Cathe ... time for an update please!?


I am afraid it is going to cost $300 like the first STS did. I can't swing that much money for a presale. I've had a very sick puppy. I was told that he has spleen cancer and he is 18 months old.
I'm so sorry about your puppy. I hope the vet can treat him. I can't imagine life without dogs. In late 2019, our 8 year old black lab Raven had abnormal liver enzymes. The vet first tried to treat her with a special liver supplement and it didn't work. In January 2020, we had an ultrasound done on her and then they said it was a gallbladder issue, but they could remove the gallbladder. Before surgery, the vet wanted to try a few more medications. Finally in late April 2020, when things were shutting down with covid, Raven had her gallbladder removed and when she came home from the surgery, she went downhill. By Friday night, we knew she was not going to improve and Saturday morning it was evident that she was close to death. We rushed her back to the vet, which thankfully was only 5 minutes from the house and even with the strict covid protocol, the vet let me come in to say goodbye to her. The only regrets that I have is that I was hungover the day of her surgery and the day she died. I drank to cope with stress in my life, but thankfully, I've been sober since June 14, 2020. I called the vet a few days later and she said that she believed that Raven's liver ultimately failed and they can't do transplants for dogs. We were able to at least put her surgery on a payment plan and pay a little bit each month.

Amy Steppe

I figured I wasn't the only one eagerly awaiting news on the new series. I can't imagine they wouldn't do dvds--they'd upset a lot of us I'm sure. Not everyone has the ability to stream--I know I don't!.
The streaming have no premixes. That is why I prefer Cathe's workouts on DVD.

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