cathe??? sts cardio & strength rotiations?


Do you have any sts cardio & strength rotations available?

Also, love those blue sneakers you wear in some of the sts strength dvd's. The whole sneaker is dark blue. Could you tell me what brand and model it is?

Thanks, Autumn


Thanks, Nancy...

".... Nancy, I just want to clarify that my answer here was referring to my monthly rotations posted in the rotations forum. I was NOT referring to the 3 month STS/SC rotation that will be posted online once the workouts have shipped. Sorry if I caused any confusion."

That was the statement i was referring to in another thread. I knew I read somewhere that there would be a STS strenght/cardo rotation once they shipped, not just when it would be in the WM & not the regular monthly rotation.

So, SNM, where is this rotation? Please. I've been waiting months to use STS strength again specifically cuz I want to combine w/shock cardio.

Thank you!


Bumping! I would also love to know when the all-STS rotation is available. Will it be posted in the Workout Manager once it's ready?



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I also want to know when the STS strenght and cardio 3 1/2 month rotation will be available. I can't wait to download it from the workout manager.


Same here! I thought I was just missing it in the WO Manager but I see no one else can find it either lol

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