best pet food storage containers


I recently purchased 3 vittals vaults II 40lb storage containers. They are a little bit pricey but (imo) worth it. They do hold the full 40lbs up to the lid and are so easy to use. They are also air tight and I have not had any bugs in them and the food seems to stay fresher longer. I just thought I would share this with those with pets because I wish I had heard of them sooner. They have lots of sizes and shapes for your needs. I'm even getting a smaller one to hold their treats in because the rubbermaid is not as air tight as these, esp. when my husband cannot seem to correctly close the lid!!!!! I got mine at but they are sold online at many different pet stores, they were offering free shipping when I ordered mine.


Love my Vittles Vaults! The big one for cats 1-4 and their regular (ok, really expensive lovely dry food)....and the little "travel" one for cat #5 and his even more expensive prescription urinary crystal dry food (the one with the kitty-crack in it that cats 1-4 would happily eat instead) :rolleyes:

They seem to be good quality items - I've had the big one for several years and it's holding up well.

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