Calling all 60 year old and older Cathletes


jsallis - my shoulders were my weakest area, for years and years, decades .... I had trouble using 4 & 5# dumbbells for shoulder work; I also had shoulder repair surgery and dreaded shoulder work. However, a couple of years ago I did the official Xtrain 90-day undulating rotation and included the extra rear delt shoulder work bonus Cathe had put in the Xtrain series and the 100 rep challenges .... my oh my ... my shoulders improved greatly with that rotation. I was so impressed with the results I got from it! I realized that with the regular UB workouts, the extra rear delt bonus chapter, doing the 100 rep challenges in the series, and a metabolic workout each week really worked my shoulders. I'm still impressed with my shoulder improvements from that series. So, even through you may struggle now, it can get better if you work at it (I'm 65, improvements are possible even as we get older). And Power Hour is endurance based, so there are lots of reps -- shoulders get quite the workout! So, you will get stronger with consistent workout!
Start with baby steps!! Just give yourself a lot of credit for starting again. That's half the battle!
I am 60 and having been working out with Cathe pretty consistently for many years. I own pretty much every workout she has produced. Although my skin is aging and my body is changing in more ways than I would like in terms of external appearance :rolleyes:;) , my fitness level and my health on the inside has never been better. I am lifting heavier and feeling better in terms of cardio - as long as I take my rest days and do lots and lots of stretching. I personally feel that age is not the biggest factor in determining how intense to go with one's workout choices - it is more a matter of matching the workouts, number of rest days, number of high impact days and intensity level to how you are feeling that day, your medical history and/or current issues, your goals and your fitness level.

My favorite series is XTrain. I am currently doing the 90 day rotation and having a blast. There is so much variety in those workouts - almost no moves are repeated. I love the music, the longer stretch segments and the fact that it is a compete package - heavy weights, lighter weights, steady state cardio, low impact hiit, high impact hiit... It has it all. Cross training at it's best! Cross training is critical at any age, but especially important at my age when I don't want to overdo it. At this point I don't have any physical restrictions so I can work pretty hard, but it is easy to modify the workouts using lighter weights, shorter premixes, etc. if you need to.
I feel like I could have written this same exact reply. I turned 60 in August, and feel the same about both appearance and fitness. Also, X Train is hands down my favorite also. I just started my 4th time through the 90-day rotation on 1/1/2022, and can't recommend it enough.

That being said, when I am done with this rotation, I will go back to my default pattern when I am not doing a rotation: Metabolic Mondays, Weights on Wednesdays, Fry Your Legs on Fridays, longer circuit workouts on the weekends, and cardio and/or rest on Tuesday/Thursday.

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