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Are the Cathe Live classes going to be added to the Workout Manager? Psychologically I just like to check the box that I have done something. Thanks!

Hi! I remembered them answering this in a separate thread. This was their response:

"Yes, eventually you will be able to add Cathe Live Workouts to the Workout Manager Calendar as well as click on them and automatically launch them to view. But this is a "down the road" project for us. We have a lot of other things on the runway right now and this is something that will have to wait until our other work and projects are completed."

Sounds exciting - hope this helps :)


30 minute workouts!

About 3 days every week, I only have about 30-40 minutes to workout. I would love to see some shorter workouts included in Cathe Live.

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Cathe Live One on One

The majority of the Cathe Live One on One workouts will be shorter in duration so I think you will be happy!



I apologize if this has been asked and answered previously. Do you have an anticipated ETA of the first Cathe One on One class?


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Cathe One on One Start Date

We don't have an exact date, but should have the first One on One show done in a few weeks.


Few requests for the one on one, most are for add-ons to other workouts or to string together to create a fairly random workout:

-Two stretching segments in the 8 to 10 minute range, one upper body focused and one lower body.
-Agility drills using a ladder.
-Few extended WU segments similar or identical to WU already on the DVDs.
-Add on cardio segments similar to Drill Max in the 5 to 10 minute range. No WU please.
-Several medicine ball cardio segments alternated with metabolic type weight workout (higher rep number).
-Shoulder pre-hab/rehab type exercises using bands.
-Mini weight workouts that alternate upper and lower body. Just simple sets, one exercise each repeated for 3 or more sets before moving on to the next set of 2 exercises. These are not meant to be full body workouts. They just focus on 2 body parts.
-Same idea as above but alternating 1 or 2 minute cardio with straightforward sets of weight work. Can even use various segments to splice a workout together.
-High rep work in the aerobic range for people like me with a lot of slow twitch fiber. If STS2 is ever made, I would love a Meso 0 or Pre STS cycle that focuses on very high rep work. Right now I use early Jari Love and some rip workouts for this type of work but I would love to have Cathe's version. I didn't care for Les Mills Pump offering.

I know I'll have more requests.

I would also like to be able to buy one-on-one segments because data streaming adds up and not everybody has access to unlimited data plans. One way to do this is to allow subscribers to buy 1 or 2 segments each month as a regular download. We just changed our internet provider and are testing streaming options. I'm hoping to get Cathe Live soon.
I am absolutely loving the live classes and really look forward to my Thursdays exercise routine now :)

I would love to see some traditional step, step with weights and another high step routine. Yeah, I am kind-of partial to step ;)



I did my first Cathe Live workout this morning and I loved it! I would like to see Cathe do a traditional step workout but I realize this may be difficult because of cueing.



I'm loving Cathe live. Anyway is there a chance that one week you could interviews or update the blogs of your workout team. Like with Cedie, Brenda and Jai. It would be great to have them discussing their favourite workouts and how they have had to modify or change workouts over the years due to age or possible injuries.

It would be great to get the profiles of these people who many of us workout with everyday, and to find out about a bit of their workout influences. Obviously I'm not suggesting personal details just Cathe specific workout details.



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