BM Crazy 8's--Only took me 8 years!


I did the original BodyMax last Monday. I FINALLY made it through the crazy 8's with a 25# barbell. Previously, I could meet or exceed Cathe's weight on every exercise but biceps. Not only did I survive the crazy 8's, but I used 15# on the hammer curls. And I only fell to my knees on the last pushup:p--after using 20# dumbbells for chest flys.

I have to explain that this was the first Cathe workout I ever tried (over 8 years ago). I had just learned about Cathe from Collage video and miraculously found 3 VHS tapes at a thrift store: BodyMax, Step Fit & Step Works. I "thought" I was an advanced exerciser--could to Gin Miller's Intense Moves and the "old" Firms. What a humbling experience! I got a migraine from trying BM--but I was hooked. And, as they say, the rest is history.

So my first has always been my hardest--weight-wise, anyway. I just finished P90X as preparation for STS. Can't wait until I do STS. I might even have to up my weight on BM in 3 months.:eek:


Congrats!!!! I know how good that feels! You mentioning that makes me want to go back and give it a try! I have always struggled with my biceps and have never been able to quite match Cathe (except on circuit workouts). Like you, I can hit it on other exercises but just not the biceps! But unlike pushups still suffer! :cool:

What a great accomplishment for you in starting the new year!


Woo hoo!!!! That's awesome! Congrats on a great accomplishment! :D




I've always found that Cathe goes proportionately heavier on biceps (and chest flyes) than I do. I think she has the angle or type of muscle insertion in the biceps that allows her to do so.

But she also often goes lighter--sometimes quite a bit-- on back, lighter on triceps than I do, especially in earlier workouts, so there are some body parts where I feel wimpier, and some body parts where I feel more 'macha'. I figure it evens out in the end!;)

BMax (I just CAN'T bring myself to refer to it as "BM"!) is one tough workout ! When I don't do it for a while (and I haven't for quite some time), I'm often surprised by how fast the step segment is!

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