@@@ C & T Wonderful Weekend @@@



I had a good day yesterday. After I finished working at Penneys it was time to sign out and give back my ID and discount card. I ask the manager can I keep the card until Monday and he said you can keep the card as long as you work here. :confused: The next thing I know he had transfered me to sales support ( I used to work in replenishment) as a weekend oncall type of thing. He said as long as you work 3 hours per month you can keep your discount card.:)

Now I have 2 jobs:eek: for the first time in my life.:rolleyes: and it's back to school season.....



MMMMMMMM ... CINNAMON rolls !!!!! :) Great thing to wake up to on a Saturday, thanks Robin. ;)

Good Morning Girls !

I'm up and getting ready to walk.

Dh is working but thinks it's only for 1/2 day and that's not so bad. I will work out this morning (cardio) and when he gets home we're going to an RV place to look at 5th wheels again.
No other real plans this weekend.

What's everyone else got planned ??


Becky I don't have any plans this weekend except take care of my kids, house, pets. Normal suff. I like RVs and I always wanted to travel in a RV, like cross country.


Good morning!

I finally have DOMS!!!:D It's been a long time.:confused:

Robin, they must like you a lot to offer the discount card for only 3 hrs.:D

Becky, enjoy your walk. I's raining here.

We're debating on roadtripping down to Southern VA today to visit my MIL. She's in a nursing home. My 4yo had a tummy ache last night so dh just might go alone. Have to wait 'til he wakes up.

If we go anywhere I'm doing cardio first.;)


robin, awesome on the card!!!!!

becky, i hope you & dh have a good day today!!

julie, wtg getting your wo! hope ds is ok & the trip goes well!

no plans all weekend except for church tmrw am.....yessssss!:D


Hey girls, just wanted to pop in and say hi. Made it to the states. Thanks for all your prayers for me! I was a nervous wreck at the airport. :(

Anyway, I slept relatively well 9:30-4:30 and then got up and did Turbo Fire 45 class and stretch 10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Turbo Fire. Kate, I was thinking of you the whole time because I know you will LOVE the music. It's just awesome. I'm so excited about this program! Definitely the change up I needed.

I'm off to shower and then out to bfast with my mom and sisters (and the baby of course). I am so glad I got to come see him. He's just too sweet.

Robin, sweet score on the jcp card! That's awesome.

Julie, I hope your 4 y/o is feeling better. YAY for DOMS.

Kate, awesome about the relaxing weekend!

Becky, enjoy your day and your wo!

Hi to everyone. I'll check in when I can here but don't know how much computer time I'll have.

Lator gators!


Have FUN, FUN, FUN Angie !!!

Kate, isn't it nice NOT having plans for a change !!! :)

30 min walk - CHECK
40 min iCYCLE- CHECK
20 min abs -CHECK

SMOOTHIE TIME ! :) :) :)


Ooooooh Angie!!! Don't tempt me on TF! You know I'm a sucker for great WO music! Music totally MAKES the WO! Is it knee-friendly? I hate it but I have to watch torque-y movements.:(
ENJOY THAT BABY! How fun! I bet you are having a blast! How is Ryan faring with the girls?

Becky, Way to start the day! What's the smoothie today?:D

Breakfast....Story of my life....Mostly clean but a bit too much. Ate late and was too hungry... SIgh. Rest of the day will be better!


Kate, I've heard some of the music from TF and it makes me want it so bad !!!! But , I'm like you and gotta watch it.......the Hiit jumping and torque-y movements and me aren't friends ! :(

Smoothie today was Acai/chocolate. Basically the same as the chocolate cherry bomb but with Acai ! GREAT STUFF !! :) :)


Happy Weekend!

Feelin' some DOMS this morning in my legs from all those curtsy lunges and squats:) Today is cardio and tomorrow will be s/b/t and maybe soem extra cardio. Headig to an engagement party this afternoon then tot eh cottage for the night. It's gonna be beautiful!

Robin, that is perfect! 3 hours/month for a great discount? Can I have that job? Can't wait to read your blog!

Becky, are you in the market for a 5th wheel or just looking? DH actually has today off-he even made the coffee!:)

Julie, yay for DOMS!! Hope ds is feeling better this am.

Kate, enjoy your quiet weekend-they are few and far between over here!

Angie, have fun with your family! And thanks the TF rec!


Klaudia- Cheers for your dh being home today AND even making the coffee!! :) :)

We ARE sort of in the market for a 5th wheel. If things go according to plan, DH will be retiring from FULL time work soon and working only summers. IF that actually happens, we will have winters to travel. We have a lot of places we'd like to see and that seems to us to be the way to be able to afford to do it!

Michigan girls ! There is an RV dealer in Muskegon (?) that we are thinking about checking out. (YES, we will go the distance for a good deal! ha) Does anyone know what it's near ? Stuff to do in the area?, so if we DO travel there, we can make it a long weekend or something ??


trying to get myself together for a workout.

Julie ^5s on the DOMS

Kate good for the rest weekend.

Angie turbo fire :D I think I may not be able to wait for my b-day

Becky great workout

Klaudia ^5s on DOMS. that motivated me to do a killer workout.

off to the gym for UB,Core, arc trainer and ellip


Workout is done! I did KCm #0 minutes to fitness kb workout #2 and got a nice sweat going. Off to shower and get ready for the party. Have a great day all!


just 2 seconds for me...found a temple out here and we're headed to a kids torah program this AM.

my lower back is still hurting (day 3), hopefully it will pass soon. apparently I have been kneading that area so hard i gave myself bruises....DH noticed them. this is going to be my rest day. I think my body is asking for a rest anyway and there's no babysitting later on saturdays.

happy weekend ladies!!!


Hi Everyone!

Busy morning. I did Hiit 40/20 then 4DS KB. I just finished making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and key lime bars for a crab feast later today. Leaving soon for my haircut and I can't wait to get it washed. It feels gross from this morning's workout. Then I race back and off to our crab feast.

Julie, hope your little one is better.
Angie, you are really tempting me to get TF! I said I would wait until after the RT. Enjoy your visit with your family. I am so happy you made it.
Kate, woohoo - relaxing weekend. Enjoy some pool time with girls.
Klaudia, I really want to try KCM KB. Enjoy your trip to the cottage.
Becky, great workouts this morning. The RV sounds fun - my inlaws have one and they love it.
Wendy, sorry to hear about your back. Hope you feel better soon.


hey everyone - back from work and i am tired! i had a nice run this am and did some body weight drills. i was planning on yoga too but a nap sounds better.

becky, are you looking for something to tow or to drive?

klaudia have fun at the party. great wo! how did it go with your family?

colleen you are making me hungry!

angie post pics of the little guy.

robin what a great deal one you cannot refuse for sure.

kate, i read a breakdown on vf of turbo fire. it sounds awesome but really hi impact i think:confused:

wendy, sorry your back hurts. is it doms sore or injury? enjoy a rest day.

i will bbl


I was suppose to be resting today:rolleyes:

After my killer leg workout I went shopping with my friend. I was looking for brown pants. Why was it so hard. I rather buy jeans. After I came home I had to take my DS and his cousin around for something to eat.

Klaudia I check out the trails.

Wendy yes you should rest.

Colleen great workout idea.

Nina napmax sounds good.

Robin, that’s great that you can keep the card and get those discounts :)And I would like a cinnabun too :)

Becky, I am another one w/the knee issue. Hope that plan w/your dh retiring can happen soon, that would be so much fun!

Julie, I did end up doing HSC too :) I really enjoy circuit workouts!

Kate, that sounds like a lovely weekend!

Angie, so glad you made it :D And that you are having a good trip!

Klaudia, have fun at the party :)

Wendy, glad you all were able to find a temple, and sorry about your back – hope the rest helps.

Colleen, enjoy your crab feast and please send me a cookie :)

Nina, hope you found some energy to make it through the rest of the day :)

Dh had to work this morning. Been cleaning most of the day, finally found the motivation! It needed to get done esp. since we won’t be here next weekend. Working on mapping out where we want to visit next week. Haven’t gotten in a w/o yet, but I will do something this evening. Hope everyone has a good evening!


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