Boss Bands & Loops To Begin Shipping on August 18th


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Hi Everyone,

Our shipment of Boss Bands and Loops has now been unloaded from the cargo ship and has cleared customs. The trucking company should deliver everything to us sometime towards the end of next week. It will take us several days to assemble all of the orders, but based on our latest information all pre-sale orders are now estimated to begin shipping on August 18th. Digital downloads should be available the next day.

LAST CHANCE: All Pre-Sale Prices will END on August 18th

Don't miss your last chance to pre-order Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops. All pre-sale prices will end on August 18th and will not be extended.

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I'm counting this as my b-day present. Even though that is tomorrow, I'm still considering this my present since it's coming in the month of my b-day. I cannot wait to try these. Thanks for the updates and all the hard work everyone.
I am too! Mine is the 12th. My big 5-0!

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