--- C&T wonderful weekend (HOLLA!) ----


Laura & I are doing a 5K this morning - bwahahahahahaaaaa! We haven't ran in weeks. :eek::eek::eek: At the end of the 5K there's a 1mile race for kids. I assume I'll do it with the girls again like we did last year. After that we're chillaxin all day.

Oh, and I'm 99% sure my period is coming back today - BOOOOOO!!!!! But I suppose after 30 months of no period I can't really complain can I?:p

gotta RUN! See you later!


Good Morning Girls !

Kate, have fun at the race !!! Why is timing on TTOM always seem bad ??? Hope it's no issue this morning .

We are just back from our walk. We're treating it like a work day since dh HAS TO WORK !! :( blahhhhh
Well, he says maybe he can make it a 1/2 day, which wouldn't be so bad. I'll do my workout and get a little housework done and then maybe he'll be home.

What's everyone else doing this weekend ??


Morning! I am up finishing some last minute laundry, then we are packing up the car, straightening up the house, then off to Richmond! We are going to drive the two hours there and stay with my mom tonight, then leave bright and early tomorrow for the beach - we should be there by 930 am or so :D

I am packing my walking shoes, Travel Fit and a band, and maybe one set of dumbbells - 8#? 10#? Not sure yet - what would you do if you could only take one set?


i know, i know, i totaslly suck at personals lately. i will get better.

kate, have a fun run, and sorry for ttom! enjoy your run, though.

becky, a half day is so nice, and i hope you guys enjoy your walk. dh and i used to walk so much before kids, and when they were in stroller stages. i miss it.

katie, safe travels. i'd take the 10's, and you can do a lot of bw stuff like push ups and pull ups and dips.

yday i did finish my wo with insanity cpr and some weight work. this am i did a 10 miler and some abs. i need a good yoga wo later. i am about to go attack the garage. i was suoposed to get some solo time today, but i think that will be pushed off until tomorrow. the good thing is dh and i have date night tonight! eats will be clean, bbl



So glad it's Saturday. I was able to sleep well last night and I can feel the difference.

Kate LOL about your period. On the show The Doctors one of the dr is a obgyn and she said it's abnormal for a woman to have her period 12-13 times per year. She said years ago like in the 1800s women were either pregnant or was nursing. As soon as they stopped nursing they were pregnant again. Back then women may go years with only getting 1-2 periods per year, because they had many kids.
Good luck on your race today and YOU GO GIRL

Beckey before you know it he will be home.

Katie enjoy your weekend girl. If I can only take one set I would take wrist weight to do some power walking on the beach and travel fit for toning.

My plans are to wipe away the blues at the gym. I plan to workout by doing LB-weight, core, and cardio. It may take me 2 hours.
Later i'm going to drop off my DS at his friend's house and maybe do some shopping at TJ Max.

I'm not sure why I was feeling blue yesterday, maybe lack of sleep and too much stress.



Katie, you're going to have such a blast !! I'm trying so hard not to be wildly jealous !:p I was looking for a green smiley!

Nina, the day will come when you and your DH can get back to the walks. Right now you are just stretched in a thousand directions and don't have the time !! I remember how it was with little ones.

We had a nice walk and then I did CCPP! So I definitely got my cardio in today!

When I woke up, I fixed a cup of green tea and then after our walk was drinking water and Dh said the water department had called while we were walking and left a message saying due to a water main break we have to BOIL ALL WATER for a minute before using !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope we don't get sick ! and I HATE having to remember to boil before using ! :mad::mad:
But my good guy got in his truck and went to the store and got me a bottled water to have for my workout (and a few extras), before he left for work !!!!:):):):)
I think I'll keep him.:p

Drinking my smoothie and still need to stretch !



What a fun-and very late night! I finally got home at 1:30 am!:eek: I didn't get a chance to workout when we got back from the movies yesterday so today I'm thinking either BM2 or HSC. We have a graduation party and a b-day party later this afternoon and tomorrow the girls are in a parade and then have day 1 of dress rehearsal. Busy!

Kate, have fun running! You'll do great! 30 months of no ttom?! Wow! I suppose you are due!

Becky, Darrin always works a 1/2 day on Saturdays-blah.

Katie, I wouldn't bother with the weights on vacay either-just make it a very active vacation-you can do push ups, dips, walking lunges, squats, steps ups, etc. and bring travel fit and maybe a kb video?

Nina, what are you doin gfro date night? I so need one of those!

Robin, the gym followed by TJ Maxx would certainly brighten my day! Hope it does for you too!


Good morning!:)

I slept in 'til 8:30.:D Even DD said I set a record!:D Yday was busy and I guess it hit me hard w/our first day of summer.

Katie, have fun at the beach! It will be good for you to relax. I would also take Travel Fit w/band and 10's.

Nina, I'm with you on the PT. I'm impressed by your long runs. Is that with kids in tow?? Have fun on date night!

Becky, sorry about the water. That's a pain. Enjoy your day with DH. The am will go fast.:)

Robin, Hope you feel better today.:) Shopping always takes my blues away.:p

Kate, Have fun at the race! And sorry about the timing of TTOM.:( I'm still nursing (trying hard to stop) and can totally relate to the 1800s as Robin said, LOL!

Klaudia, Glad you had fun last night! Have fun w/your busy weekend ahead!:)

We have 3 parties to take the kids to today!:eek: Why are they always on the same day?!! Oh well, at least soccer and baseball won't be interfering now that they're over.

Off to do some cardio...maybe CCC?

Happy Saturday!


robin, your wo sounds good. not sure why we get the blues, but mine are so much worse when i am not rested. glad today is better.

becky, you def got your cardio in. sending healthy vibes your way!

klaaudia, sounds like a good night last night. i vote for bm2 - that workout is so fun. i hate when dh works on the weekends.

i got a lot done this morning, but i am discouraged as i started organizing the garage. we have so much stuff we keep carting around, i hate it! i want to throw things away in the worst possible way. the fact we will most likely move in another year just makes it worse too, you know? off to the pool shortly....


hi gals, sorry for missing another day of check in but I had a REALLY good reason this time! it was DHs bday and we ended up acking up and heading 3 hours north to a folk festival he wanted to get to. it turned out to be a great day but started rough because he was in a bad mood getting ready and the whole drive. i guess one yr older ill do it to you?

yday WO was combat and then flow

b - my prot smoothie
l - frozen lean cuisine cuz we were headed out the door
d - some sort of blk bean/br rice mex casserole thing with a side salad. im sure more cals than i have doing but overall clean and good.

so a trainer at the gym just offered me a few free sessions! i guess someone bought a pkg with her and now is injured and said they would just donate the sessions. she kind of whispered it to me in the locker room... did i want to train with her... and i was like HEEEEEEEEHAW YUP!!!!! mostly strength work, some with KBs (!!!!!!) so probably i will cut down on the bodypump classes per week while i work with her.

klaudia, glad you had a great time! i vote for BM2, in case you care =) busy weekend for your gals -- try to enjoy! lets see pics of that parade!

nina, date night sounds awesome, tell is about your plans. does your DH not want to throw things away? if theres anything you never even unpacked during your last move, i say start with that! its amazing how much stuff we amass... i am living with a tiny fraction of my things here in CA and truly the only things i miss are from my kitchen back home =)

becky, so sorry for the boil water order, that really stinks =( whats your smoothie today?

kate, have fun runnin! 30 months w/o TTOM is such a blessing =) think i got mine back the second month pp, crazy.

robin, have fun at the gym! hope your bugaboo/no-show gym buddy is no prob anymore. which machines do you use for LB?

julie, how old is your youngest? mine is 21 mos and he decided he was done nursing 2 weeks ago, a lot of mixed emotions for me. hope you get to wean soon if that is what you want! gotta love all the summer kids parties =) hop its not too stressful and maybe turns out to give you an hour or two to yourself or with less kids anyway.

katie, have a blast!!!!!!!!!! ITA with robin, do some power walking and take travel fit or try some other body weight WO like zuzanas or something.


It's been a lazy day for me, but I had a great time at the ball park last night with my brother, SIL and a friend. Our team won in the 11th inning! It was a very exciting game at the end. Then there were fireworks, which I love. And the weather was perfect; sunny, but not too hot.

Wendy, a folk festival sounds fun. I'm going to this local thing called the Festival of the Sun later today.

Nina, have fun on date night!

Julie, 8:30 is great! I love sleeping in, but don't do it well anymore.

Klaudia, sounds like you had a fun night last night. I may be over to see my dad next Friday and I'm thinking of staying over. I will let you know.

Robin, sorry for the blues, I can totally relate, tho. I have been in a bad funk all week.

Katie, enjoy! I wouldn't take any dumbbells, I always treat vacation as a rest week, but you all know how lazy I am.

Kate, how was the run? And what does chillaxin entail today?

Hi to everyone who follows! I *have* to get some stuff done before I go today. Like clean out my refrigerator. It's disgusting. Truly. Maybe I should get off my butt and go do that, huh? Have a good Saturday, everyone!


P.S. I found out from my brother last night that my dad might have pneumonia again. Yippee!


julie, we posted at the same time earlier - good job with the sleep in. i run at 4:45 in the morning, well before my small guys are up, unless i am on the tm.

wendy, have fun at the festival. what is your recipe for the rice thing? sounds good!

anne, sorry for the funk all week. maybe you need something to look forward to, though i am not trying to trivialize what you are feeling with your dad. that just is tough.

swim this am at the base - finn went off the slide! i am frustrated i am not getting more done, but i will do some yoga and try to relax, and try to get dh on board with unpacking his junk. wendy, i just goodwilled a box we carted from our maine homes basement but never unpacked - we do not need it! i will do more of that this week. bbl


Becky sorry about the water. Where I live we only drink filtered or bottle water because the tap water is too high in potassium, which is bad for the kidneys I think.

Klaudia how exciting a parade. Take pics plz.

Julia 3 parties in one day, they will sleep good tonight

Nina ever think of having a garage sale?

Wendy YAY free trainer!!! One of my gym buddies (Ms. Lazy) is getting better but she still trys to shorten our workout, so I just tell her when you are done just go home. I'm staying.:cool: She said she feels bad because she is not a good gym buddie. So go home :eek:

Anne sorry about your dad. Glad the weather was good for the game.

Nina I feel the same when I don't do all that I have planned.

Workout was good a sweaty mess. I am feeling better today. Thanks ladies.



Hi Everyone!

I finished my insanity rotation!!! Woohoo!!! It was really tough to get motivated to do it but I am glad it is over. I did PCC and Cardio Abs followed by Legs & Glutes standing work. Need to do some organizing this weekend but otherwise a pretty quiet weekend.

Katie, I wouldn't take any weights - just do bodyweight exercises while you are on vacation.
Kate, hope you had a great run. I can't believe TTOM picked now to come back.
Nina, I have stuff still in boxes from when I moved here 10 years ago. DH and I need to go through that stuff.
Robin, glad you are feeling better today. A good workout always help.
Julie, hope you survive the birthday parties. Are you good at avoiding the cake?
Anne, sorry to hear your dad is may have pneumonia.
Klaudia, I vote for BM2 because that is one of my favorites. I have that one scheduled for Monday.
Wendy, free PT would really rev up your weight loss. That's so great that someone was willing to donate it.
Becky, that's so frustrating that you have to boil water. I hope you don't get sick.


So I took everyone's advice and did BM2. I am fried! Talk about a detox workout! We decided to only go to the b-day party since the other one is an hour away. We'll just send a gift with my parents;)

Julie, you're even busier than me today! Have fun at the parties!

Nina, I'm lucky that Darrin is a purger-he loves to get rid of stuff!

Wendy, how cool about the free sessions! So jealous!

Anne, hope your dad's ok. Definitely let me know about next week!

Robin, glad to hear things are better today:)

Colleen, congrats on completing Insanity! What an accomplishment!

Off to shower and get ready for the party! I'll see you all tonight!


Colleen ^5s on finishing rotation!!!!

Impulse shopping done and I didn't buy much, just some odds and ends.


Morning ladies!! I am up VERY early, sipping my coffee, while the rest of the house sleeps. Wake up call is in 15 minutes!

I didn't sleep well last night - a combination of excitement and a growing belly I think. Speaking of the growing belly - I am 17 weeks - you all need a belly pic!! This week for sure!

We are leaving around 6 am and it should take no more than 3 hours to get there. We are gonna stop at the farmers market for fruit and other fresh stuff, then stop again for pancakes once we are in kill devil hills.

Yaayyyyyyy - so excited! Btw - heat index today is supposed to be 105!!!


Good Morning Girls !

Katie, HAVE FUN !!!!!! You're in the car now, heading to Paradise !!:cool:
I hope it's the best vacation ever !!!

Today's a rest day for me. Going to stock up on fresh fruits and veg today. I've let everything run almost completely out. I need smoothie fixin's too ! CAN'T run out of THAT !!!:eek: lol

Yesterday dh, dd and I took a ROADTRIP to Indiana and looked at more 5th Wheels. Had a great day........found some we'd take in a heart beat. Wish they didn't cost as much as a condo on the beach !!!!!!!:eek::confused: Well, practically !

Another hot one today!

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