#### c&t lovelies - thursday ####


Kate that sounds DELISH !!!!!!!!!!!

I am having a salad (with cherry tomatoes from our garden, blueberries & strawberries and avocado) and can't resist, am CRAVING hummus and Stacy's pita chips. MMMMMMMMM


Kate, You cracked me up, but I agree; you DO NOT suck! We all do that. I'm 43 and have not grown wiser with age in that department. :eek::p:D Sounds like you have a winner for a husband. So sorry about Gina. Hope the rest of you stay healthy. Would love your recipe.

Becky, that is the midwesterner in you making cookies for the garbage men! Makes me miss the MW (I'm from IL). Be careful in that heat. Cute story about the buns of steel.:)

Klaudia, thanks. I hear ya on the health scares. Choc and PB are one of my many weaknesses.:eek: Good Luck with the fd.

Angie, just bat your pretty eyes and you will get on that flight for sure!;) I'll be praying that you do. WTG on the 4#! Wow, that was fast. I had to check out TF after reading your post. Don't know if I could keep up:eek: but it looks awesome!

So they were told at the ultrasound that they couldn't see anything because the gallbladder was contracted, which would normally indicate he had eaten something. But he didn't!:confused: I put a call in for the dr. but am still waiting. Sigh. I hate to put him thru this again!:(

Getting ready for a clean lunch. Have a great afternoon everyone!


Here's the link to the recipe:
I just made the filling and put it over spinach & romaine. THis is so good! I did make them into eggrolls for Mike and he loved them. My sister Libby made the dip and said it was awesome but I don't like cold dips like that so I can't comment on it.

Becky, YUMMY FOOD! And I could eat a whole bag of Stacy's in one sitting!:eek:

Julie, So sorry abt the u/s! NOT FAIR for your poor little guy!
Enjoy your clean lunch!

Headed down for GS shoulders. Cardio/leg tonight....never happened last night - got too busy w/ barfmax.:eek:


never got here this am due to computer troubles:(

julie, sorry you did not get any concrete info. hope the dr calls you soon.

angie, mny word you drop weight fast!! i hope the flight works for you. it would be nice to be there extra when it is such a short visit.

becky, be careful in this heat. and so nice of you to bake.

kate, i missed it - who threw up last night? is your household sick? and ditto what mike said - you are just great!!

klaudia, ahhh choc and pb - love it too. enjoy your wo today - i am leaning toward some of those workouts.

well, i did 6 miles of speed intervals and hills - it was tough. also have ccc on tap, but we will see. i caved and got the boys ic sandwiches - had 1 myself. if that is it for the day, that will be fine. i am so super anxious right now with lots of fd. it is silly, but i find myself eating constantly when i am anxious. anyways, it is stopping now for sure, b/c it is not helping my anxiety, and i am tired of having a full tummy!! i started hooked on phonics with finn this morning. he is wizzing thru it and loves it! it is so fun to watch him learn and read and see how proud he is of himself. in fact, he is reading aidan his naptime story today;) better get them down, but i will be back later to account for all the ic sandwiches left in the house:p


Nina, Gina puked. Just once and then she was all better. She was queasy this morning but is just fine now, thank goodness!
IC sandwiches....at least those are portion-controlled! :D Pretty hard to nibble that away all day.
Sorry for the FD - makes me totally LOSE my appetite. We've got some right now and I am NOT pleased. Maybe I should think abt it some more & I won't want to snack!:p:p:p

GS shoulders are done. Dang! Does that woman know how to fry a muscle! I love the weight work followed by the band. Soooo good!

Kate, hope Gina feels better! I can’t wait to get back into my pajamas I know how you feel because this week hasn’t been good for me as far as eating either, but we are going to stay positive :D:D

Julie, sorry for your lack of sleep! It must have been something going on last night, my youngest told me she couldn’t sleep because she was scared someone was going to break in. Sorry about the trouble at the ultrasound.

Becky, sorry about not feeling well after being in the heat! Our temps are a little lower today, but the humidity is higher so it doesn’t feel good at all outside.

Klaudia, I had a choc. chip muffin last night!! Have fun w/bootcamp :)

Angie, hope you can make your flight tomorrow! I remember staying at my grandmother’s w/ no a/c, it is no fun at all!! Yea for your weight being down :D:D

Nina, glad finn is enjoying hooked on phonics, it’s great when they enjoy learning :)

Today is a rest day - we were going to take a walk while Jasmin was at dance. Today is just an hour so it isn’t worth it coming home. The humidity seems to be really bad, so I hope it doesn’t feel too bad to walk for about 45 min. I need to get to a better mindset for eating better, because I have been so unmotivated this week. Hope everyone has a good afternoon.



Just finished lunch-strawberry spinach salad with blue cheese and almonds and light raspberry walnut vinaigrette:) and a few bbq kettle chips:eek: I've been cleaning all day and still have more to do but I want to get everything done before the weekend so I can enjoy it in peace! I will workout this afternoon!

Julie, so sorry about the doctor's appt. I hope you can get everything figured out.

Kate, those look delish! But way too labor intensive for me! I am more of a 5 ingredients or less kinda girl:) Love the comment Mike made! D's like that too-very complimentary;)

Becky, your lunch inspired mine! And I LOVE pita chips and hummus! Mowing in this heat?! Wow! I can't even sit in it! Glad you decided to stop.

Angie, hope you get that flight! And WAY TO GO on the 4#s!!


klaudia, what brand of salad dressing is that? it sou nds great. i wish i did my cleaning during the week but have a hard time with the boys underfoot, so i put it off until the weekend. gotta love this small house, though - i whiz right thru it. enjoy your wo.

clintonya, must be something about this week and the eats for sure. i feel better commiserating with you all as i know YOU GUYS get it back on track, so i can too!

kate, sorry for g but glad she is better. i love lo9ve weights then band. need more wos with them. and the recipe looks great but i am like klaudia and need fewer ingredients:eek::eek: sorry for the fd on your end. maybe i will just imagine mine makes me inappetant:p

off to do ccc, or some of it - i need an endorphin boost, and cathe is so much fun!


Nina, how old is Finn? I should get Nevena HOP-she's ready! I think you've done enough cardio for today:)

Clintonya, good way to spend your rest day. Hope the weather cooperates!

Speaking of fd-my mom and dad are angry with me and D because d never got around to saying hello to my grandma at the girls' recital. Nevermind that they came in 45 minutes into it! They think he's got some sort of issue. And my mom is upset that I haven't been to see her kitchen since they started the remodel or that D hasn't been by in 5 months to see them or the house. Oh, and I haven't offered to help my mom with the packing/organizing. Now how many times do I offer and get turned down(not today, I'm not ready, etc.) before I stop offering? And I told them I'd come when it's done to see the completed project! Am I supposed to bring 3 kids into a war zone? Ugh. I hate this! Sorry to dump on you guys.


oh klaudia, hugs!! sounds like your parents are picking fights. i hate that. my sister, who happpens to be married to dh's cousin, is getting ready for his whole family to descend ( mine too, if you can catch that relation) in 10 days. and get this - they are all staying at my parents home, from when they are married, that is now on the market. it freaks me out b/c i have not been there since we moved back and my parents separated and divorced. it feels really weird that they are having some big reunion at my former home. i don't know.... just rubs wrong. and yes, i did enough cardio:eek: finn just turned 4. per angie's recommendation, i got finn the kindergarten phonics package. they have all different levels. the beiginning of the book says they need to know their letters (upper and lowercase) and the sounds for this particular level. i am sure your small one is ready. it is fun. each lesson starts with a short video, then a unit in the book. i got mine on amazon.



Hi everyone, I only have a sec but wanted to let you know I just talked to the dr. and he said he's optimistic. He said Joseph could have passed the gallstone and wasn't too worried. But since they couldn't see it on the u/s he wants to see him again in 3 months. The good thing is, he is not having any acute pain and his blood work was normal.

Thanks for listening.:)



Sorry girls no time to talk. I need a napmax (((Klaudia)))

Had a busy day at penney's and BTW the first week of August is tax free weekend!

My coworkers was fighting about me. Some of them wanted a good bye luncheon and others wanted to get me a gift card :rolleyes: really I don't want anything...none of the above. Just let me goooooo

see ya


Hi Ladies! Today is soooo much better than yday! Thanks for all the pep-talks this morning! I even escaped pizza for dinner & had more of my yummy salad!

Got out to do a couple errands - Laura took the girls to the park so I was SOLO! It was wonderful!

Mike is taking a short nap then I am going to do my WO. I think the cardio/leg from HSCh and something else too....or maybe that 2x. I don't remember how long that one is...

Girls! That filling is so easy to make! There's just a little prep work but then it comes together so fast & simple!

(((Klaudia))) Boo. Sorry for the FD. You are a cleanin' machine!

Nina, Cardio Queen! That ic sandwich doesn't stand a chance!:D
That does seem a bit odd to all meet up for happy-happy there. I'm with you!
WTG Finn! that's great! I still need to order Rosetta Stone!!

Julie, Glad Joseph got a good report! Thanks for letting us know!

Robin, It's nice to be loved, huh?!
That tax-free wkend is so cool! Wish Michigan had that!


Robin, it's good to be loved isn't it?

Nina, CCC on top of interval runs- you are amazing. Think I will also order hop for Joseph now that you mention it.

Klaudia, so so sorry abt the family issues- they are so hard. Hugs to you.

Clintonya, hope you had a good rest day. Your poor dd- what an awful thing to fear.

Kate, thanks for the yummy recipe- saving it for a weekend. Sounds like a winner for dh.:D Hope the eats are still good.

Becky, Stacy's pita chips don't last long here.

Angie, safe travels if you read this before leaving.

Colleen, Wendy and Katie, hi!

Made it through the pet store w/out coming home with a hamster (this time;)). So far clean eating, but dh is gone tonight so we'll see.:)


Julie, LOL @ the pet store! My girls want a fish but I don't want to clean the bowl and I don't want an aquarium. We'll see....
DH traveling for work?

WO is done and I am sweaty! I forgot how fun HSCh is. Did the abs from it too.:D Now to get all these girls to bed so I can chillax w/ Mike!:D


you guys were so chatty today! super busy day for me and then it hit me that Im headed home on the 20th for a week, with my music fest in the middle and my ODS returning from camp. YIKES. all of a sudden im freaking about travel plans, packing, how the house will look, how JJ will react, etc... ack!!!

ate pizza tonight for dinner. its been a week of not so great food choices for me. at least the lbs are not up, i checked today. but neither are they down...

did yoga this morning, plus my chest and tris are on FIYAH from session with the trainer today. I feel terrible because she would like me to buy some sessions with her but I really can't. She's giving me one more next week, so 4 free. I plan to do back/shldrs/bi's on my own tomorrow plus combat. and hopefully we can do that crazy KB workout one more time next week =)

personals will have to be in the morning, and anyway y'all are asleep!!!!! nighty night!

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