***Challengers Tuesday****


Hi girls!

I've eaten quite well today! Whooo! I give myself a bit of a pat on hte back!

Before I get too big for my boots, I've got to make it through the night- yet.;)

Today was another awesome walk, this time I did actually walk up mountains!! When I got home I completed MM upper body in full and some lower body. I am well and truly ready for bed now !!!



Hi Girls!

How is everyone?

Todays workout was a 4 mile run,4seg of BC and PUB abs. Im at work now...oh my...I think I see the sun trying to get out! Its not possible, is it? We have had the crappiest summer EVER! Rain, rain, fog and more f'in rain! Op...sun is gone again!

Im wondering, this is the first of July. Could I challenge myself not to have anything sweet for the whole month? Im not sure I could last.........

Have a good day everyone!



Morning Challnegers

Andrea-Im adding to the pats on your back!! Good job! Great hike today! Awesome job!

Lori-great workout! Im sorry your weather hasn't been very good so far this year:-( that sucks! Great challenge,i would join you but that would be an automatic fall-off-the-wagon for me,LOL. I can't imagine going a whole month without anything sweet:+ I have to have atleast one cheat during the week,even if its just a meal/dessert.

Todays is Lowmax 1-4 plus some abb work. Im also going on dog walk here shortly:)

Who was it that went on that Country concert with taylor swift and Rascal flatts? Just wondering how it went?:)



Good Morning,

Andrea: Great job on your WO and eating. I have not been a good girl with eating, but today is a new day.

Lori: Our weather has been strange too. Lots of severe thounder storms and clouds. We need the rain but I wish there was a rule it could only rain at night.

Ameila: I like Lowmax but get a little bored with it. I'm not sure if it is because it seems to move slow.

This morning I did CC#1 on my rebounder and High step and then I did Namaste yoga for the first time.

My respiratory thing seems better today.

My DS and I are going to a Tent Circus. He originally didn't want to go but found out his little girl friend is going.LOL! He is only 7. Even at a young age that male gene is working.:)

Have a good day!



Good Morning,

Tonites workout is LM I hope I can fiqure out some of the moves this time watched it again hope that helps. Eating yesterday was horrible. We put the family dog to sleep last nite kind of strange around here.

Andrea-great job on the eats I knew you could do it great hike.

Lori-good workout I would join you on your challenge but don't think its possible for me.

Amelia-I am the one that went to concert It wasn't all that great, it was muddy the wind was blowing so it carried the sound and SIL was sick.

Elaine-have fun at the circus little kids are so funny.


Roxie,im so sorry you had to put your dog down,how awful:-(! Im also sending you some cyber hugs!! Im sure youve mentioned the doggies problems in the past but may i ask why he/she was put down? Have a good time with LM,i find the first combo with all the 6count mombos and reverse mombos the most difficultx( i always get confused...but i finish it! Sorry the concert wasn't all that great:-(

Elaine-have fun at the tent circus! How funny and cute that your Ds changed his mind after he found out his girlfriend was going!

Hey to everybody

Ive gotta scoot,i finished my workout as planned:) Im glad its over:+ so this will be the forth day that ive ate pretty decent...just trying to hang in there

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