CBD oil for pain and inflammation


Does anyone use CBD oil for pain and inflammation? I'm curious and want to learn more about it!


I personally do not, but know several people who use it for various reasons, including pain. There is a free docuseries (used to be free, not sure if it still is) with great information: TheSacredPlant.com

You sign up to view the 7 part series with several Q & A's. I will say they will email you; therefore maybe set up a separate email. They do quickly "unsubscribe" you if you wish. A lot of the series focuses on those with cancer, but the cancer patients do take it for pain, inflammation and other diseases and ailments. There are also those who are cancer-free who use it. The series will give you background on the medicine also.

Good Luck.


I’ve tried the liquid from Green Mountain CBD for inflammation and I think it’s too soon to tell, but I can say I feel much less stressed and more relaxed when I take it, which in theory should help. If you order directly from their website it’s $30 and shipping is less than $4. I get my order within 2 days. For the price I think it’s worth a shot! Also, my chiropractor has me taking Zyflamend to help with inflammation (specifically bursitis in my foot) and I can definitely tell if I’ve forgotten to take it.


I have heard several people that I know use CBD for inflammation and pain and find it helpful. I doesn't work for inflammation and pain for me, but it helps with mild anxiety for me.


I don't know for humans but I've been giving it to my 12 yr old dog now for a few weeks. I helps with her "stiffness" esp. in the morning, but not sure about pain. It has defiantly helped with her anxiety issues she has with certain things and it has also helped with her sometimes digestive issues. So I have to think that if it works like it's suppose to for dogs, it should help humans. I'm even think about trying it.


They make it for dogs, it's not the human version. I have a local store that sells it and he says he gives it to all his does and always has. I read reviews online and felt very comfortable with giving it to her. Unfortunately, I no long have my Aussie since I have since put her down do to a tumor on her liver. But I now give it to my 1 yr old rescue mix since she has some anxiety issues and it helps her a lot. Best of luck.


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I was using kratom when I had panic attacks and terrific pains in my elbow. I'd rather use kratom instead of cbd oil, it has fewer side effects, actually. To tell you the truth, I've discovered kratom when some of negative side effects started showing up. The main goal at that time was to discover any substitute which will be as efficient as cbd oil. I even found a special shop where you can buy kratom bulk, really helps with all kind of inflammation and doesn't have such a long list of negative side effects.
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For real? I didn't know that. Now I understand how useful actually drugs are for us. Personally, I am not into the CBD, I like more THC or something like, I love mushrooms if you ask me. I buy them from Magic Mushrooms Canada , and to be serious they are pretty strong. But what about CBD oil I will try it no doubt if I will feel some pain and inflammation. Thank you guys for the info. Now I am well-informed about CBD oil and how you can use it.
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I don't like any marijuana products to put in my body.

Have your heard of essential oils???

Before Covid, I went to an essential oil class at the Veterans Affairs and what we did was put some drops of an oil and stirred it in a carrier, which was a type of lotion for it.

I used Eucalyptus Oil mixed with a couple of oils. It worked really great on my knee!

Before you try any of the essential oil make sure it doesn't interact with the medication you are taking.

I talked to an older lady in the class and she said that the essential oils we made in class was better then CBD oil.

For me, I don't trust when someone says that a plant does everything for you like marijuana. Also, what could happen is later on in 10 or 20 years they are going to say that Marijuana wasn't so great a plant like they thought it was. It is like what they said in the 1950s that cigarettes (made of tobacco, which is from a plant) cured almost everything! Now, look what happened. Tobacco is the worst thing you can put in your body!

Plants are great for helping us with inflammation. Like the bark of a tree is now used as aspirin.
But, when someone says it cures everything, I see red flags!!

Hope this helped,

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I've been using marijuana for years, I have lupus and NOTHING has helped me like thc/cbd has.
I don't drink much, the plant life is for me


I agree that the marijuana plant has helped many people with chronic pain for decades. In many cases, it is preferred, so many people have had terrible side effects from pharmaceutical pain relievers.


Hubby and I both use CBD tinctures. He, for his compressed discs in his back and I use it for relaxation and to help me sleep at night.
We both can tell it helps a lot

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