Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update 6-14-21


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Hi Everyone,

We wanted to remind everyone that our current Boss Bands & Loops pre-sale prices will end on July 9th and we also wanted to give you another update on our progress with your pre-sale orders.

We've spent the last several days proofing and tweaking both DVDs and we plan on sending masters this Wednesday to the replicator. The replicator will then make the stampers from the masters that will be used to make your DVDs and then they will send us "check discs" for us to test and to give our final ok. After we sign off our production run will be scheduled.

Our inspectors have also finished and passed the quality inspections of our production run for the Boss Bands & Loops as well the vinyl cases they will be packed in. This means that we can now arrange for these products to be loaded into shipping containers and placed onto a cargo boat for the long journey from China to New York. The boat journey normally takes about 30 to 35 days, but before the journey begins we have to first get the containers on the cargo boat.

The ports in China are extremely backed up right now because of the Pandemic and recent virus flare-ups have caused total lockdowns in many of China's cities. So, as far as shipping from China goes, things are a little crazy, to say the least. Getting our containers on a boat will be the main determining factor of when we will have our product in stock and when we will be able to ship you your pre-sale orders. We will update you as we know more as we are just now starting the process of scheduling our shipment.

We also hope to share some Boss Bands & Boss Loops clips from the workouts with you at the end of this week or early next week.

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Totally understand the China shipping issues. I am in Supply Chain for a Fortune 500 company. Other issues affecting this are the shortage of containers caused by the Suez Canal event compounding even further. Even if you get a booking on a vessel, they could cancel at the last minute.
So looking forward to the new workouts as always. Cathe and team, you are all amazing!

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