Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)


Yesterday I did Death by Thruster (Jen's right--this workout is brutal) and then jumped on the treadmill to stretch out my legs a bit. Today's workout included Dirty Dozen and Shoulder Pressure. Really loving the metabolic nature of these workouts. They are giving me some crazy DOMs too!

Hope everyone had a nice Monday!


This morning was PFLO Aerobic Capacity + Core Strength. Planned doubles is PFLW Shredding. So far I am not impressed with these Pretty Fierce workouts. HIIT/Loading was ok yesterday--it had some pretty good moves and did the job, but I found it rather lackluster. This morning's workout was actually pretty hard but I hated it. Aerobic Capacity $ucks! I did the 46 minute workout (the longest one) and talk about BORING. Wow--if I wasn't working so hard I would have fallen asleep. How is it possible to be bored when working hard? Cathe works me hard and never bores me. RIPT90 and Ultimatum have been working me hard and not boring me! If the rest of the workouts are anything like these it is going to be a struggle to get through both PFLO and PFWL. I hope the strength workouts are better.

On the IF topic, I've now done it more than a week and it is getting easier. I also notice a difference. The scale has dropped 4 pounds and yet I haven't not really changed my diet except the obvious changes--no breakfast, but I eat the same amount of calories. I still get hungry an hour or 2 before 11am, but it is not miserable anymore. And my jeans do seem a little looser around the waist/hip area. So I think I will be sticking with this longer! I will be on vacation to see my daughter from Friday through Monday and I will not be IFing then, but as soon as I get back I will start right up and stick with it.


Fri was the last day of week 2 if simple strength 2 of BBA. Squats. 4x10. Reverse lunges. 4x10 hanging knee raises 4x10. I added several sets of bench, 4 sets of calf raises and 2 sets of barbell curls ( glutton for punishment). Today was day 1 of week 3 PHASE 1. Bench 5x2 I dropped 10# and did another 1x5 dropped 20# and did 1x10. Suspended pushups 4x10. Inverted pushups (name not really identifying) 4x8 and barbell curls 4x10. I have upped the poundages on bench 20# on working sets, but barbell curl hasn't budged..really disappointing because I dropped my working weight 15 lbs from what I had been using and off nearly 30# from sts. I think sets of 10 are long sets for me..usually use 8 reps, and usually either superset with tris or triset allowing more rest, and usually curls are done early on arm day, and these are done after inverted pulls, which use bis also.Everything else has been heading north, weightwise
And yes, Nathalie--a review on Butt Bible will be going up probably the second week in August. I like Pauline so far but I know she has her critics. She chatters a lot and says things some people might find offensive. It's obvious she looks at unfit/overweight people with disgust and tears them apart in her mind--then shares those unpleasant thoughts with the people doing her workouts with her! I don't believe she is trying to be funny either. She is way too detailed in the way she tears overweight bodies apart to be joking. It doesn't bother me tho. Not because I agree with her, but her workouts are good and I don't want my body to possess all the "defects" she describes! So I work harder!

Hi Jen,

I did write a long post 2 days ago and for some un-known reason, my post just disappeared
and just could not re-write the all long post.:(:(:(

I am glad for you. The scale has budged;):):). Yes Pauline seems not considerate at all sometimes. I like her no-nonsense approach
though. I am not a fan. She does share some of her techniques. Some of them are helpful. Seems like I am not fully aware
of all those unpleasant thoughts she shares with people who work out with her. She has built herself a significant community.
I do found her hilarious when she explains bad techniques. All stuff she talks about skinny fat do no bother me. I was an obese
and an overweight myself and It still would not bother me to hear about her critics. I am just in a minset of not taking stuff personally.
Well I try hardest not to;);)

Sorry to hear you are not enjoying your PFLO/PFWL. I am looking forward to the review on Butt Bible.

About Edge Extreme, do you really need it? Are you going to get more moves from this new package.
It is up to you to decide.;);)
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday workout was: an hour walk after a long day travelling for work!
today's workout was: RwH Upper body circuit. This is really fun.

Tom: Yes the nail pulling out the wall visualisation from Jessie is helpful:):)
It funny how some of our actions sounds odd only when described but never felt
unflattering when we execute them:D Yes the nail thing definitely makes sense.

SarBear: Are you still doing RIPT90? Just wondering what death thruster is :D:D

Healing11: Thanks for sharing your review on vivofit heart rate monitor. I will need to
change mine at some point. The current one is still working fine.

Svetlana: Well done combining Hiit 30/30 and BI&TRI from Burnset Xtrain. tough stuff:):)

I am still on IF trial. Will be checking in with a nutrition later on this month. Will be discussing
about IF and see how I can implement it safely.

That's all I have to share for now.
Wish you all a good day:)


Hi everyone, I'm back! The reunion was great and I definitely overindulged with the food. I did get in a 2 mile walk which involved a very steep hill, but that's all the exercise that happened.

Today I wanted to do a little bit of everything so I went with High Step Challenge again. Love this workout so much. I did have a slight mishap during it though which was my own fault. During the cardio part where you do fast feet all the way around the high step, I thought I had moved the extra risers far enough out of the way, but apparently I didn't. As I worked my way around, one of my feet hit the risers and I fell backwards with my butt landing squarely in the hole of the extra risers. Ouch! My butt and ankle are a bit sore, but I think my bruised ego hurts more. LOL! If the ankle stays sore I may just have to do low impact stuff for a few days.

Jen, you are so right about PFLO's Aerobic Capacity! I hated that workout and never did when it appeared on the schedule.


Hello everyone!
Yesterday evening after a bad day my hubby convinced me to do RWH Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders with him. He has been trying to do the two RWH UB weight workouts weekly. Throughout the workout I used one dumbbell lighter than what I had been using when I was better conditioned. It was hard but sooo good! This morning I did 4DS Lower Intensity Step - step only premix. I'm hoping for a great week. My energy level has been all over the place lately.


I have a doctor's appointment this morning and will be going in to work late, so I have more time to workout! I did Ultimatum Gold workout + Butt Bible Level 2 Lower--man that is a tough glute workout! It burns my buns out repeatedly during the workout. No buyers remorse. Planned doubles is PFWL Tabata Cardio.

Mary! So glad to hear from you! What does your husband think of the RwH upper body workouts? They are Cathe's absolute best/hardest--in my opinion! So sorry to hear you are still having a rough time, but exercise does help even you out.

SarBear--you need rest after Death by Thruster--that workout tore my shoulders up! In a good way!

Nathalie--Death by Thruster is a workout in which you do 225 thrusters by the end of it. Brutal workout--but I love it! I have no idea if I will get anything new out of Edge Extreme as I cannot find any details on it other than the short video, the names of the workouts (lots of glute/lower body focus) and that the trainer is female body builder. I bought it anyway because I have a mental problem! I really do! It is absurd really--I have way too many workouts as it is. But I do love Butt Bible--so now I am wanting these glute workouts by bodybuilders! I can only assume they know their stuff! Plus my husband is a horrible enabler. Which is funny because he also pushes me to eat out all the time and "surprises" me with cupcakes! o_O But he is a sweet man who doesn't think I need to lose weight or fat. I do not agree with him, but I am glad he feels that way.

Jodi--glad you had a good time at the reunion! It's ok to overindulge on vacation--at least I think it is! I know I will be indulging this weekend. No exercise--I have already decided this will be 4 recovery days for me, and my husband has a long list of restaurants he wants us to eat at. So IF will be going in the toilet for 4 days, too! But I will get back on track with IF and exercise as soon as we get back.

tslop--sounds like Nia's program is working? Are you enjoying it? Sounds like you're lifting heavier on most of your muscle groups.


Hello buddies,
Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Your Best Body has arrived to the post office on 27 July. The post officer missed to send me collection memo. I visited the post office three times until she finally agreed to double-check if a letter was waiting for me. Oh.
Well, the snail mail has a positive side. It delays placing my next order ;)
I'm very pleased with YBB. I so look forward to do it again! I love the plethora of premixes, the music selection and Kelly's exercises are always different, fun and effective to me.
Next in my wish list is Kelly's Body Training.
SarBear and Jen -
you make me scared to try Death by Thruster. I thought it contains hip thrusts but you mention shoulder DOMS. So it's not a glutes workout?
Jodi - welcome home. Good job with High Step Challenge again!
Mary - I hope 4 DS LIS gave you a good jump start today! Jen and Mary, it's great your hubbies work out with you.
Strange, I don't click with the RWH series. I own Low Impact HIIT and Circuit Upper Body. I feel that compared to other series, one gets less content for the price. I don't have a barbell and prefer the music in other Cathe series.
Tom - Do you know you are one of Cathe forums "most liked" members ;) Today I was browsing the website and thought, wow that's our tslop awarded 63 trophy points !
Nathalie - happy IFing. I may catch some healthy eating habits from you girls!

Today I did Gin Miller's Intense Moves, which is a Hiit step workout from 1997 :) People back then thought this was a killer workout! Now, it's challenging but nowhere near X10 or Tabatasize. Can't speak of Insanity
Also: KCM's Your Best Body w/0#1, Circuit Burn w/o #2 and Bootcamp W/o #2
Yesterday was a kickboxing day - Kick, Punch and Crunch in the morning. In the afternoon, the blasts from Cathe's Kickmax and KCM's YBB Cardio & Legs premix and the yoga bonus.


Jen I am enjoying it! I added another 20# to deadlifts today and still felt comfortable, but did not video, so form may be sloppy Svetlana I'm not sure what trophy points are?? but I'm flattered...should probably stop while I'm ahead!!!lol Thanks!! Today was deadlifts 2x5 and 1x10 (not counting warm up sets) The afore mentioned glute bridges I did add 20# to these as well 4x10 and ab wheel roll outs 4x10..pretty simple lifting program, but I think a great program if time challenged. I am eager to see the results after 12 weeks!


Today I did Cardio Supersets, the premix which includes the step routine. I went with something low impact because my ankle was actually a bit swollen today. It's didn't hurt, I could move it in all directions, I could put all my weight on it and even jump on it, but it was still swollen. I didn't want to take the chance of aggravating it with anything high impact. Oh, and my butt bone is sore, but it's hard to tell if my backside is swollen. :p


This morning was PFLO Upper & Lower Body Endurance. I really liked Upper Body Endurance--very challenging, burned my upper body out, gave me some cardio workout, too because it was so fast paced--however it neglected the back, so that is a negative. And Lower Body Endurance was ok. Not a bad workout, but it moves so fast it is impossible to get an exercises full range of motion and when I do a curtsey lunge I want to go deep. Cathe, the Butt Bible, Body Beast all have superior lower body workouts. So I won't be returning to Lower Body Endurance. Not worth my time. Upper Body Endurance I will return. Planned doubles is PFWL Cardio Plyo. I did PFWL Tabata Cardio yesterday and I liked it better than some of the other PF cardio workouts I've done so far. Not super intense (certainly no Tabatacise or Breathless Body), but it was decent.

Jodi--I hope your ankle is better! Bad feet $uck!


Today I did Ript90's Total Body Tamer. I'm still really digging these workouts. It's only week 2, but I feel like I'm already seeing more definition in my arms. Perhaps all these pull-ups and push-ups are paying off! Speaking of which, I've been following Nia Shanks on FB and yesterday she posted an article about how to correctly perform assisted pull-ups. She also demonstrates (via video) how to do a more advanced variation of an assisted pull-up that I am definitely going to give a try! I thought it was a great article and will post the link below if anyone is interested in checking it out.

On a different note, my workout DVD shopping addiction got the best of me on Tuesday night. In a couple of the Ript90 workouts, Jody has you doing dumbell and/or kettlebell swings. This has renewed my interest of getting into kettlebells. The last time this happened I purchased a Lauren Brooks DVD and Zuzka's KB workout series--neither which I was really wow'd by. Lauren has a huge following and a ton of great reviews so I was surprised that I didn't like the workout I bought. Zuzka's were okay but more geared towards someone just starting to work out. Anywho, on Tuesday I noticed that the Skogg system had come down in price since the last time I had looked at it so I decided to take the plunge. And just for the heck of it, I threw in the RKS Kettlebell series (which has mixed reviews on amazon but was only $23.99 so I figured why not). The Skogg system has a TON of great reviews so I'm really excited to try out some of those workouts. I haven't really decided how I'm going to fit these new workouts into my schedule yet because I'm not quite ready to move on from Ript90 (lol...details, details). Since some of the Ript90 workouts are fairly short, I could easily add on a KB workout a couple times a week. Oh well...we shall see!

Svetlana-Glad to hear you are enjoying your latest KCM workout. Did you see she announced her next two DVD's? I'm sure these will be on my wish list for later this year! :)

Jen-PFLO Upper Body Endurance is one of my favorites from that series. I like pulling that workout out when I'm short on time because it allows you to really torch the upper body AND get a good cardio workout at the same time.

Jodi-so sorry to hear about your fall the other day. Hope your swollen ankle and sore booty feel better soon!!!

Tom-keep up the good work!


Today was Power Hour again. Pure love! I'm still trying to figure out the right weights. I think I can still go heavier on shoulders, but everything else seems about right.

I really need to find the time to preview RIPT90! I want to try that next.

My ankle was less swollen today, and now it's turning some lovely shades of blue and purple. :rolleyes:


I've been feeling pretty good lately, but busy! This morning I did BarreAmped WU, Seat Work, and Stretch. Ahhh, nice. This evening the plan is to do RWH Back, Biceps and Shoulders with my hubby. The RWH CT&S left me sore for days. :D

Jen, yeah DH likes to do RWH Upper Body weights and has been doing the 2 workouts weekly fairly regularly since we did RWH series together for a few weeks in December. I need to convince him to also do a Lower Body once a week too. His glutes need work, he has no butt teehee. My DH is similar to yours, he likes to push the ice cream and does not want me to get too muscular. I tell him to not worry about it, it simply won't happen, but I can try.

Oh geez so many workouts that I don't know about! Maybe that's a good thing. I haven't been online much this summer but I'm starting to wonder what I'm missing. It's peaking my interest! :eek:

Jodi, I hope your ankle is feeling better.

Svetlana, I have Body Training but I've only done the LB workout. I've been meaning to get back to that one.


Today was overhead press diamond pushups (shoulder wont tolerate dips) and chin-ups. I did about 8 sets of ohp, counting warmups.working sets were 1x5 1x5 dropped 10# 1x3 dropped 10# 1x10 1x7 dropped 20# 1x12 Diamond pushups 1x10 2x12 1x15 to finish chin-ups 4x8..I went 4x8 due to a sore left elbow, but last set wasn't real pretty but was 8!! I finished with some thrusters...I had never done them before but I wanted a little cardio at the end,,3x5...I know you think how much cardio is 3 sets of 5. The answer...PLENTY!!! Baby steps haha!


Hi all! I took off today to spend some extra time with hubby so this morning I did the Bar Method's Dancer's Body Advanced Workout. The instructor is not the best with cueing, but it's still a great workout.

It's supposed to be above 100 degrees down here for the next few days. Ugh. Guess I'll be spending a lot of time indoors this weekend!

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