Baby Love!! Mamas Check-in July 6 - 12


Hi mammas!!!

Hope that everyone is having a good weekend so far. Not much is going on here. Spending a quiet weekend with the kids (as quiet as a housefull of kids can be:p)

Today's workout:
I ran on the treadmill for a mile and walked 1/2 mile. Then did day 2 of the Insanity program. I only made it through 25 min but I am sweating buckets!!! I really like what I see so far. I can't jump as high as everyone on the DVD, but the little that I can do has me breathless!

the test is just doing some exercises for 1 min as a bench mark. Then you retake the test at different times of the program to gage how many more reps you can do. To me... the test was a workout!!!

Well..... go to go...


Hi everyone!!

Jess-so glad your dh finally got home:)

Sydney-Is there a different wo for each day?

Kate-I Hate leg day!!!! Mike's time was really good!

Wendy-I don't go on this camping trip bc they are really roughing it!! No bathrooms:confused: Umm I'll pass!! He takes the boys every year they absolutely love it!!

Lisa-did you get a wo in?

Stephanie-pizza is my weakness:eek:

I am so tired today. I didn't sleep well bc I forgot to turn the ac down and then it seemed like Ryder nursed all night!!

I did Powerstrike 5 today. I wanted to do abs but Ryder woke up so I will do them tonight. My nephew came over for a little bit to swim and I took him to lunch! He is going to be 17 so I was really happy that he wanted to spend time with me:D Today is mil b-day so me and my sil's are taking her to dinner. Tomorrow my boys will be home!!!!



Candra, I used to HATEHATE leg day but I've grown to love it. Sick, I know!:p Mike actually came in FIRST in his division. We're so excited for him!
What a great day you're having! That's nice you're close with your nephew,,,,but then again I'm sure you're about the coolest aunt ever:D. Have a fun girls night out! W/ Baby!:D:p
Good job w/ the WO!
Your house is gonna be QUIET tonight! lol!

Went to Target - managed to spend $100 when all I went in for was Kashi!:p ooops!


Kate-The house is quiet!! I just got back from dinner. Ryder was so good:) Everyone went to the movies after but there was no way I was taking Ryder:p Target is so dangerous!!:eek: I always spend way too much:eek: Did Mike get a medal??



jess!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for dh!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo! enjoy!

candra, i love camping but def not with no bathrooms, i would skip that one too lol. and like kate said, you must be the cool aunt your nephew wants to hang with.

kate - ikwym abt target... i have gone there without any cards and only $20 just to prove a point to myself. and still wanted to GO BACK to get stuff! lol. congrats to your dh on his race time! and enjoy your company!

sydney, WOW on the insanity stuff! and even without it you had a great wo on the tm =)

lisa - is pomai back to 100%? how was the party for your nephew? hope you got that run in!

so no ctx again yesterday, there just wasnt time. but i did dance for hours and that DEF counts as a wo, no? i was sweatin my buns off! it takes me so long to get ready for these things, straighten my hair, etc. by the time jj was down for am nap i already had to start. had to be at the church early bc i was doing the 1st reading. mil was late, too late to take the T in. cant drive into boston, no place to park plus then yr stuck with a car after drinking at the reception, so taxid in. long catholic mass, im not that familar but it was nice. and the reception was beautiful! her new husbands fam is from sri lanka and all the ladies in their saris looked AMAZING> the colors, fabrics and the embroidery and the draping is just fab. i was in awe of those things. and my friend changed from her white gown into a sari halfway thru the reception. she was just a radiant princess in both. i think i cried 6x throughout the day lol. i am such a wuss! dh left me out of talking with mil abt JJ... they had a great day until bedtime got a little hairy =( but they managed and we got home to a sleeping JJ! danced the night away with dh and some gf's.

sorry for the novel, ladies! you can tell i dont get out much =)

back on track with ctx today, next up is all step or 10-10-10. havent done those yet.

a very happy but TIRED wendy


Hi mamas!!
Jess--YAY!!! Have fun with your guy!! :cool:

Hi to everyone else!! Today I slipped a bit on my eating again. Disappointed with the scales and craving chocolate out of the blue. Ugh!!!!! Looking forward to the start of a new week and new goals. Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a blast this weekend despite my eats. Sometimes it's good I guess to just let go and have fun. Tomorrow: back to the grindstone. Oh, I'm going to make some minnestrone this week. Any thoughts on how I can up the protein in it? I don't want to add meat. Thought using chicken broth may help? Oooh, maybe lentils instead of the small pasta I use normally. Hmmm... Gotta go now. We're ALL going to the store. (This could go really well, or really horribly bad.)


Jess - Enjoy time with DH!!
Kate - I do that all the time at Target. Target is like five minutes from my house. Bad, bad, bad!
Candra - I got a run in the next day. When do they boys come home?
Wendy - Dancing def. counts as a calorie burn! Glad it all went well!
Sydney - You're making me want to get Insanity. I'm eying a few wo's.
Steph - How is your weekend going?

Company still here. Party went well last night and I kept my eats in check. Portion control was good. Not super clean, but kept it all in good portion. Even my cake and ice cream was small. Went running yesterday and did push-ups. Planning on another run this afternoon and triceps. Be back in a bit.


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