Came home, found my sweet baby kitty, dead


Thanks so much everyone, you have no idea how much you've helped me. Reading your messages and stories really touches me.

I'm so sad for myself and missing him, but happy knowing that Murphy never knew a moment's pain ever, even in death....dying while playing with the tag on the bathroom towel, and a piece of cord. Everything was a toy for Murphy!

I still have the ashes from Daisy who died 6 years ago, haven't been able to bring myself to bury her. Now I've decided to bury their ashes together, plant roses above them, and daisies all around. They were so similar in personality, I think that's fitting.

Thanks again everyone, you've helped me more than I can express.


I'm so sorry!
Is he the kitty in your avatar? Looks like he had great 'cattitude'.

I suppose the best way of looking at it is that he didn't suffer though some long, drawn-out illness like a cancer or renal failure.


I came back to read the rest of the posts. I'm just crying my eyes out!

We had gotten a beagle puppy in North Carolina. It was a spur of the moment thing. DH brought her home one day because one of his Marines had bought her for his daughter but she couldn't have pets where she lived and he was going to take her to the pound. We couldn't let that happen, so we kept her and named her Keirin.

She was the sweetest, smartest thing! Didn't bark much, but loved to dig! LOL! That's not a good thing in base housing! Well, we moved up to Rhode Island and only a few months after moving here, she died. She was only 2.

It was a regular morning. I fed her and put her outside. When she came in she was acting all weird, wouldn't walk and had her tail tucked. Unbeknownst to us, her intestines had twisted up. We had not lived here very long and didn't know any vets. We found an emergency vet and drove her there, but not before she had started vomiting some awful brown liquid. By the time we got there and they figured out what was wrong, her chances of surviving surgery were minimal. We ended up having to put her to sleep.

I was a total wreck for weeks. It was just so sudden and she was still just a baby!

I still miss her very much, but we still have our kitty Simon, who looks very much like your Murphy! He's an orange tabby and thinks he's a puppy! We also have 2 very energetic beagles, Peanut and Milo! They keep us very busy!

So, there is happiness after such a loss, but it will take some time.


Kathryn, yup, that's him. I didn't know how to post a pic so I changed my avatar so people could see what the sweeest kitty in the world looked like :^)

Tricia, that is so heartbreaking. I'm so sorry. I like your orange kittie's name, Simon :^) My husband would come downstairs and say to Murphy in a thick Irish brogue: "Murphy O'Bailey!! Top o' the mornin' to ya!" Cracked me up every time.

Boy, it's amazing what these little guys turn us into. I miss Murphy like crazy already. But I was lucky to have him, even for a few short years. Thanks everyone....
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Just wanted to send big (((((hugs))))))!

I can honestly say, it was probably the worst day in my life when we lost our Kirby after a post-op tumor removal. We felt so guilty for putting her thru surgery (that looked very promising) only to die days later.:( We just can't change the schedule that god has all of us on. My husband, two boys, and I buried her and cried for days after that. She was most definitely a part of the family. It was probably the hardest thing any of us has ever had to do. But, we did take comfort in the fact that she had a very spoiled and happy long life with us. We did find love again with our new beagle Maggie, but the hurt that you go thru after the loss of a pet is just pure agony. I am so very sorry you are going thru that.

I am sooooo sorry.......more HUGS to you.


Purrs for Murphy from Daisy & Zoe

Govtgirl, I am SO sorry to hear of Murphy's passing! I went through that several years ago with Miss Molly Cat, a senior cat that went downhill *very* quickly. It is surreal, those first few days, thinking your kitty will come running up to you any minute, thinking (hoping!) that you imagined it all.

You did the right thing by coming on here and sharing your grief with us. You will probably grieve for many months (took me about 6 months to get over Molly), and that is OK!! Murphy was loved and had the best kitty mommy ever - YOU! I think it's a wonderful idea to bury both kitties' ashes together and plant a rose bush over the spot. I did something similar with Molly and it helped me to think I was still caring for her.

Purrs & paws to you from Daisy & Zoe's mom!


((((big hugs)))) I lost my sweet dog to the same condition, took her to the vet and told us what she had. It's heartbreaking - they lead seemingly healthy lives and there is something underlying you have no idea is there until it's too late. Take care of yourself.


Thanks everyone, you all are awesome. I almost went home today from work because I just got upset all over again...luckily I pulled myself togther, and was able to work on a project in virtual solitude. I just worked, listened to music, and stayed away from people.

I'm searching the house for any picture we ever had of Murphy. The most recent was actually the night beore he died :( .....he squozed himself into a showbox and had his head on the edge falling asleep. Ace is on the right of him waiting his turn.

I think this is harder than losing Daisy after 18 years. At least then, I knew she was in her senior years.....she got sick quickly and had to be put to sleep within the week. We knew it was coming. This is more awful being out of the blue, and finding him was one of the worst moments I can remember.

Anyway, thanks again everyone. I anticipate waiting a couple months for a new kitty....we're showering attention on Ace, and I need to be ready. When I am, and the right kitty shows up, I'll know.


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