Best gift ever!!:) My daughter signed us up for


If you have Cathe Live, that's a great way to prepare. Otherwise, there is usually a step class, a kickbox class, an upper body class, and sometimes a lower body class. It's a little different every year. There's often some form of HIIT in there too. But if you just keep doing your Cathe workouts, you'll be ready! The adrenaline of the weekend keeps us all going somehow!

Looking forward to meeting you and your daughter!!


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That’s so nice from your daughter, congrats. Her gift definitely shows that she cares about you, and it’s even making you keep moving and being healthy. I appreciate when your loved ones make the gift personalised in a way. It’s much more special than an expensive watch for example. Some time ago, my best friend gave me for my husband and I anniversary such a beautiful gift. It was these custom bobbleheads toppers to put in the cake and they had our faces imprinted on them. I thought it was so special and cute. You can find out more online. They are really high-quality products, and also good from a price point perspective.
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That is a GREAT gift hopefully, by that time things are BACK TO NORMAL! One of these day's I would like to go because it's near the part of NJ that I spent part of my childhood, so it be like going home. However, my vacations are already spoken for this year.

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