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Good Morning Girls !

Yes, Kate, it's Friday AND it's JULY !!!!!!! (My favorite month!!)

Circuit for me today. No morning walk because DH had to go in early. LIC is on tap and while I love it, I don't feel like a 75 min. workout, so I am looking through the workouts, looking for a sub.

Another beautiful day today! :) :)
Gotta love summer!!!


from last night:

Julie, Sorry for the carbs & IC! Been there, done that, will do it again!:p
Hopefully today's a good day for your baby! And you too!
SSS is a WO from Tracey Staehle. At first I didn't like it but I've gotten more use to her cueing and now I loooove this WO!
DeCathelete means you have over 10,000 posts.:eek: Oops!:p



our dumb microwave broke! So I have to take it to get repaired this morning. I hate wasting my time to do this since I almost NEVER even use it anymore but I suppose I should get it fixed in the event I want to use it. Mike bought micro popcorn and when he put it in and started it the dumb thing won't heat.:rolleyes: I think it knows how much I despise it and it's doing this on purpose!:p

Mike is going to be home early with a surprise for hte girls...He rented a giant inflatable double-waterslide for the day!!!:eek::eek::eek::D Not sure where he got the idea from but I'll tkae it! We are going to have so much fun today! It's going to be 80* & sunny so HURRAY!

Waterslidemax might end up being my cardio, or maybe I'll add on somehting after GS shoulders. We'll see how the day goes!

Better shower before my Indians awake! Well, the big girls will no doubt sleep til 8 (haaaalllllllelujah!) but The Chief will be up soon.:p


Becky, How about HSCh?
YAY for July! I love it too! I hope it goes nice & slow!:D Have a feeling it won't tho!:p


july will not be my fav month in florida i do not think:rolleyes: though i love our twice daily swimming. yday afternoon finn had a little tennis group thing, then we swam after. they play outside so much, i love it. this am i got up and did 10 miles and some legs. need to do bis tris and shoulders later, maybe p90x? eats m ust be clean and tidy as ttom is approaching.

kate, what fun to have a water slide for the day!

becky, i love the original boot camp. you could also do a premmix from bm2 - maybe the boot camp one?

early target trip before we go swim. bbl


Ack! You guys had GREAT ideas !!! I just couldn't come up with anything and found The VIPER and did it !!!!!!:eek:
Okay, so that was a SUB for LIC ?????:rolleyes:
What was I thinking ??:confused:
Anyway, I do love it. GREAT MUSIC.....so fun but also tough!!!

LOVE the double waterslide idea ! What fun !!!!

July always FLIES by with the speed of sound.
But Nina, I kind of understand what you're saying.
Just enjoy all that pool time !!! I'm jealous !

Smoothie time !:D Life is Good !;)


Nina, Yeah, I think FL in July would get kinda steamy!:eek::eek:
As always, awesome WOs!
Hope Ragetta is kind to you this month!:p

Becky, Glad you had a great WO! I think that DVD is the only Cathe I don't have. Do I need it?!
off to do our errands so we can come home quick to PLAY ALL DAY!!!!!


Good morning!

My little guy was up again. Ugh. At least the fevers are getting lower so hopefully he's almost done with this? I stayed up way too late too. But I'm sooo glad it's Friday!

Kate, There is so much I have to learn about these forums. I thought people gave those titles to themselves!:p What a fun idea with the water slide. My kids would go crazy. Thanks for the positive vibes.:)

Becky, circuits are my favorite so that would be a tough decision. HSC is one of my fav's, even the premixes get me.:eek:

Nina, 10 miles AND legs?! You rock! TTOM always brings a challenge for my eats too. Good Luck.:)

I'm due for Legs today and I think I will tack on the elliptical for stress relief. My cleaning people are coming today and that's a stressor in itself, but also a little cardio.:rolleyes:


I'm eating clean and within range today.;) Shooting for *5* days straight this time.:D

Have a great morning!


Hi Everyone!

I did a 3.5 mile run this morning following by 1/2 mile run walk (upset stomach). I am supposed to do CoreMax too so hopefully I will have time this evening. So, we are under a water restriction due a weakness found in a water main near my house. It amazes me the number of people who still water their lawns even though we are not allowed. Only about 1/2 the people that have automatic sprinklers turned theirs off this morning. Enough of my soapbox.

Anne, don't get me started about dr's offices. I hope your dad's appt goes well.
Robin, I hear you about giving up your discount. I hope the FD stays in check today.
Julie, sorry about the ic last night. Glad your lo is on the mend. Sending clean eating vibes today.
Kate, the waterslide sounds like a blast. Have fun with the family today.
Becky, wow the viper!!! You were brave this morning.
Nina, all that swimming sounds nice but I don't envy your morning runs. We have had a break in the heat and this morning it was 55 when I was running. So nice for a change.


morning y'all...

yday was not so great on the eating front. I also made strawberry IC at DHs request and cookies (for DH and also an instructors bday at the gym) and cannot WAIT to get both OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!! but I did make a big pot of chili that will carry me through a bunch of clean meals =)

yday WO was body attack, like hi-lo class with body wt exercises thrown in. I am ridiculously sore and I think its still from my tues session with the PT...is that even possible?!?! compounded of course by my classes in the 2 days since, lol. today im taking it easy, just spin later on.

kate, waterslide sounds super fun!!!!

colleen, its true theres tons of ppl who just don't care, also tons who just don't watch the news or read town notices!

julie, im so jealous of cleaning ppl! my DH freaks out at the idea.

nina, TTOM, no fun. sounds like you're powering through it though =)

becky, lol, viper a SUB for LIC?!?!?!

thinking of going for a walk in a bit with JJ... im feeling the need to keep moving even though my class options this AM were not possible considering my DOMS from outer space.


Hi again,

DH was home this am so I got a good wo in - Legs (downloaded STS disk 20 from rotation I'm doing- oh my!) and did 2 cycles thru CCC and about 15 min. on the elliptical. I feel so much better!

Wendy, gotta love those DOMS! I feel the same about IC in the house.
It took me years to convince dh we needed the cleaners. But every time they come I threaten to cancel because of the prep work!:eek:

Colleen, nice run-hope your upset stomach isn't still from being sick. Sorry about the water issue. Thanks for the positive thoughts.:)

Becky and Kate - we posted at the same time earlier. I'm envious of hearing about all your DVD's.:)

Kids are super wound up so we're going to attempt a drive out to a nice shaded park and go for a train ride.

Enjoy your afternoon!


i am so grumpy:(:( dh is off prepping for his interview, and i just want to veg out all by myself. how awful is that? also, my tm will not start, not that i need it today, but i will next week when dh is gone, and goodness knows when they can fix it, though it is under warrenty. i think i will go do p90x arms and hope to feel better.

julie, wtg on the wo and clean eats. i love ccc - must do it next week.

wendy, love how you say "just spin" . you are a maniac!

colleen, 55 sounds so great. but i was thinking this am as my shoes started squeaking with moisture at mile 5:rolleyes: that i am lucky i can run outside yearround, even if not pleasant.

becky, great wo. must try that next week, esp if my tm is still broken.

kate, how is the water sliding going?

eats are okay so far. i bought choc chips for cookies. lets see if i can NOT make any till at least thursday:rolleyes: swim this morning was fun, not sure of our afternoon plans. bbl


Hey ladies

Becky LIC is one of my fav. I only did the viber once.

Kate how is the chief doing? Funny about the microwave.

Nina did you get a deep discounts at Targets. I know the summer stuff is almost 70-80% off where I live.:)

Julie your cleaning peeps stress you out a little?

Colleen I with you with the watering lawn thing.What's more important during a stortage, your lawn or a bath.

Wendy ^5s on the clean eats.^5 on the Doms of outer space:D

I had to work this morning and I think my supr is a bit touched in the head. glad I only have one more week to deal with that.



Nina sorry about the grumps and tm. If it makes your feel better I read an article that stated York Pep Pattie is only 140 cals compared to sneakers, etc. why did I buy 2 of them and eat both :rolleyes: That's an 30min cardio session down the drain.


hi ladies! we are having so much fun &&&&&&& i avoided the ic i served up for everybody! i love having mike home- wish it could be like vaca everyday. :p laura brought our nephew over to play too - fun!

bbl for personals!


Quick drive by to let you know I got to see Klaudia at the beach today. She says hi to everyone! Dad's appointment went well and he is not going to have open heart surgery, which is what we all prefer and his doctor agrees. He is tentatively scheduled to be discharged from where he is now on 7/17 and we interviewed a woman today to do 24/7 in-home care. I have two weeks to get everything arranged, which should be plenty of time. I'll be back tomorrow, have a great night, everyone!


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