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I did Xtrain Chest, Back and Shoulders last night. It went fine I thought (I'm on my second to the last week of the 90 day rotation). I woke up with a killer pain in the middle of my back! It is still there. It hurts when I twist and look over my shoulders. I'm so close to finishing the rotation and have not missed a workout yet (and really don't want to). Am I ok to workout tonight? Tonight is Tabatacise and thought maybe I should only do a couple of rounds instead of the whole thing. Or I thought I should walk/jog. I don't want to be totally out of commission, but I also want to keep up on the series and finish! Any suggestions? Thanks!!!


This is probably not the 'correct' advice....but if I were you I would start Tabatacise and stop the minute it hurt. That's just me, though.

I'm sure the right thing to do would be to rest, stretch, and carry on only when your back is sorted. Missing a day or so won't affect your results - just carry on where you left off.

It sounds a bit like a pinched nerve.

Best of luck


My opinion, listen to your body. It's telling you something. The last thing you want to happen is to make it worse and be out of commission even longer. Maybe do some stretching something low key. Also maybe considering icing the area that hurts to get the inflammation down.

Those are my thoughts.

Hope it feels better soon!


I had a severe lower back injury last month during the STS squat rack. I was unable to stand up straight, sit up, lay flat, do the paperwork part of using the toilet, and everything in between. I had to be driven to a chiropractor the next morning and he just worked the muscles with no back adjustment. He referred me to his wife who did trigger point massage and she worked on me for half an hour. I was able to stand straight after they worked on me and my pain was almost bearable.
I rubbed Epsom-it with frankincense and lavender essential oils on my butt, hamstrings, lower to mid back and then laid on a moist hot pack to help the oils penetration as they are lipid soluble. I drank natural calm, which is magnesium, everyday and just rested.
After 2 days, I was able to go for a 15 minute walk. Then, I was able to walk a bit longer everyday. Walking helped so much! If I didn't walk I would regress. Within 2 weeks I was doing light running intervals. The third week I added functional training with light wts and modified range of motion where needed. Last week I started the gym styles. I still drink the calm Mg and if I feel a bit stiff I use the Epsom-it rub with the oils. I used it daily for 3 weeks. Only had to go back for 1 more massage and one more chiro treatment and he didn't adjust any bones, just worked the muscle.
I had a similar back injury in sept of 2012. I was out for months. Even had to take a semester off from school. I was on painkillers, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and would still be in pain and my back was super sensitive for a year. I had been lack to lifting for 9 months when I reinjured it. This injury was far more intense and I was practically immobile. I used the naturopathic approaches and was back up and running pain free within weeks.
I hope this helps.

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