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Team she is still in the Hospital. The good news (with reasonable certainty) is that they have cleared her heart and lungs. Thy are now checking an MRI to her head for nerves and sinus'. She is in decent spirits and just wants it to be over. We will have more details tomorrow. There are several specialists involved with her care. Thank you for your thought and prayers, Darieus, (better known as bayergirls DH.

Have a great workout! She would want to say that.


DH...I know it must be frustrating to want to know what is wrong...and not yet knowing. But we all are praying, for you and your sweet wife!



That's exactly what Belinda would say "Have a great workout" . . . thanks for the update:)


Dedicating tomorrow's kickbox w/o to bayergirl! Sending healing thoughts and prayers! Hope to have her back and movin' it again soon!
What a sweet DH you are! I will copy the other posts and will dedicate my STS 40/20 to Belinda tomorrow morning. I know you must be worried about her and we thank you for taking your time away to keep us updated.


Hi Belinda's DH,

Thank you for the update on her. I'm so shocked that this is happening to her. I will definitely keep her in my prayers and send my well wishes to you both. I mentioned to her over at Crazy, Strong and Loving it usual check in threat. I posted this the other day after she posted. Here's what I said:

Belinda- Hey there girlfriend! I'm so happy to see you checking in with us again,and glad that your feeling better. STS is awesome and I know you're enjoying it and determined to complete it. I think its a good idea as you mentioned to use lighter weights until you get the ok from the doc's. That's scary about the blue lips thing. I have Raynaud's phenomena where I'd have my right arm starting from the shoulder down to my fingertips would turn blue and have no pulse. That was the other freaky symptom I had that was an indicator of my auto immune system not working properly. I'd put my arm in the warmest water I could tolerate to warm up the ice cold arm and the color would be nice and pink like it should be. Then I'd remove my arm from the very warm water and dry off and it would be back to blue just that fast. The doctors actually told me it was all in my mind until it happened right in the doctor's office and he could not get a pulse out of that arm or blood pressure reading. He rushed me into see a cardio thoracic surgeon to see what he thought. He listened to the blood flow in my arm with a special device and could tell that the nerves inside the small to medium size veins telling them to constrict or expand as they would for different temps being warm or cold weren't functioning properly. When my arm turned blue it was the small veins and arteries only providing the blood supply and the other ones just seemed to constrict in effect clamping them off and turning my arm blue due to lack of blood circulation. Its rather revealing now as I'm going on 4 years now with Relapsing remitting form of Multiple Sclerosis because the right side of my body has been effected from it. Primarly my right hand and arm, right leg, right eye and balance on my right side. I'm right handed so this really messes with me. Exercise and my starting a MS therapy drug early has helped to slow down the progression of my disease and the exercise has improved my extremely originally weakened strength and balance. Its even helped with my mental outlook because I also have clinical depression. My Neurologist has told me that I'm the most physically active person he's had as a MS patient, everyone else is not so fortunate that he's seen as a doctor. He says for a person with MS that maintaining or improving mobility is key and those that don't engage in a workout routine tend not to do as well. So, I joked with him that its really a case of "Move it, or Lose it" he laughed and agreed. I'm fighting as best I can with moving it! I think its a more positive and proactive way to look at it. You keep up the good work and please follow doctors orders and feel better!

I only mention this because if they are trying to figure out what's going on with her that it might be worth mentioning to the doctors and ask them if this is a auto immune thing, especially since she had that nasty sinus problems a while ago.

Sending Belinda lots of hugs and well wishes and dedicating tomorrow's workout - STS: MMA Boxing- Heavy bag workout and P90X Plyometrics to her. I know she'd love them too!




What a wonderful supportive husband you are!! I am praying for Belinda also. I pray the Drs. will find the problem... and it is easily treatable!!



Thanks SO much for the update! It's a relief not to worry and think the worst. Hope they find out something definite SOON!

She WOULD say "have a good workout"

I will also dedicate today's MMA: Fusion and ab work to Belinda!!! :)


Oh Thank you for the update...our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Hugs to you both,
Take care,

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