~~~~Challengers~~~~ Thursday 7/17


Hello Ladies. Happy Day to all.

This morning I did Bis and Tris from 4DS. Last night was spin class and I did back and shoulder work on the machines. Yesterday's eating was OK except I was starving after working out. I ate dinner and then went for a walk with the dogs so I wouldn't eat everything in the house. Hoping for another controlled eating day.

Andrea, sorry you didn't get your workout in, but great job with the eating well.

Roxie, did you get B& G in yesterday. I'll have to check out shimmy on FitTV. I have never seen it before.

Amelia, which workout did you decide on and did you like it?

Elaine, glad to hear the hip is recovering. Continue to take it easy until you are sure.

Andrea H. good job on getting up and going for a jog/walk and an even better of going for a de-stressing walk instead of eating.



Hello all!

Yesterday I did MIS. I forgot what a good solid workout that is! I am nice and sore today. My plan for today is a 3 mile run. Hopefully this afternoon.

Jean, I love the 4DS bis and tris. Esp those band pull downs at the end. Gives a nice little burn! WTG on controlling the eating.

Andrea, Good job on the eats! What was your WO today?

Roxie, alright, I don't think I could do Shimmy. I would feel too silly. How do you like it?

Amelia, how was your WO yesterday?

Elaine, good news on the hip. Ease into back into it.

Andrea, WTG on the run/stress break! Much better than HD!

Have a fabulous day all!!!!


Good Morning,

Did B&G last nite tried to talk myself out of it. Tonite is MM upper body and abs. Eating is going well.

Becca and Jean-I have only tried shimmy twice and yes I do feel silly but they say practice makes perfect right, I just need to start doing it alittle more.

Hi to everyone else and have a good day.


Good Morning girls

I ended up doing PP yesterday and im sporting some doms today! I didn't like the one rep concept so the next time i do the workout i will use the 2/3 rep premixes for UB/LB;-)

Today is a AM dog walk,no weights since i just did them yesterday,so i will do another cardio on the TM,im thinking an interval run!

Oh,i almost forgot...WERE GETTING A CHIUAUA TODAY !! about two months ago a guy at DH'es work asked if he wanted a puppy. There ready now so i will pick him up at 4:30 today....THE KIDS HAVE NO IDEA}(}(.

I need some name suggestions....ive thought of Amigo or Cheeko(sp?)

Jean-Great job on your eating yesterday...i was so hungry all day yesterday but i stayed on my diet*pats herself on the back*;-)

Becca-isn't MIS awesome,although i could do without the 80's look,LOL:+.

Roxie-there was a shimmy dvd at my library:eek: im renting it today(if its in)

Hey to Andrea,Andrea,Elaine,Shirl did i miss anybody?


Hi all,

Andrea(idream): I'm still happy!!:) How about you?

Ameila: I would think the premix 2/3 of PP would be more intense. I only have it on VHS. Have fun with your puppy.

Becca: I've never done MIS. I have MIC but can't get past those outfits.:+

Roxie: I've seen shimmy on FitTV. Not sure i could do it without feeling silly.

Jean: I like the Bis and Tris on the 4Ds WOs. I think those are my favorites at the momment.

Hi AndreaH!

Gotta go grocery shopping and buy healthy food!!:9



Amelia, how exciting about the new puppy! My DS has a Nintendog chihuahua and his name is Cheeto. Sounds cheesy! :D MIS is quite dated. I love it during the dead lifts when she says, "I'm assuming your not wearing nylons!" Can you imagine?!?!? I also love Cedie's lipstick! It cracks me up!

Elaine, I struggle with MIC. Not my fave. But I do love RS so I am very glad I have that DVD.

Still no WO from me yet, I am waiting for the cable guy to show up and fix my cable. My kiddos have gone three days without Noggin. It is rough!

Have a great day all!


How great it is to see everyone posting yesturday! (its Friday morning here)!

Great stuff!

I'm HAPPY! No workout agian yesturday but I was once again really really busy so thats o.k.

I was given a gift - a huge box of assorted chocolates, Mars Bars, M&M's etc... A thank you from a family I helped. Now, its sitting in the pantry, Tempting me! The good thing about it, is I am really a fan of Mars Bars and, Snickers, so I think I will cope well not to eat them! I'm sharing that story because you guys know how much I love choclates and lollies and all the bad foods!

It was such a nice gesture though!

Chiuahas need chiuaha type names don't they? Fifi, Trixie, Loulou, Mishy,

Just kidding! :) :) I like naming animals people names. If it a boy how about Charlie? Willy? Cheeko's good too.



OMG,im i the only one that DIDN'T know about this forum closing at midnight tonight:eek::eek:...the new one should be up and running sometime tommorrow(just came from the ask cathe threads)

Its kinda exciting...i will see you gals over on the new forum,hopefully tommrrow...Hugs until then!

Hey to everybody:)

Andrea-were still playing with some ideas on the doggies name,i just posted some pics of him on the open forum thread!

ok,gotta go...still on my diet and being HAPPY:D

Think Happy,Happy,Happy,Happy;)

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