hi Challengers,

No WO for me today other than stretches. My back is getting better.
Thinking of checking out the temperpedic mattress. My eats for yesterday was OK. I really have to concentrate on not eating so much NPB and drinking more water.

Roxie: Do you like KM? I have a hard time getting into that one.

Andrea: Lollies!!:) My younger DS would love you. He loves lollies.
But no more, right?

Ameila: I have not stepped on the scale because I just know my weight has gone up a few. Not working out is killing me, but I know the rest is important.

On the NPB I would be okay if I would just measure then put the jar away, far away.LOL!

Hi Jean and Becca.



Hi everyone.

This morning I got up and did 4DS LIS, shoulders & calves. I wish I liked the step portions of 4DS better, but I still have trouble with them. Maybe I'll finally get the steps.

Some one asked yesterday about the Road Trip and yes, I'm going to the July one. Becca you're going to the August one right? Wish it was the same one, because that would be cool to meet up with someone from our check-in in person. You'll have a blast. The others I have been on were so much fun.

OK challenging myself to a day of good eating. I currently have so much sugar in my blood it is probably crystalizing. Why can't I pass on the sweets. I'm up 5.5 lbs in the past 2 months. I need to make the scale go the other direction.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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