Kate, I just remembered I can't go to the zoo on Friday-I have to head up to the cottage to be there for the bunk bed delivery:( Let's just hope Thursday is nice!!


Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been hard for me to keep up today. I found out this am that a friend lost her dh to cancer. It's been a long battle, but still so very sad. She has two young daughters.

I did get a wo in before hearing the news (No More Trouble Zones) but eating has been off track.

Will try to catch up later with personals. Hope you are having a good day everyone, and keeping cool. It is super hot here today, too.



hi becky! long time, no see, lol =)

julie, so sorry to hear of your bad news, i hope you are able to be with your friend some for support.

my eating since TTOM has been meh and my belly is telling me all about it! so back on track.

b - choc banana prot shake
l - chili

yday WO was spin and yoga and then back for combat in the PM. today was yoga and then a crazy KB circuit with the trainer. serious stuff, right now my back, shoulders, obliques are screaming and i feel DOMS in my glutes and hams sneaking up on me.... oh boy, tomorrow will be LOVELY =)


robin, i bet you wont be calling penneys for extra hours anytime soon =)

angie, when do you get results? hope you are doing some more traveling, that should keep your mind off of it anyway.

anne, ikwym about all the beaurocracy... its a bunch of bs and im sorry you have to deal with it when whats going on is difficult enough =(

kate, salsa aint so bad! but i know that "full" feeling all too well. ive had my eye on the first PB for ages, its super cheap on deepdiscountDVDs... should i do it???? 9 know how much you love it.


nina, I am always jealous of new mommies and their amazing little creatures but the idea of being pg right now freaks me out. 10 miles in the humidity... YOWZA!!!!

angie, sorry, i missed the results from your mamo first time round. SO SO glad they found nothing serious but you are right, a 2nd opinion never hurts.

klaudia, ikwym abt eats and TTOM... i fell off the wagon pretty hard this weekend. back on together!

clintonya, i HATE comp probs, so sorry!!!
Katie, hope you get your computer back soon! Glad you had a great time on your vacation :D:D

Angie, glad you had a good time w/your visitors. I remember when Autumn was younger she would have a friend that came over and by the time she left I was exhausted :) I know you can’t wait to see the baby :) :)Glad the results are looking good so far. Did I miss that it was your anniversary too??

Kate, I know it’s way, way late, but happy anniversary and congrats on being a decathlete!!!:D:D Glad you all had a wonderful time at Lake Michigan! Salsa has lots of veggies :)

Robin, sorry for the fd!! I hope it ended fast!! I know you will be glad to get to your new job!!

Wendy, me too about the cycles getting shorter, mine are closer by 4 days!! I see those doms are still there for you :) I hate the computer problems too! Just when I think it is fixed it is something else. Seems like there was some kind of power surge that messed up way too many things!!

Anne, I am glad your dad will not have to have the open heart surgery. Hope the in-home care can get worked out. You are a socialite w/your 2 parties :) And I am pretty sure rowing counts as a w/o :D

Nina, sorry you are feeling so tired today, I hope you can get to bed a little early tonight.

Colleen, we decided to change our reservations from arlington and stay in white plains and go to nyc from there. The Amtrak train fare was costing too much, so we will have to get together another time :( I am sure we will plan to come that way because we really enjoy the northern va/dc area. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Great job on running and gs legs in the same day :)

Klaudia, great job on working out while you were away :) I have been dealing w/the ttom cravings too!! Sorry about the fd, I am the same way!

Becky, your getaway sounded fun! Glad your dr’s appt went well.

Julie, hope your youngest is feeling better. I am sure it is hot where you are too! I am sorry to hear about your friend’s dh, I will keep them in my prayers.

Back to the heat again here, 3 days of 100+ temps!! We have our internet back :D:D The weekend was pretty good, dh had to work Saturday morning. After that we went to costco and to take a walk. The 4th of July is always a little bittersweet since that would have been my parents 47th wedding anniversary. Workouts have been pretty good, better than the eating, though it hasn’t been that bad. Since Fri I have done Drill Max, Gilad Power & Grace, and LIC. Waiting until 8:40 so I can leave and pick up Autumn from dance. Hope everyone has a good night!



Yay! I did 2 workouts! I did back/chest/legs and standing abs and a 35 minute ss hill climb on the treadmill! Eats are on despite having nothing in the house. Feels good!

Julie, so sorry to hear about your friend. So very sad.

Becky, glad your mini vacation went well.

Robin, that's hilarious about your boss!

Wendy, I'm with ya! Awesome workouts!!

Clintonya, We have that nasty weather here too-blech! Great workouts! I am not missing dance right now! We start back up at the end of the month for a 2 week intensive.

Gonna shower and watch a movie with my guy:)

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