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Workout is done! I highly recommend KCM 30 Minutes to Fitness Bootcamp. I did the doubles premix-about 55 minutes. It's 2 minutes of cardio followed by 2 minutes of weights-compound moves, kettlebell inspired exercises, planks, etc. It went by fast! Now to shower, have lunch, and go visit our neighbor then my parents tonight:)

Julie, cute pic!

Colleen, I had that kind of run the other day-ran 2 miles with a 5 minute walk break in between when I was only planning on 3 minute intervals:) Great job!

Clintonya, glad you were able to get that walk in! Did you make up your mind about HSC?

Hi Anne, Katie, and Wendy!


I'll have to preview that WO, Klaudia! Sounds great!

I just finished Imax2 - what a BLAST! Haven't done it in years! I am having so much fun pulling out all these workouts that I haven't done in a coon's age!:p GS biceps tonight.:cool:


kl, ok, we're about matched on the pizza intake =) love KCM 30MTF too! i have bootcamp, KB, and cardio blast, even brought them with me to CA (and i didnt bring many) but found i cant do cardio in this apt...there's crazy thick shag on the floors...

kate, thanks for setting up a FB group, i'll get on FB a little later. so so sorry about your vaca =( but i guess new DVDS lessen the blow.

clintonya, glad you're getting through the workday quickly! dont have HSC but it sounds like y'all like it =)

colleen, back on track today! i cant imagine running that much out in the heat, you and nina both.

nina, that stinks your DH didnt get the job. the right thing will come along in time. you asked about the gym yday... i dont always go 2x a day, just maybe 2-3x a week i do that, depending on the class and how im feeling.

becky, what was your smoothie this morning?

julie, glad to hear your DS doesnt need to be seen again for a while. did you get your WO in yet?
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kate, LOL @ no nosy in-laws on our FB group =)

anne, you asked about mango salsa, no recipe. just mixed up some mango, poblano, red onion and cilantro. this time i did the mango in big chunks with the pepper and onion minced. if not for the baby i would def use a hotter chile than poblano. at home i was making it with leftover mango puree cubes i had made for baby food. it was just as good just more "saucy" than chunky. i put it on fish usually (rubbed with cumin, coriander, s & p).


Wendy- smoothie is ALWAYS awesome ! I think I am obsessed ! I honestly go to bed thinking about my morning smoothie sometimes.:eek:

In case I did not get enough cardio today already with my 2 mile walk and DM...........my dd just asked me to go walk with her. And it is STILL humid, though not as high temps as we have been having. So off I go..................



Biceps are DONE! FRIED! LOVE IT! CAthe goes waaaay too light here! When *I* can top her in just abt everything you KNOW that woman should've gone heavier!:p

Wendy, Your salsa sounds so fresh & wonderful! I came across a pineapple one that Im itchin' to make!
Any fun weekend plans?

Becky, Have you melted yet?!??:D


kate great job with the workouts!! love a bicep fry fr sure.

wendy your mango salsa has me drooling for sure. sounds so so good. is dh going with you home?

klaudia now i want that wo. thinking about bob harper's too - did you read about those at all on vf or od?

becky you are an exercising feind today! hope it has cooled down?

clintonya, hope you got your wo in. when do yours go back to school?

julie hope you got your wo in too. are you guy doing a summer vacation?

my day went pretty well despite finn being a bit off. we ended the day by swimming at our former neighbor's. it was so good to cool off. i ate 1 ic sandwich only. i know i should have abstained but i would not have been able too. rest of eats were really on track so i will consider the day a success. i am really trying hard to remember that all is going as it should and i need to just go with the flow. so please remind me of that if i forget in the next bit of time:eek::D abs, brief floor work and some wonderful yoga did mangae to get done


Long day here. There should be a button for exhausted.:eek:

I don't have time to be as domestic as you all are, but I would like to be. :) Trader Joe's has a delicious pineapple salsa.:p

Kate, I have a long way before I top Cathe. You are in great shape.:)

Becky, that's funny, I dream about what workout I'm going to do the next day.:eek::D

Wendy, I highly recommend HSC (my wo for today). It is one of my fav's!

Klaudia, I have only one of KCM's DVDs (The Shape of Things to Come), but you are inspiring me to check out the 30 min. ones.

Clintonya, did you do HSC? I could do that a couple times a week.

The heat is finally breaking here. Getting ready for a walk with the fam (minus DD- she's playing w/a friend).

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!


We walked for an HOUR on extremely hills streets ! My clothes were stuck to me and both of us were breathless ! Great workout and my legs are already feeling tight .

All that exercise today, so I allowed myself a piece of marble cake with pb frosting that I made today and yum, it tasted good ! :)



Hi Nina! I didn't see your post sneak in. Great WO's as usual. I got mine in early today (HSC). Good job on your eating and positive attitude!!:D

Today wasn't one of my better days, but not horrible either.:)


Becky, That cake sounds deeeeeelicious!

Nina, Hang in there! Hope the wave of FD is over quickly! And NO SWEAT on the IC sand....150 cals or so....you did 3 workouts!!! It doesn't stand a chance!

Julie, Tomorrow is another day!:D

off to bed, but not to sleep!;):D


Thanks Kate. It was pretty good. See Nina ? I do 3 workouts and I feel I have earned junk food !! You torture yourself !!! STOP IT NOW !!!!!!! LOL Just kidding, but honestly , the way you work out, there's no way an ice cream sandwich is going to hurt you, even if you ate one EVERY DAY !!!

Heading off to bed soon. Yes, I KNOW it's Friday and some people are just going OUT but dh is working again tomorrow, so morning comes early. Good night !! :)

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