Body Max 2 revisted - Woah!


Today I really needed some motivation - I'm stuck inside because of the snowstorm of the century here in Montreal. So I pulled out Body Max 2 and just did the step combos and the power circuits. I can't remember the last time I've done this workout, so I just stuck to a step with 1 riser on each side. Man I feel great now! :D I love Cathe's step workouts, and I forgot how much fun the step combos in this workout are!

Since I'm in the mood to revisit older dvds, I think I'll pull out Butts & Guts tomorrow. :oops:


Love it too! Before Cathe released her LIte series I completed a rotation of all her workouts in chronological order. She has so many great ones!
Wow- how long did that take you? I'm trying to make one up and I'm starting to realize I may be retired before I work my way through all of them!

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