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Butts & Guts is one of my favorite workouts! A few years ago, I was doing a lot of Firm workouts (read: tons of leg presses on the tall step) in the hopes of giving my aging rear a better shape. What I found, after a couple of years of doing this, was that my butt looked fine if I happened to be squeezing my glute muscles, but it didn’t really look any better when I was just standing there relaxed. About 6 months ago, I got Butts & Guts and started doing portions of it once or twice a week (typically, either the standing leg work or the floor leg work as an add-on to a shorter-than-usual cardio workout). After about 3 months of doing this, I noticed that my butt did look rounder and perkier than before and – most importantly – that this was true even if I wasn’t flexing the muscles. This is so important! No one wants to put in all that effort only to find that they’d have to walk around with their cheeks clenched all day in order for their hard work to show.:confused:

Other things I love about the workout: the premixes and flexibility, the awesome music, and the calorie burn, which is lacking from a lot of barre-type butt workouts.

The exercises that feel the most painful/effective are the one-legged squats with one leg behind on the tall step, the no-equipment squat/lunge combo, the firewalkers, the walking lunges, and the floor work.

The only exercises which don’t seem to do much for me are the side-to-side lunges where you punch toward the floor (but perhaps this is meant to be more of an “active recovery”), and the deadlifts, even with my toes up on dumbbells. If I could change anything about the workout, I would replace those side-lunge-punches with the defensive squat/line-tap drill from Drill Max (I really feel those in the glutes), and swap the regular deadlifts with the deadlifts from Legs & Glutes, where you have one leg out in front of the other instead of side-by-side – those are much more effective for me.

General glute-exercise comment: I can never seem to get a barbell positioned such that it doesn’t hurt my neck when I do squats with a barbell. What I’ve taken to doing is putting on a 20-lb weighted vest, and then holding dumbbells on my shoulders to make a total weight that is close to what is being used in the video. This is so much easier for me and really takes the dread factor out of that exercise. If you are in fact considering doing some kind of “Butts & Guts Part II: Electric Boogaloo” video, you might consider a segment that involves doing some glute exercises while wearing a weighted vest. That would be new and different.

I realize I forgot to say anything about the ab segments; I use those too as add-ons to other workouts. I love the stability ball abs for days when I know I need to work my core, but can’t bring myself to do a “normal” ab routine.

I hope all our comments here have been helpful for you. You’ve helped us all so much, it feels good to be able to return the favor just a little bit.


I have to agree about those DOMS....I ALWAYS have DOMS after this workout.

I have a love/hate relationship with the floor exercises...Can you say ON FIRE??? When you do those pizza presses and go from the hands down to the elbows my legs/glutes are in pain -- the good pain!!! Then when you straighten the leg out and bring the knee into the elbow...OUCH!

Please make more DVDs like this one!!!

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Another vote for B&Gs!

So much has already been covered, so I'll keep it short.

This is also my "go-to" lower body workout. I've done it in it's entirety a number of times. The Leg Blast premix is the one I use most often (just did on Tuesday). The Floorwork Only premix sounds like it should be easy because you are on the floor - but going through everything twice. OMG!

I love the firewalkers and the add-on butt lifts on the ball. When I use my treadmill, I often do an ab section & the stretch from this DVD to finish my workout.

If you're considering B&G2, bring it on :D.

Thanks for asking!


I posted this over on FB, but so it's handy, here it is again :)

I LOVE B&G!! I love how you target all areas of the "cheek" as you say - deep, underside (if you will...lol), sides etc. I love the low pulse lunges (but hate them), the floor work is incredible and I use the ab routine all the time, even just on its own. LOVE the premixes too, but usually do it all the way through.


Top three things I like about Butts & Guts:

1. Firewalkers! I love them. Not sure if they made my butt look better (I need to clean up my eating before physical changes will take place), but my hips/outer glutes feel stronger and 'tighter' after doing them.

2. The mix of equipment/exercises - some with a barbell, some with dummbells, some with no equipment whatsoever. I really like the selection of exercises in this workout. I also really, really enjoy the bonus segments. I often add them to the 'lower body only' premix from Muscle Max or the 'lower body 2x's' premix from Push/Pull.

3. The premixes! I use the 'Leg Blast' premix the most (no barbell in that one, kind of fun!) but I utilize all of the premixes in this one.

As for the ab sections, the stability ball bonus ab section is my favorite stability ball abs segment of all time. I like the weighted ab segment too, but I do the stability ball one much more often because I just find it more enjoyable (and challenging). Love the planks with the elbows on the ball and the v-sits with the ball resting on the legs!!

I can't decide which is my favorite lower body workout of all - it's either Butts & Guts or STS Meso 1, Disc 6 (which is my favorite STS lower body disc, for sure).


Going against the flow somewhat here, I'm not that keen on B&G. I tend to choose other leg workouts in preference (GSL or L&G). I think it's because I'm not that keen on working my legs and when I do work them, I'd rather work the whole leg in one go rather than focus on butts. This was the DVD that helped me realise that. Having said that, I am glad I own it just for the variety.

I very rarely do it in its entirety because it's just too long for me. That said, I do like the premixes.

Premixes - great variety and use of the extras on the disk which really add interest. Stability ball abs are great and I really like that you added extra exercises on that aren't part of the main workout.

Presentation - the whole thing just looks good

Not enough little breaks. Other DVDs have short stretch breaks in between exercises but B&G doesn't and I don't always want to have to pause to stretch.

Not so keen on the ball work on the floor (I like the rest of the floor work).

Hope that's helpful!


I haven't done B&G in awhile, I like B&G, but I don't like pulses and low ends. I really don't see the benefit from those types of moves and my knees hate 'em. I personally don't feel like a muscle has to "burn" to get a benefits from an exercise. When I do B&G I do not do any pulses nor do I do the floor work (just not a floor work kinda gal!) B&G is a good workout, I just have to make quite a few changes to make it work for me. I like the music and the flow of the standing exercises. Abs: I can take or leave this section, but its nice to have Abs available on the DVD (and floor work for those that like floor work)
Thanks for asking for our opinions!


Hi Cathe!

I LOVE B&G. It's one of my favorite workouts!! I love the feeling I get during and just after the workout. It's that yummy good pain. The reminder the next day is also a fabulous thing. I attribute that DVD combined with your other fabulous workouts to dropping a pant-size. My son said to me the other day, "Mommy! You're shrinking!! You really are losing inches!!" :D I grabbed him and hugged him. What a beautiful way to start the day!

So, I think the other thing I love about B&G is that it truly targets deep into the muscles equally. You don't miss one muscle fiber I'm pretty darn sure of that!

Happy Friday!


Some thoughts I hope are helpful:
Love the variety of exercises, the focus on glutes in the leg work, and the fun pace.

I mostly do this one as filmed when I have the time. I love premixes but haven't done them on this dvd yet (I usually do premixes that are under 45mins). When my two little ones get a little older and I have more time to plan, I'll explore the longer premixes (that's the case with most of your workouts!).

With the leg work, I like both the standing and floor split. On low energy days or days I don't have lots of time, I'll do standing one day, then later in the week I'll do the floor work. I like it when you throw in exercises w/ no weights. I also like working with ankle weights. (I like using the band and the bar, as well. In fact, the floor work on PS Legs and Abs is one of my favorites).

I sometimes do the ab routines after other cardio workouts. I find 15-20min abs a bit long right now but often will find the time to do them anyway (usually on weekends). I generally prefer 10mins or less on ab routines. I would love a core dvd with at least six 7-10 min new routines (similar to ab hits but new!).

In a week where I only have time for a two-day split, I like to pair this w/ SS upper body (the 59min one where exercises are done twice).

There are always exercises that I like more than others. If you do one I don't enjoy so much (hint: stability ball!), I do it anyway! That's part of the challenge for me. So I don't want to be critical that way. Just keep the variety and creativity coming, Cathe!!


I've already posted in this thread, but this morning I had another thought about butt/leg/core workouts in general. I realized that one of my favorite of your lower body workouts, and one that is unique, I think, is the premix that intermixes Legs & Glutes and KPC. It got me thinking that a really cool new lower body workout that's maybe kind of Tonique-inspired would be one that combined lots of leg kick / kickboxing exercises with weighted squats, lunges, step-ups, and so on. B&G sort of has this feeling because of the hammer-thrust exercise and the side-to-side lunges, but I guess I'm thinking of more kickboxing moves, and maybe something close to an hour in length (like the STS Leg workouts)? Just an idea!


Sandi S

I tried B&G for the first time today

I've had Butts & Guts for a long time and always read how tough it is so I didn't try it. Well, I tried it this morning and it is tough but it's a do-able challenge. I love the mix of weighted exercise and non-weighted moves. The music is wonderful. The premixes give many different options to use the DVD.

I'm glad I have this gem of a workout and regret not using it until now.



This is my favorite lower body workout because I can always count on butt DOMS for a couple of days. It's a fun workout, did I really just say that, but so tough!

I've never done the premixes. I usually just do the standing part only. That's enough!

I also really like the guts workouts, but haven't done them in a long time, so I can't remember specifically why I liked them so much.

LOVE this workout!

ETA: The kickboxing stuff is my favorite!
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I like the fact that you don't use a real heavy weight. I find a heavy barbell on the shoulders is hard on my back. I just love this DVD because I feel it is a real challange for me. I would say i can complete about 85% of it. I also love Legs and Glutes again because there is not a lot of heavy barbell lifting involved. I would love to see a Butts and Guts 2 and with more band workouts... Thanks for all you do Cathe:)


I like Butts and Guts but I like Gym Style Legs more. I only do the premixes because I don't have time to do the entire workout. I would like to see something other than plie squats though - it seems like everything had squats and plie squats and I'd love to see more split squats and lunges with the hind foot on the bench. I LOVE the firewalkers. I like the walking lunges but don't love all of the dynamic plie squats and plyo lunges. I'm also not a huge fan of the pulses and low ends. I'd rather do three sets of 12/15 than endless sets.



Hi Cathe
Just did this one this morning so I can give you feedback. I haven't done it in awhile.
It was tough. I actually felt a little whimpy because there wasn't much weight used. But I felt it. I think I need to work on my muscle endurance. :confused:

I loved the band work-especially the firewalkers. The single leg squats (back foot on the bench) is my favorite 'love to hate' exercise. That gets me like no other!!
lots of variety and I loved the kickboxing thrown in for a spike in the heart rate.
I have never done the premixes.

It was a little to long though-:eek:. That is my only complaint.



Butts & Gutts feedback

Hi Cathe,
I LOVE Butts & Gutts. Everything about it is great. It flows well and seems seamless as I go about my routine with you and the ladies. However if I could ever do those "low pulse lunges" a miracle!! My legs look great because of this particular sequence and I do better with low weights and higher reps. I also love the pre-mixes as I feel spoiled by you as usual. Your the best, hands down.


Hi Cathe

B&G is my go to workout for my lower body. It's tough but I look forward to the challenge each time I do it. I am adding it to the Feb. rotation so that I am working my legs twice a week. This work out always delivers and I love the premixes.


I love the bonus stabilty-ball ab segment on this: I like it much better than the regular core segment included.

I like the premix called something like lower-body blast(?) that is all standing lower body.

A perfect premix for me on this would have been warm-up, floor work, then the rest similar to the above premix.

Can we be let in on why you're asking our opinions on this?;)


Hi Cathe! I love butts and guts, it's one of my favorites.
I love the music and the ball warm up. I also love
the firewalkers, walking lunges and floor work. I am not a
fan of squats, but they are a necessary evil :) I really like the abs
overall. I would like to see standing leg work using the band and a chair.


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I just recently purchased Butts and Guts and I do love it! I love that you really get a great lower body workout without so many weights, it's kindof amazing to me that I get so sore even though it's not a heavy-weight workout. I LOVE firewalkers!! I somethmes rewind the dvd to do them again. I like the core workout on the ball a little more than the other one and I was amazed that I got through it. I would absolutely LOVE it if there was a butts and guts 2!

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