Birthday game ideas for an 8 yo boy


Hi all,

So, my DS finally decided on a livingroom campout for his b-day. We're trying to come up with some ideas for three very energetic boys! What ideas do you have?



Is anybody out there?

Still need some ideas... so far we have keep the balloon in the air, he actually wants to do pin the tail on the donkey..... need ideas Cathletes, Tabhair (that's please in Irish!!):cool:


You could do a scavanger hunt, or a game my kids enjoy, we saw it on a tv show... you put a word (animal, food, etc.) on a sticky note or paper and tape it to your forehead so everyone can see it but you and then the kids have to guess what they are. So you could make up some pieces of paper with words on them, either themed or not, like all foods, or animals, or colors etc. Each kid draws one and puts it on their forehead and then they have to ask the other kids yes or no questions until they guess the word. Kids have a blast asking silly questions and lauging at what the others are. Also, board games, crafts, if the weather is nice, they can play outside, flashlight tag etc. Hope that helps.


Sorry no idea BUT I have to say kudos to you for taking on such a task. I don't even throw birthday parties for my kids let alone sleep overs because I don't have the patience for other peoples children.

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