((( c&t & warrior-dashing babes - thursday )))


Morning Kate and Julia! Morning everyone else!

Sorry I have been so sporadic these past few days. I am just soooo tired all the time, been oversleeping a lot and missing workouts, and my evenings are super busy. Today should be better (less to do), but I slept too late this morning to wo. MUST WO THIS EVENING!


Good Morning Girls !

Kate- I hope not TOO early! I love today's title ! I wish we were all doing the dash!

DH agreed to try out walking 30 minutes before work, so we are getting ready to go. Then it's STS legs for me !

Katie, we posted at the same time........Hello!!!!


Katie, No worries! We'll just take your quick hellos for now that you & SkunkETTE are a-ok! Sorry for so tired. I was that way when preg w/ Ju...could fall asleep in a wink.

Becky, Your DH is doing awesome! Mike's been running some mornings and is really enjoying it. Today he got up at FOUR so he could get his run in before he had to go get they guys routed out.:eek: Um, no thanks for me!:p

I'm having my sister Libby come over this morning so I can go do some errands solo. Sams w/ all 3 kids doesn't sound very appealing!:p This afternoon Julia & I have drs appts w/ my witch dr.:p G&Is will come with. Then it's home to make dinner and GET PACKIN! I am sooooo excited to go to IL!

Eats were mostly good yday w/ 2 good Wos...hopign for the same today!


Morning again!

Becky, I am jealous of all your walking with DH. I hope that Chris and I can do some of that when we go to the beach.

Kate, yay for vaca! What are you guys doing in IL?


I'm so excited for you Kate !! You'll have a blast !!

Walk - check
STS Legs disc 9 - check
and I'm getting ready to add on Amy Bento's abs
then smoothie time ! :)


Becky, I'm crazy-excited! I will NOT be able to sleep tonight!:D
Great, active morning for you!

Clean bfast - veggie omelet & some fruit.


Wow, how long has it been, am I still welcome here? :eek: Sorry I've been so MIA, I've been super busy. Yesterday and Tuesday I spent with my Dad for some appointments, but I should be back to my regular schedule for a while now. At least I hope so. What did I miss?

Kate, you are going to have so.much.fun. Where are you shopping? The Magnificent Mile? Be sure to check out the Eddie Bauer, I got my favorite pair of jeans there for $20. And the dash will be so great! I'm jealous.

Becky, how was STS legs? And your walk?

Katie, how much longer till you get to go to the beach? Did you get your new bathing suit?

Hi to everyone who follows! I will try to check in again later today. Mwah!




No workout yesterday so it'll be my rest day for the week. And I indulged in too much chocolate:eek: Blah! At least eats were clean and I didn't snack. This afternoon I'm having my neighbor, her mom, and my mom and grandma over for lunch:) I'm not cooking-I ordered Serbian spinach and cheese pie and I'm making a salad. Then I have to take the girls to dance later this afternoon.

Katie, you're not excited or anything, are you?;) Darrin used to get up early to workout, but no more! It amazes me that he's 38, loves his beer but has the flattest stomach I've ever seen-even at night!! He actually wants to gain weight!

Katie, no worries on the check ins! You have a more important job right now-making sure skunkette is growing!:)

Becky, I'm jealous of your walks with dh too! So nice to be done with your workout for the day.

Anne, we've missed you girl!


Good Morning Everyone!

Woke up this morning and did not feel 100%. My stomach is a little upset and I am not sure why. Workout was core cardio balance and extended stretch. I had hoped to do core cardio recovery but I ran out of time.

Nina, sorry DH is not able to help more. Maybe you can get some things done this weekend.
Clintonya, good luck with the audit prep. Hope your migraine went away.
Wendy, great job on the workouts! Did you rent the bodybug?
Kate, sorry for the early wakeup. I am so excited for your trip. You will have a blast.
Katie, you need the rest - don't worry about the check-ins.
Becky, that's great that you and DH are doing am walks. Hope he likes it.
Klaudia, sorry about the chocolate - it is really hard to resist. Good idea to order lunch so you can relax and enjoy.
Anne, we've missed you and hearing about TCB!


Okay, Colleen, I told TCB I'm going to stay with him the week after the Cathe road trip. He's checking his schedule, but I think it might be a go. The week of 7/5 is off because of his work, so that's a downer, but oh well.

Klaudia, I posted in the shoes thread and then I found these:


look familiar? I have a pair of shoes very similar to those, but they're Steve Madden, so a more reasonable price. And I got them on sale. They're surprising comfortable, though, and I can wear them all day with no pain. Fun, huh?

Nina, I missed your move, how is it going?

Clintonya, good luck on the audit.

Wendy, whazzup?

Did we lose Lisa? And where's Angie? Jet setting, I presume. I'm so jealous.



Klaudia, too cute! How do they wear? Are they pretty comfy?

Have fun at lunch; I'll be by for leftovers.


i cannot believe it is not still morning. we hacve been working so hard, the day is flying, and i am dragging ridiculously:( i woke up this am so tired, i just wanted to stay in bed, but then i could not sleep - still getting used to a new room. so far dh and i have gotten a lot done, though, and i had a good run and did dwp. eats are clean now after a total bump bump bump fall off the wagon yday.

kate, you sound so excited. tell me what is happening with j while you are away?

katie, hope today is lighter for you.

klaudia, i think it is totally reasonable to indulge in chocolate if everything else is under wraps. my problem is the choc leads to icecream which leads to... you get the idea!

anne, move is going well, but it is so tiring, and so challenging with 2 monkeys underfoot.

colleen, feel better soon. great wo!

becky, walking with dh sounds really nice. we do evening walks with the kids around the block. i hope in a few years the walks can be considered exercise.

i need a nap so badly. i think dh is going to the store, but i also really want to do my yoga. i work tomorrow and iwll not have time. ah well, we will see. bbl


So busy! and had fun lunching and visiting w/ my sister Lib too:D

Nina, Ju will just behome w/ Mike. Re nursing: I'm taking my pump in case my cups runneth over:p:p:p at least I'll have a nice rack for Warrior Dash pics! LOL!


kate, lol @ your rack, you will be one HOT warrior mama =) i have had NO pain or engorgement since JJ stopped nursing (day 5 now I think) so I'm wondering if my milk was actually gone and he was sucking on a dry boobie! no wonder he refused it!!!!!

anne, you are ALWAYS welcome, no matter what! i have been a less-than-regular poster myself.

nina, you sound pretty good considering! moving is so stressful, take it easy on yourself.

colleen, my appt for the bodybugg is manana. will let ya know how it goes!

klaudia, LOVE those shoes!!!!! i have been so good about not shopping but shoes and bags are always tempting since I don't have to worry about them not fitting later. will need to shop soon, though--three of my pants are going bye-bye for falling off me, yippee =)

katie, when is your beach trip? are you gonna show off skunkette in a bikini?

becky, congrats to your DH, major accomplishment and sounds like he is sticking with it!!

b - banana choc prot smoothie
l - chili
d - prob quinoa salad, stick with what works, ya know? and DH is being a really good sport as far as my high prot low carb clean eating is going

went to body pump and then tried to stay for the cardio/ball and bands class but my knee is funky today. def will go back for spin later, though.


Wow, where did the day go? I'm off to books and beer in a couple; I'm looking forward to it.

Kate, have a GREAT time!

Wendy, way to go on the pants falling off! Don't you love that feeling?

Nina, take a nap, woman! I took one on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.

Okay, I'll be better about posting from now on (have you heard that before?). I MEAN it this time! Oh, and I think I'm going to see TCB the week after the Cathe road trip. I already told you that, but we talked about it again today and it seems as though it will work. Yippee!



PACKMAX & get the house ready for Mama to be gone-MAX!

Wendy, TOO SAD abt JJ suckling a dry gazonga!

Anne, YAY TCB!


Kate, this is the image I have of you and your bazooms at the race: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i313/odinsman/Viking Stuff/viking_woman_warrior-1.jpg

I got SS lower body blast and an almost 3 mile walk with my neighbor done!

Colleen, hope you feel better!

Wendy, way to go on the way too big pants!

Anne, for $30 the shoes are great! Not going hiking in them, right?;) How exciting about TCB!

Clintonya, hope the audit went ok!

Nina, you're doing great-another move with two toddlers?! And you're managing to fit in workouts! Awesome!

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