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Hi Cathletes! I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I just stepped out of the filming studio! Yes, you heard that right! I just wrapped up a shoot for an exciting new fitness product coming this Summer. I'll share more details in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Hi Cathe, It's been more than a couple of weeks! What did you film for us on March 8? I am very curious! It's been 8 weeks!
Thanks in advance for letting us in our your secret soon!
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Yes I'm sure it will be worth the wait, I just find it hard not knowing any thing!
Being a curious person, it's hard Lol

I wonder if anyone has asked her on Pinterest, Facebook or anything? I personally have not spotted anything....just wondering I suppose. I, too, am so curious and enthusiastic about Cathe's latest creation.


Waiting... [emoji4]. Yep I have been wondering to and I am on Fb and have not seen anything there either. I am curious in nature too.
But maybe it fell through, didn't turn out? Not sure what to think but I think at this point I am kind of bummed because I feel like I need to stop looking.

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Eeeesh we are a needy bunch lol! I know Cathe has many demands placed on her and I appreciate all her efforts to keep us home exercisers happy so personally I am not bothered by the waiting and still have the new ICE DVD's to keep me occupied until the new product is revealed.

I agree, whatever it is, it is worth the wait. I don't mind waiting at least we know that something is coming.

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