Cancelling Precision Nutrition


I just wanted to put this out there for anyone considering this program.

For various reasons I don't want to get into here, I purchased this set and subsequently decided to return it. PN promotes a 45 day "FULL REFUND, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" policy. I was w/in 30 days when I emailed them asking for a return authorization #. Well, they were not exactly easy to deal w/. I get a response email saying how surprised they are by my decision, why could I possibly want my $$ back, how they noticed I hadn't posted in their forums and then gave me a pep talk about it's not as scary or hard as I might think to post in an online forum. They want me to think it over. Frankly, it was insulting and bad customer service to boot!

So, I replied about why I ordered, why I cancelled and what they didn't do for me (hint: never answered my first email when I posed a specific, crucial inquiry about their program). I also informed that I was familiar w/ forums and not shy about posting in them.

Finally, a few days later and another request from me, I get their approval to return the set and they include a p.s. suggestion that rather than go to "all the trouble of returning it" and getting my $97 back, "why don't sell it or gift it". WTH!!

Let's see: #1) A sale wouldn't include forum access since that would be non-transferable so I'd get fewer $$ for it; and 2) Who the hell am I going to insult w/ a diet plan as a gift? ("Here, I saw this plan for losing weight and thought of YOU!") Hey, I can be offensive on my own, I don't need help there! :p

Anyway, just wanted others to know my experience if they are considering this set. There's good info in it, but just be aware of the problems you may face if you decide not to keep it. In all, I'm out $21 for shipping both ways. I think I'll stick w/ e-books instead.
That is horrible. I know there are a lot of fans of that program here and I had considered it myself, BECAUSE of the return guarantee. I had since decided against it b/c I am doing fine on my own with the information that I have here at home with books, online info, and of course the great info here on Mostly, I wanted the cookbooks but really don't need any more of those either :) Sorry you had such a poor experience but thanks for sharing. Clearly, their customer service is not up to par with Beachbody and one certain very amazing coach ;)
I hate it when cs reps talk down to you like they are belittling a small child , its infuriating. I feel for ya
Thanks for posting your experience, I've been really thinking about PN for awhile now, been doing a lot of reading, still can't decide.
Oh No!!!
I ordered mine last week and it is being shipped now (apparently). I hope I
like it. What jerks. You either havd a return policy or you don't. Simple as that. Don't try to bully someone into keeping something that they are not happy with. I am sorry for your bad experince and thanks for posting to warn others.
Mary :)

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