Hi girls!!

How is everyone!

Today I Tae Boed and didn't stop when he stopped and didn't slow down when he did and I repeated a lot of the moves three times through. I am now totally exhausted. I used Celebrity Fit Cardio. Its very tough when you do it my way!!:D

Amelia - Idream, I am a Piscean, and I am a typical Piscean. I'm a dreamer. I dream to be thin, I dream to be rich rich rich, I dream to ride my horse really really well, I dream for my girls to grow up happy and not to turn "bad". I just dream and dream and dream.

Rythmic Step and MIC are my all time favs:) :) I love them as much as I love Imax3!

Elaine - what a good idea of yours, using the step in the jump thrust things! I don't like those much!

Jean - Good to see hear from you again! Did you get to that spin class?

Roxie- How you feeling today?



Good morning challengers!

Andrea,LOL i had to go look up what a piscean was(such a guber:+)My DH is a Pisces,i should of known that! Im a scorpio myself! Im excited about my new workouts...can't wait to get my hands on them,just hope they work and aren't all scratched up;-)(they don't have any cases,but were cheap)

Im such a sucker for a great deal,or for things on sale...can't turn them down.

Todays workout is PUB and i will try and go heavy on some of the workouts. I know i can't on my shoulders,but maybe chest,biceps,tric's. I got some 15's the other day so i need to break them in}(



Hi Challengers,

Andrea: I like your user name. More imaginative than mine.:)

Ameila: The bicep work on PUB is a killer. Have fun with your new dumbbells.

Hi Jean! glad to see/hear from you.

Roxie: How was last night's WO? You had a toughy planned.

This morning I woke up thinking it was a total body WO day. So I statred to set up for MM and realized it was a cardio day. I did not feel like doing CC, so I did BM2 WU,drills 1&2 from DM then the all step cardio mix on Cardio fusion DVD. A nice variety and a great sweatfest.

My eating starts so good and I have great intentions but come evening, x( . I should just go to bed when I feel the urge to snack.

I have to hit the shower and go grocery shopping. Have a great day!



Good Morning,

Didn't get my workout in. I went to the farmers market after work and bought fruits and veggies, by the time I got home and put things away So You Think You Can Dance came on and DH called on the computer so workout went by the wayside. I like Elaine should just go to bed in the evenings, but I didn't get lunch so I just snacked myself silly. Some of it was cantaloupe, peas, and watermelon, it was the popcorn that did it. Tonites workout is pushups from GS chest and tris LIC upper body blast x2 and Abs from KPC.

Andrea-I really like your name and what it stands for thats cute. I am doing ok I just say she is in a better place now. My DD is still having a tough time though.

Amelia-I know alot of people were getting ripped off on ebay by that particular set of dvds so I hope yours are ok. Have fun with PUB.

Elaine-we need to put locks on our cabinets so we can't get to the bad stuff. Sounds like you had a good wo to.

Jean-welcome back how was spin class?

Have a good day ladies off to work.


Roxie-What was the the name of the seller? Oh,i hope i wasn't scammedx(

ETA-i was kinda freakin so i just checked out the seller and they seem to be ok,one negative out of 194 feedbacks?

Hey to everybody:)

I called about my internship and im not sure whats going on there? The man that handles internships told me to call back today...i called and got no answer so i left a message,no return call yet . Kinda scratching my head with this? He was talking like i got the job?? Im going out monday in full force to find another internship somewhere else,apparently they don't have there sh*t together there!(im kinda pissed,ive waited three weeks on them )

anyhoot,anybody have any special plans for the fourth? Were doing what we always do...plant our buts on the dock and watch the neighbors fireworks we have several neighbors that go ALL OUT with there firework shows,i think they compete,LOL!

have a great day everybody!


Ameila: That is so cool that you can watch fireworks from your own dock.

It's just my DS(7) and I for the fourth. My sister may come over. No one in my family likes to drive out to my house. We live about 45 min. away and it is all back roads that tend to be very curvy and dark at night.
So, DS and I may go to this place called the Butterfly Place. You step into this green house and they have all types of butterflies flying around. They sometimes land on you.The flowers are gorgious and the butterflies are so cool to watch.

Fireworks are Sat. around here. So my DH and other DS will be back to see them.



Elaine,the butterfly place sounds like SO MUCH FUN! We went to callaway gardens a couple of months ago and they had a butterfly exibit and it was AWESOME. Feels like we were walking in paradise;-)

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