Buff Badgers Week of Dec 8th


Hi ladies!!

I heard the new workouts shipped. I haven't gotten mine yet unless they arrived while I was at work. I won't be able to do them for a while so I'll have plenty of time to preview.

Looks like everyone is super busy.

Hit two small milestones over the weekend. One was to be able to at least touch my finger to the floor when touching my toes and I can now do that. The other was, one of my exercises is to knee lift with my left leg. I do them standing by our island so my goal was to be able to touch the underside of the countertop with my quad. I did that this weekend too. I've been practicing around the house walking without the cane and it's going pretty good. After a while I use the can because I start getting sore and I don't want to over do it. Love seeing the progress.

Is everyone ready for Christmas. I'm not even close to being ready. I'm trying not to freak out about it but it's not working. DH keeps telling me it'll all take care of itself... I'm like no it won't, is the fairy going to come in and clean my house and do my xmas shopping and wrap the presents. ;)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Take Care!


Hi there! I got my new dvds today! I am going to jump right in and start the 60 day rotation tomorrow! :)
Yesterday was shoveling heavy, wet snow for 45 minutes and today was Piyo Strength Intervals.

Brenda, you are doing great! And don't worry about Christmas. I haven't started shopping either, but this weekend is it! :)

Take care~


I started Cathe's 60 Day Rotation with the new workouts. Plyo HiiT 1 followed by abs was done. Boy she can pack a lot into 30mns! Loved it and can't wait til I "master" it~


I couldn't help myself either, I had to try the new DVD's. I'm going to do the 30 day rotation. So since I'm off work today I have done the Lift It HiiT It Legs. I LOVED this workout! All weight work was done with dumbbells, so that made me happy. Didn't have to change weights. The cardio was tough but doable. Legs felt wobbly when I was done. I think that this has to be my favorite leg workout now. The best part of all is that no step is used. :D I'm hoping all of these workouts are as awesome as this first one.

Brenda, Great job on the progress, you will be without that cane soon I'm sure. Glad to see that you are not overdoing it also.

Susan, I can't wait to try all the other workouts in the series, since the first one out of the box was so great. I'm going to do this 30 day rotation, then probably follow it with the 30 days with the XTrain workouts.

Have a great weekend!


HI there! I did Lower HiiT today too and loved it, though my legs are "talking" to me a lot right now! :) I too was glad it was all dumbbells. Tomorrow will a PiYo "rest" day for me and then Sunday Low Impact Hiit! I am so happy with these workouts so far. I am dreading just a little, the Plyo #2 with the step. I previewed it the other day. It's a toughie!

Have a great weekend ladies! Find time to rest. I hope to get to reading my Book Club book as it's a long one this time~ Take care

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