~^~^~^Challengers- Monday 7/7/08~^~^~^


Good morning/good evening everyone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It's back to work now. This morning was 4DS with chest and back. I think I'm going ot try to 4DS series until the roadtrip. Should be a nice transition with the great mix of step and weights. Now if I can just get the eatingunder control.



Morning Jean!

Morning Girls!

Jean- Are you going on the road trip?

I had an "I can't be bothereds" today.

Hopefully tommorow I'll be inspired.

Jean, the eating is the hardest thing to do! Those persons who eat clean are amazing! I can't do it, but I am really trying very hard at this time because my behind and hips are HUGE!! I've got to stay on track but I have a daily fall off the wagon! I'm hoping that when I fall, I'm not doing too much damage.




Good Morning,

Decided to do an easier rotation for the next 4 weeks will do cathes intermediate rotation so on tap for tonite is LIC. I wish I didn't have to go back to work today, I have to do Oxygen rounds and its suppose to be 95 today (thank god they fixed my airconditioner.)

Jean-I am with you on the eating part that seems to be my biggest problem. I have definetly got to take time for brkfst.

Andrea-lets challenge each other to get the food under control when you cheat report it to stay honest.

Have a good day to everyone.


Morning ladies!

This is me trying to jump back on the check in bandwagon. Mind if I join in on your eating challenge? My DD was up all night with the croup and I was nibbling on brownies everytime I walked into the kitchen! UGH! Calories ingested at 3:00 AM go straight to my gut!

Jean, are you getting excited for your RT? It's so close! I wish we were going on the same one. 4DS is a great idea to get road trip ready!

Andrea, I get the "can't be bothereds" almost daily! LOL! Typically around 7:00 PM.

Roxie, try and stay cool today. I love LIC! Have fun with that one.

My plan today is SS. I am starting the July '08 rotation today with running in place of the cardio days. My eating has been great so far today. (I haven't had anything yet!;) ) Let's hope it stays that way. I think those brownies will have to go in the trash.

Have a fantastic day all!


Good Morning girls,its nice to see so many of us this morning:)

Im waiting on my coffee,im such in a blah mood too:-( I guess i still haven't recovered from the weekend!

I never did workout yesterday,i decided to take a recovery week! I haven't had one this year yet and i usualy take alteast two a year! So i will be walking the dog,doing some Powerwalks and doing some core work this week and thats it! No weights!

I will bbl with personals:)


Hi Challengers,

Becca: Welcome back! throw those brownies out or send them to me. DH loves brownies and I never make them. He is constantly bugging me too.

Idream: Yesterday was my can't be bothered day.

Ameila: I've been thinking of taking a week off to heal my sciatic nerve problem.

Roxie: Keep cool!

Jean: I love 4DS and I got great strength gains with it.

No workouts all weekend or today. I'm doing a lot of stretching. Trying to heal this sciatic nerve problem. I finally conviced DH we need a new mattress. Ours is 20 years old!:eek:

Gotts run and bring DS to swimming lessons.



Elaine-i hope your sciatic nerve doesn't hurt too much:-( i bet a rest week would do the trick!

Andrea-lol at your can't be bothered day,i think mine was sunday too.

Jean-have fun with 4DS,i really need to break down and buy it!

Roxie-have a great monday

Becca-yay,glad to see you back!

im done with my dogwalk and powerwalk for a total of 60min cardio! Maybe my ebay winnings will be here by the end of the week :7

ok,just eating some lunch-a low carb turkey wrap and some watermelon :9 have a great day everybody!

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