^.^.^Challengers - Tuesday 7/15^.^.^


Hi everyone. I'm starting this Monday night, but figured since no one else posted today, I's just go ahead and call it Tuesday's so we wouldn't have to start another one.

This morning I did Kick Box from 4DS. Tomorrow will be a new DVD. I ordered one of Tracey Staehle's step DVD's and it came in the mail today so I hope to get up in time to try it in the morning.

Exercise has been going well, but eating has been horrid. Hopefully today was my last pig out day and I can get some restraint.

I'm off to bed now. Let's try to make this week a great week.




We are a bunch of daggy downersx( ! (Don't ask me what a daggy downer is, got not idea. Just made it up!)

No more Daggy downers! We are ALL gunna pull up our happy socks, and get happy and, well....... just happy!:)

We are all a bit low by the reading over the last couple of days (I include myself) So lets have a "Gunna Get Happy with Myself Challenge" this week.

We are all good workouterers but we all complain about our eating! So lets DO SOMETHING about it! By the end of this week we must all start to be feeling happy! Happy about something, anything, I don't know what BUT that we achieved something good in the way of our eating.

Lets feel daggy downers - next week!

Are you feeling up to this ladies?



Good Morning,

Didn't get up to exercise yesterday and DD brought the puppy over again so it was here until after 10pm last nite so no exercise, and then I didn't get up this morning but I will do KM tonite no excuses allowed. Eating yesterday was great I bought alot of fruits this weekend.

Jean-you will get the eating on track today I know you can do this visit a farmers market and stockup on homegrown stuff.

Andrea-I am with you girl. Exercising is the problem for me I think I have my eating in check now after stepping on the scale however tomarrow starts TTOM so we will see.

Have a good day everyone and lets eat better.


Hi Challengers,

I've been MIA for a bit. I'm still nursing this hip back to working form. I think another week or two of no lower body work or cardio should do the trick, plus ice and anti-inflammatory drugs.

BUT..Andrea I have my happy face on!!!:) :)

I am really concentrating on my eating and I am getting the 4DS upper body WOs in.

So lets go,go,go !!!

Hi Jean,Roxie, Ameila and Becca!!



Hi there! Andrea, you had me cracking up with your pep talk - just what I needed! Thanks!

I didn't WO yesterday since my legs were SCREAMING from Sunday's hike. Today I got up and went for a walk, though. Needed to work out those Charley Horses :7

Food was OK yesterday - had a few not so great items, but not as bad as it has been. Today I have all my food planned out, including a crunchy snack for the afternoon when I always want that kind of junk (it's 94% ff popcorn).

Elaine, sounds like you have a good plan for that hip. I HATE when that stuff happens - it really cramps my style :D.

Hi also to Roxie, Jean, Amelia, and everyone else.

Gotta scoot - more work is calling! I'll see you tomorrow!


Hey girls...back from my camping trip!

Andrea(Idream)yes i with you!!! I started eating good on sunday(yay,finally;-)) im pulling up my happy socks right along with you!

Hey to everybody!:)

We had fun,it was so peaceful and the camp site was beautiful! The best thing about it was that the humidity was way low so the air was very comfortable!!! We did have some frustrations on sunday night with rain but we kinda figured it would rain on and off sunday.

I got in a good workout monday,walked for thirty minutes then did some bootcamp style drills on the campsite.Jumping jacks,running up stairs,jogging in place,ski jumps and some plyo's.... My DH was LOL at me because some of the neighboring campers were kinda watching me:+ oh well,i guess they have never seem anybody workout before,LOL!;-)

so i plan on finishing up preveiwing supersets(or was it push pull?) anyhoot i will do one of them tommorrow! Today is a rest day,i may walk the dog later....she is watching me right now with a look of anxiety in her eye,lol

ok then,everybody have a wonderful tuesday!!


Hi everyone.

Today I tried my new DVD. I was so excited until I started it and remember how challenged I am with new foot work. What I picked up was really fun, but it will take some getting use to. Tonight after work I went to spin class which gave me a chance to get in a good workout, since this morning's was so stop and go. I also did leg work since I was at the gym.

Today my eating was better, but it still needs some work.

Let's keep those happy vibes going this week.


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